Diet friendly dill dip spread or salad dressing

i always offer this as a diet-friendly dip for raw vegetables at parties. it's one of my tried & true favorites. it came from the 1975 edition of the american heart association cookbook. it can also replace...

Easy bbq sauce

and when i say easy...i mean easy!! but great for basting steaks, chops, etc. before grilling.

Sharp dark mustard

this is exactly what the title says a sharp dark mustard. i like this on hotdogs or hamburgers. good keeper

Dinosaur bbq mutha sauce

i usually make a 1/2 recipe of this great barbeque sauce. it's from the dinosaur bbq cookbook.

Delicious salsa verde

give pasta and meat dishes an extra boost by serving this fun and flavorful sauce. it is also a perfect sauce to serve with recipe #356603. from family fun magazine

Delicious red wine sauce

from a collection of my mother's recipe box. it can be used over meatballs or steak.

Dill sauce for fish

this sauce is fantastic on grilled salmon, or any fish for that matter. my friend even likes it on chicken! the ingredients sound a little unconventional -- but boy does it all work together. husband found...

Easy alfredo

this is a fast, creamy, thick sauce and tastes good.

Decadent fettucine alfredo sauce

how can something so simple to prepare be so tasty? love this sauce on al dente fettucine noodles and french bread.

Curried bchamel

this smooth, creamy sauce tastes great with my roasted chicken with curry leaves and spices!

Dipping sauce

serve this sauce along side your buffalo style chicken wings.

Dragon bowl sauce

a famous vegetarian restaurant in vancouver (the naam) makes an amazing dragon bowl stir fry with loads of tofu and veg and an amazing sauce. i think there are lots of versions of the dish out there,...

Pancho sauce

a tangy sauce that goes well with ground sirloin, cold shrimp or crab. the original recipe was developed by chef "pancho" at the london chop house in detroit. makes 1 1/2 quarts and can be stored in refrigerator...

Beef enchiladas

the sauce on these is very rich and full of flavor. everyone's favorite!

Do ahead white wine and sage turkey gravy 2007

from the october 2007 issue of good housekeeping magazine. an updated version of gh's 2002 "the best (do-ahead) turkey gravy" (recipe # 42402). for extra added flavor, add pan juices from the roasted...

Creamed cucumber

from my high school home economics book, i'd never heard of using cucumber in a cooked dish and my garden is going crazy at the moment with them so thought i'd give it a go. i think it's supposed to be...

Easy buttermilk onion dip

we use this as a festive holiday topping for potato pancakes, a dollop on soups, great with chips, buffalo wings, or veggies.

Creole hollandaise sauce

oh wow! while looking for recipes for my cajun/creole cookbook for zwt9, i found this. shamelessly swiped from, i edited it ever so slightly to how i've made hollandaise since i was 15....

Cucumber yogurt sauce

one of my friends showed me how to make this. i don't know where she found the recipe, but it's good as a veggie dip, condiment for spicy veggie, stews, or on falafel. this is good for 2-3 days in the...

Dried fruit chutney

a plain chutney that goes well as a condiment or even spread on bread or toast

Basil jelly

a great way to use up some of your lovely basil in the herb garden.

Creole mustard

this is in response to a request from the boards. you could use this on your sandwiches or spread on chicken or roasted pork. any time you need some creole style mustard and don't have any on hand.

Creamy low fat italian dressing

so tasty, you won’t believe it’s low fat

Creamy alfredo sauce

this sauce is rich and creamy and excellent on buttered noodles. this was passed down from my grandmother and i hope you enjoy.

Red wine sauce

an easy red wine sauce that can be used with beef, lamb, venison or even chicken.

Easy chicken gravy

great for when you need a quick gravy and don't have any drippings. for thicker gravy just add a bit more bisquick or less broth. you may also use your own favorite seasoning in place of the poultry...

Never fail blender hollandaise sauce

from the best of bridge. this fantastic recipe has changed sunday morning eggs benny from a special occasion treat to a weekly tradition! so easy and as the name states-never fail!!!

Classic thai peanut sauce

this came from my 101 deep fryer recipes cookbook, as a dipping sauce for some kind of thai meat fritter. the fritter didn't look too appetizing but this sauce is really good and quite simple to make....

Cranberry spread

i found this on the inside label of a can of cranberry sauce. i just had it for lunch on a turkey sandwich. wow - it was delicious. you can also use this to baste any type of poultry.

Warmed tarragon mustard sauce

this fantastic tarragon sauce is an absolute must drizzled on grilled salmon or steak but also great with veggies, chicken or pork. fresh tarragon may be used in place of dried (any amount desired). this...

Easy and rich turkey gravy

i don't care much for jar gravy, it's too bland for my tastes. so i thought of a super easy way to dress it up. make plenty since it goes fast just keep the same ratio of 2 10 ounce jars of turkey gravy...

Cranberry sauce whole berry

this recipe is the one my aunt used to make and we love it. we do add a bit of cinnamon but you dont have to.

Raspberry chipotle bbq sauce

this recipes combines inexpensive bottled bbq sauce with raspberry preserves and spices. you can adjust the heat by adding more or less peppers and adding honey if you like. it's pretty spicy, but mellows...

Cream pasta sauce with zucchini

this is awesome pasta sauce! much different than alfredo-ish sauces, which i don't like. this one could be healthy, depending on which ingredients you use. i found the original version of this in a cookbook...

Zydeco sauce

great sauce for cheeseburgers or dipping fries. try this on a reuben! wow! recipe was created by george graham, from lafayette, la. he was a finalist in the $50,000 sutter home build a better burger contest...

Falafel with tahini and cilantro sauces

this is a great vegetarian dish for lunch or dinner!! crisp on the outside, tender in the middle. add more pepper flakes to the cilantro sauce is you like more bite.

Beer gravy

add a twist to your bangers & mash with this lovely rich gravy.

Serrano salsa

wonderful topping for tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc., etc.

Cocktail sauce gluten dairy egg citrus hfcs free

cocktail sauce for people who can't eat anything

Lemon sauce for broccoli or cauliflower

tired of cheese sauce? try this quick sauce for a change. may 2008: edited to add the small amount of sugar the reviewers suggested -- thank you both! this recipe only makes a small amount of sauce, for...

Jersey diner tzatziki sauce

my mouth remembers after-school trips to the greek diner down the street for gyros. it's one of the fondest memories i have of my old hometown in northern nj. i've been looking for a good tzatziki recipe...

Giblet gravy

i've used this recipe for almost 25 years. cut it out of a magazine right after i was married.

Spaghetti piccata

this recipe was on the back of a pkg. of spaghetti that i'd gotten from sam's club. it's great for a light dinner, or when you want to get supper on the table personally prefer to use fresh herbs whenever...

Duck sauce from scratch

if you enjoy canning try this recipe for duck sauce. it yeilds 8 cups, and is easy to make when the plums and apricots are in season.

Lushroom mushrooms

pile these on top of juicy hot barbecued steaks.

Celery sauce

this sauce ,when used on the foods recommended below, are a pairing that is outstanding. use on: meat loaves, fish, eggs and meat croquettes.