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Top recipes for "Shrimp"

Coconut shrimp pizza

bring the island vibes to pizza night with this epic mashup.

Dragon shrimp

this one is a 'fire-breather' for sure.... proceed at your own risk. lol i serve it cajun-style, with newspaper on the table instead of a cloth. everybody just tosses the shells in the middle. when dinner...

Creamy basque shrimp scampi

delicious! it is served here in a local basque restaurant, and pairs well with rice or pasta. this can easily be made with less butter or no cream, if you'd like.

Coquille st jacques

wonderful taste! this can be served as an appetizer for 4 or a full course meal for 2.

Curried shrimp

this works just as well over rice.

Citrus ceviche with shrimp and scallops

this is a twist on a emeril lagasse recipe from 2005. recipe is healthy, flavorful, and easy to prepare. my family doesn't like "hot" stuff, so this recipe is mild. that being said, feel free to add...

Crispy shrimp bundles with a smokey dipping sauce

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: enjoy these festive shrimp bundles wrapped in crispy potatoes served with a smokey, chunky remoulade sauce. this can be easily doubled for a meal.

Cioppino seafood stew

what makes this distinctive is the mediterrianean-style mixture of tomatoes, basil and oregano with plenty of red wine and garlic-a base which makes the finished dish very strong and heady indeed.

Crispy basa fish shrimp

lovely crunch on both fish and shrimp, delicious!

Crabmeat stuffed shrimp

i found this recipe from a "women's world" magazine. you could use this stuffing for any seafood you like, but it works great with shrimp. it's very easy to make, and is definitely a hit.

Eagles grilled shrimp wrapped in patriots prosciutto

2 super bowl xxxix appetizers( as prepared by cafe lucci chef augie arifi on abc 7) from cafe lucci :o) i will put in an estimate for the time.

Nigerian coconut shrimp rice

don't have two coconuts? use a can of coconut milk with water to make 2-1/2 cups.

Curry shrimp

i got this one from my friend in a recipe exchange, it is delicious and spicy!

Cucumber shrimp salad

i adopted this recipe and prepared it on august 23, 2006. i felt that it needed a boost of flavor and made some changes to the dressing (importantly to include the wasabi). the original poster found...

Coconut prawns

from australian house and garden. a wine suggestion: a white wine with tropical fruit flavours eg a sauvignon blanc semillon. i've also posted the dipping sauces.prep and cooking times are guestimates...

Shrimp appy

great dinner party or holiday appy, they will go quickly!!

Creamy seafood casserole

rich and flavorful with shrimp and scallops. served with rice. this dish will wow your guests when you entertain. from southern living.

Curried shrimp spread

shrimp spread with a spicy tropical feel !!!!

Cream and seafood sauce

i copied this recipe years ago out of a cookbook a friend received for christmas. it has been one of my favorite pasta recipes ever since. i can't stand mushrooms, so i never use them. i also use lobster...

Crimped shrimp

apparently "crimping" is a food preparation term...who knew? i got this from a "best american recipes" cookbook. enjoy!

Dirty brown rice with shrimp

another winner from the skinnytaste website. here's a tasty and healthier twist on a cajun classic, the addition of shrimp turns this into a fabulous main dish. i'd like to think of this as a cajun shrimp...

Cl sichuan shrimp stir fry with broccoli or asparagus

entered for safe-keeping, adapted from cooking light by betsy burtis

Ci shrimp fra diavolo

entered for safe-keeping, as shrimp fra diavolo is one of my favorite dishes. this was published in the january/february 2014 cook's illustrated magazine. it's different from the other recipes posted...

Dijon shrimp

mustard and shrimp are really good together. a little tabasco works also if you like the heat.

Coconut shrimp wontons

creamy coconut shrimp wrapped up in a wonton bundle and served with a sweet cocktail sauce.

Red pepper lemon shrimp

a fast and easy shrimp dinner. use quality ingredients (good wine, ripe lemons, fresh shrimp) and it's a hit every time! we often add steamed snow peas and diced red peppers at the very end to get some...

Crab or shrimp quiche

i was given this about 16 years ago from my friend who loved to cook. he was on the university rugby team so i guess real men do eat quiche.

Corn and shrimp chowder

shrimp can be difficult to serve in any kind of soup or stew. it takes only a few minutes of overcooking to turn the shrimp tough. to get around this, this chowder is prepared and then, just before serving,...

Sweet and spicy garlic shrimp

makes a great appetizer.

Cool as a cucumber shrimp sandwich

from, originally from cooking light. looks and sounds so good!

Crawfish or shrimp bisque

this classic cajun recipe makes a great first course or a full meal. it isn’t smooth like puree like it’s french counterpart. i use mudbugs (crawfish), shrimp or crab and sometimes all three!

Creamy ranch shrimp bisque rsc

ready, set, cook! hidden valley contest entry. a different twist on the classic shrimp bisque.


garlic shrimp

Double shrimp casserole

my favorite aunt used to make this every summer when we would come to visit. quick and easy but tastes oh so elegent. i've adapted the recipe over the years as products have been harder to find.

Prawns shrimp in garlic sauce

enjoy a classic spanish tapas dish with this simple recipe for gloriously garlicky prawns.

Creamy shrimp dip

nice for parties or superbowl gatherings. always a treat.

Deviled shrimp

these delicious shrimp are wonderful to serve as part of a party buffet. just watch them disappear !

Crock pot seafood medley

crockpot recipe

Cucumber shrimp spread

a great appetizer...from my collection of recipes.

Croatian buzara shrimps

this is very simple dalmatian recipe. easy to make, delicious to taste.

Creamy prawn curry

from cook book "the food of the world"

Creamy shrimp tortellini salad

a creamy tortellini salad that's fit to serve company. i came up with this on an extremely warm day when i wanted to prepare dinner early and serve something cool. this can be adjusted according to amounts...

Creamy garlic shrimp lasagna

garlic shrimp with a creamy sauce. this is decadently rich and flavorful. i used no boil wide sheets, you can use your favorite making 3 layers.

Shrimp norfolk

my friend got this out of ladies' home journal many years ago. you can substitute scallops, or use a combination of seafood, if you like.

Clams and shrimp

this hearty soup will please any seafood lover!

Shrimp fried rice com chien tom

a vietnamese style of fried rice. a great way to use leftover steamed rice up.

Spicy shrimp stove top pizzas

spicy and savory toppings on fresh-crusted pizzas. this sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really not that complicated. also, you can prepare the crusts and toppings earlier in the day and then assemble...

Garlic chicken and shrimp

serve garlic chicken and shrimp over hot cooked seasoned noodles or rice. adapted from, altered a bit to our taste.

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