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Top recipes for "Smoothies"

Banana milk from yemen

this recipe is inspired by the yamani brand banana milk found in yemen, but it is a homemade version, so it is even healtheir and more tasty. this is a great snack for kids and a healthy alternative to...

Summer chill

a real cool caper!

Coffee freeze

i just love iced coffee and this fits the bill perfectly--

Coco coffee smoothies

keep this for later date, but make this all the time yummy.

Costa rican delight

send yourself to the tropics when you sip this easy-to-make smoothie-style banana-rum drink.

Chocolate colada

pineapples, chocolate what more do you need?

Cinnamon blueberry smoothie

a smoothie with a hint of fall from the simple veganista.

Power nails smoothie

this recipe comes from the 2007 cookbook, more smoothies for life -- the calcium & protein in this drink will help improve dry & brittle nails.

Cottage cheese blueberry smoothie

this tasty smoothie is just the result of my experimenting. came out quite well! i had this for desert, but could be good for breakfast.

Cookies and cream smoothie

courtesy of ira freehof, the comfort diner

Date shake

love it. we get the best dates around where i live and this is soo easy. its also thick, creamy,and satisfying surprisingly light my own creation try using some good dates not the cheap sticky, not...

Citrus sunrise

"using pink grapefruit sections rather than plain ones gives this chilly tangerine sipper an extra jolt of sweetness.

Coconut kiss

delicious like pina colada but without alcohol. relax and enjoy!

Oasis smoothie

i love smoothies for dinner in the summertime here in the desert. this is one that i put together that really tastes great! hope you like it!

Creamsicle smoothie

an old classic i tried to make a tad healthier. if you're going to say "screw it!" skip the sugar and vanilla and use some ice cream instead. either way, it's quite yummy and a simple treat to whip up...

Creamy almond joy

a richer creamier drink to the almond joy dark

Citrus dream smoothie

i haven't tried this yet, but some things you can just tell will be yummy! this recipie doesn't call for milk and can be made with orange sorbet to make this a lactose free beverage. i found this recipe...

Easiest smoothie

my kids adore this. (who am i kidding? i love it just as much.) i only specified measurements because i could not submit the recipe otherwise. we always just eyeball it. blueberries are our favorite.

Caribbean smoothie

this is a very smooth drink and best served chilled. beware it can sneak up on you. it would be lovely served in hollowed out papaya skins or hollowed out green coconuts with a toothpick or a parasol...

Berry banana blast smoothie

a little sweeter than some of the other berry smoothie recipes i've tried. i was a little generous with the yogurt and probably used nearly a full cup.

Double the milk shake

this recipe is from "what to expect when you are expecting" but is a great way to get calcium today....for me, hubby and our four kids....(yep, four so there will be no more pregancy in our house!)

Cucumber lime smoothie

i can't wait for the summer produce as i have really begun to enjoy smoothies. this came from food network magazine's booklet of 50 smoothies.

Chocolate coconut milkshake

chocolate and coconut in a light and cool shake.

Kicked up banana smoothie

a creamy and nutritious breakfast flavored with chocolate, peanut butter, and honey from

Creamy peanut butter banana smoothie

some of my closest friends are lactose intolerant so we have discovered all sorts of new recipes that can cater to their restriction. i personally am not lactose intolerant but i still love this smoothie!...

Malibu magic

another cocktail book delight!

Island fruit smoothie

i haven't tried this yet but looks so yummy!

Peach royale

"this frosty beverage is a great way to add milk and fruit to your child's diet."

Iced coffee chocolate soda frappe

this will make about 10 cups, you can reduce the recipe by half if desired. plan ahead the coffee/chocolate mixture needs to be refrigerated for at least 8 hours.

Rhubarb smoothies and shakes

a verstatile rhubarb sauce that is good to keep in the refrigerator to whirl with fruit and milk or frozen yogurt for a fast breakfast on the run. recipe for a pick-a-fruit rhubarb milkshake, using this...

Heart healthy smoothie

this smoothie is courtesy of the american heart association, enjoy.

Apple juice frosty

a sweet frosty treat.

Berry blast protein shake fruit smoothie

this delicious smoothie is a great way to start your day and is a great breakfast option for people on-the-go. high in fiber, potassium and antioxidants this low sodium smoothie is perfect for the healthy...

Monkey flip

healthy alternative to a chocolate shake, with a twist of bananas and peanuts...

Frozen berry and pineapple smoothie

although this recipe has been slightly tweaked, the original of it was found in the 2010 cookbook, smoothie heaven.

Perfect purple

i was just playing around with ideas fo a great fruit smoothie today. i just grabbed a bunch of different stuff and started experimenting. this was my best creation ever.

Green smoothie

tweaked over time to be healthier and tastier. you must use a high power blender. amounts are estimated as i rarely measure.

Delicious banana blueberry smoothie

it's thick, tangy, sweet, fast and contains no dairy! i just made it up.

Coffee vanilla chocolate smoothie

this is a great refreshing coffee anytime treat. i serve it in an 8-ounce wine glass for an extra special presentation. the coffee can be left over from your brew in the morning for an afternoon treat...

Detoxifying paradise juice

courtesy of pueblo bonita pacifica, los cabos one of giada's weekend getaways on food tv.

Coconut banana and strawberry smoothie

recipe courtesy of bon appetit, may 2006.

Dangerously red smoothie

delicious berry smoothie with only 4 ingredients. this smoothie is great to drink in the winter time because it provides one and a half times your recommended daily allowance of vitamin c. it's healthy...

Mango delight smoothie

my almost 7 year old daughter invented this delicious smoothie today, and her first request was that i enter in on recipe zaar! this would be perfect for breakfast or an after-school snack. best flavor...

Snow cream in a blender

ever had real snow cream after fresh snowstorm? this is very popular in the southern united states. similar to vanilla ice cream but in a drink (milkshake-like) consistency. (this recipe was developed...

Pineapple punch

sets you nice on a hot summer's day; nothing better i say

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