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Chocolate cookies romany creams

if equated, these are to south african children what oreo cookies are to american children, though they are not the same in taste. i never stick mine together to make 'sandwiches' but prefer to dip each...

Cup pudding

this is an ideal dessert for two. this is made in no time and can be cooked and left in the microwave whilst eating the main course. serve with custard sauce if so desired.

Cucumber zucchini salad

typical salad from the ivory coast!for a pretty presentation scored cucumber and zucchini with a fork, not peeled. onions are nice placed in between the layers.


these cookies are a standard item in every cookie jar in each home in south africa!

Banana dream

an african drink using amarula cream liqueur

Cornmeal pie

this is an south african dish very popular at barbecues. it is very tasty and even little kids love it.

Curried meatballs

i was given this recipe by a co-worker of mine who grew up in south africa. it is from "everyday cape malay cooking" by zainab legardien. i have modified the recipe to either be more in line with our...

Decadent chocolate sauce

this is rich and delicious over vanilla icecream.

Milk tart

this is a very popular south african teatime treat/dessert a plus in its favour is it can be made in advance.the traditional version is made with a puff pastry base but i find a short crust type base makes...


recently enjoyed my first meal at a local south african restaurant here in brooklyn. there we enjoyed this fabulous side dish - a spicy revamped rendition of baked beans. of course, this sent me in search...


layered drink


this is a traditional south african dessert. these very addictive treats are not for people who are conscious of weight or sugar intake! these freeze fantastically well and are thus a great lifesaver...

Crustless milk tart

this is a firm family favourite. my mother use to make this with surplus milk (even if the milk was a little sour). it gets more firm the cooler it gets - so give it a chance to set once cooked. i don't...

African gumbo

a delicious spicy dinner that is great during cold weather and is as easy to prepare as most soups.

Tomato stew tamatiebredie trad south african recipe

plain home cooking, but when it comes out right, delicious and satisfying. no-nonsense recipe.

Onion bhajia

these tasty morsels remind me of the many snatched office breakfasts enjoyed with riaz and kapil. hopefully this recipe will do justice to the wonderful memories i have of my two dear colleagues.

Cremora fridge tart

this tart takes about an hour to set in the fridge and is a huge hit in our family after a bbq. the kids are not toooooo fond of it as it has a slight lemony flavour.

Jungle jizz

from another amarula treat.

Cape malay pickled fish

this south african dish keeps well in the refrigerator for up to a week. the fish is cooked first, and then pickled. it's served cold with a green salad and crisp rolls. the source is

Tuna stuffed avocado

this is a simple dish with wonderful flavour. enjoy as a light meal or as a starter to a larger one.

Summery green gazpacho

light, chilled, healthy green refreshment for a hot summer's day ... as your thoughts up north turn towards winter, ours at the bottom of the planet turn to thoughts of hot days and cool food! i did not...

100 year old new zealand lamb dish i have used deer w this

a unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. it has a kick...

Sosaties south african kebabs

traditionally cubes of fat are skewered in between the pieces of meat to keep everything succulent but i have never done this. i usually thread pieces of onion cut more or less the size of the cube of...


okay, you've seen amarula served with all kinds of stuff, but have you tried it with a chambord? tastes just like a chocolate covered raspberry. hope you like it

Amarula frapp

this is a delicious coffee adult milkshake! the recipe uses amarula cream liquor from south africa. it is sold at most liquor stores. the frappé looks great in a highball glass with a long stem or large...

Vegetarian bobotie

this is my own vegetarian adaptation of the traditional cape malay dish of my country. i have tried to approximate flavour and texture as closely as possible and have retained all the ingredients my mother...

Barbecue sauce for chicken on the grill

i always fully bake chicken pieces or halved chickens destined for grilling over coals, to save us all that problem of having a scorched or burnt chicken which is still not cooked through! there are bbq...

Cornbread mieliebrood

this is a huge hit at our thanksgiving get-togethers and because of it my new monniker is

Beat and bake madeira cake

whenever i need something sweet in a tearing hurry i fall back on this lifesaver! quick as a wink to mix together, nice and moist and needs no icing.

Batter fried eggplant

from the africa cookbook, this is attributed to south africa. wherever it comes from, this is a yummy way to eat your vegetables!

Bunny chow

recipe courtesy of graham perkett, deli sa, san diego, ca

Amarula cheesecake

as called several times, the amarula queen, and the love of cheesecakes, i had to post this recipe. taking the ingredients of my favorite cheesecake and adding a little amarula this makes a decadent, rich...

South african malvapoeding

this is a recipe i am posting for the 2006 zwt. i have not tried this recipe and it is compliments of allrecipes chef hynch.

Chilled calamari in a yoghurt curry cream

the south african waters are rich in kingklip, snoek, red roman, hake, cod, pilchards, sole, to name but a few. other delicacies from the sea include abalone, oysters, mussels, calamari, shrimps and crayfish...

Malva pudding

from: boschendal wine estate restaurant, cape province, south africa. it is actually a delicious cake but rich!! very simple to make.

South african koeksisters

a very sticky south african sweet. they remind me of a donut, but maybe messier. ;) i got this recipe from my south african friend, sheralee. she says to try to eat a few before the family gets home...


layer this into a shot glass.

Papaya marinated steak malay onion sambal

this recipe is great when you have left over papaya skin! grilled steak is the star of many a braai. the papaya skin is the tenderizer for the steaks and the flesh can be saved for another recipe. the...

South african melktert milktart

this is a wonderfully thick and flavourful milk custard set in a crust. a traditional tart which is loved by young and old alike. children especially love the filling as a dessert.

Amarula spicy fish

an original south african recipe, which not only looks and tastes wonderful, but the aroma will convince your guests that you are a star. it is easy to pre-prepare, bake just before serving time. allow...

Capetown lamb south africa

found this at recipe cottage tweeked of course. i always serve lamb with garlic and saw this and thought how yummy does this sound! sweet and spicy!

Roasted butternut casserole

sometimes the simplest ingredients together taste amazing. this recipe is dead-easy to assemble and goes well with anything!

South african date and onion salad

adapted from time/life foods of the world. this salad may be made a day or two in advance.

Buttermilk rusks south african

this needs a little explanation. we south africans are very partial to rusks with that first cup of morning coffee! it's what the us calls "double-baked": the end result with this recipe is a hard, chunky...

Portugese flat chicken

from african kitchen :south africa. preferably spatchcock a baby chicken or small sprig chicken by laying it on its back, breast side up. cut through this side only so that chicken can be opened out...

Date cake

this is one of my sister's contributions to the family cookbook. it makes a deliciously moist cake and is wonderful with a dollop of cream.

Yoghurt scone bread

this scrumptious bread is good with anything from marmelade for a leisurely breakfast to roast beef and mustard on a sunday evening. substitute the yoghurt for buttermilk and the oil with melted butter...

Leek apple and feta side dish

this is a simple, easy side dish, very comforting and nutrient-rich, to serve with meat and potatoes. leeks and apples go together very well -- and at the end of the instructions i add the many variations...

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