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Top recipes for "South-american"

Churrasco argentine grilled meat marinade

this is a marinade for the churrasco dish. in argentina, where this style of cooking developed, "churrasco" actually refers to many types of meats prepared on the grill. it's also popular with nicaraguans....

Colombian arepas

this is a quick way to prepare arepas. not exactly the taste of the traditional arepa, but quite close enough. arepas can also be topped with tuna salad, chicken, ham and cheese, sautéed tomatoes and...

Delicious salsa verde

give pasta and meat dishes an extra boost by serving this fun and flavorful sauce. it is also a perfect sauce to serve with recipe #356603. from family fun magazine

Alexander cocktail

finish your party evening with a glass of this creamy cocktail flavoured with cognac and creme de cacoa. adapted from a recipe from nestlé brazil after buying a can of table cream and trying to figure...

Chorizo cilantro soft tacos

a very quick and easy meal. great for those who are "culinarily challenged" and want to still throw together something tasty for guests. spice can be adjusted to taste.

Bananas managua

posted for the zaar world tour-nicaragua. from the "international vegetarian cookbook".

Creamy salsa

this is a very good and creamy salsa that my mom discovered. when i make it, i never seem to make enough. if you are a health nut, like all my recipes, please don't even look!!!!!!! ha ha

Costa rican delight

send yourself to the tropics when you sip this easy-to-make smoothie-style banana-rum drink.

Confetti quinoa

quinoa, pronounced "keenwa," quadruples in size when cooked yet stays crunchy and nutty. this recipe (which i've not tried) adds a variety of colors of bell pepper to the quinoa for the effect of confetti....


a great peruvian desert that i love and miss. if you wet your hands in salted water frequently--it makes the dough more manageable:)

Cilantro lime quinoa

made this up myself. delicious in burritos!

Columbian gone in a flash potato and cheese bread for abm

entered for safe-keeping, from "the best bread machine cookbook ever: ethnic breads" by madge rosenberg. better get a taste first, or this bread will disappear in a flash. no filling or spread is needed...

Colombian empanadas

colombian empanadas are a popular appetizer in colombia and are served by most colombian restaurants in the usa, best when served with aji salsa for dipping but they are still great just the way they are...

Citrus quinoa

i found this recipe on i'm posting it for zwt 7 and hope to try it soon. in response to a review, i've changed the ingredients list to say zest of lemon, lime and orange rather than rind since...

Colombian eggs

my grandmother made these when i was little, i still ask her for them every time i see her. a fun way to do breakfast!

Dominican beans

a latin american staple. serve with rice and you've got a wonderful meal. gourmet. serves 4 as a main course, or 8 as a side dish.

Pastel de papas

chilean potato pie - a staple in this country. it's good country food and simple to make.

Coffee imperial

a simple treat for those who love iced coffee. plan ahead for this one as you need to let the mixture blend then cool before serving, not included in prep time.

Peruvian breakfast sandwich

this is a sandwich inspired by "pan con chicharron", a famous sunday breakfast dish composed by spareribs or pancetta part of the pork, sweet potatoes, "salsa criolla" and ciabatta bread.

Guava cake

on a mission to find recipes to use up the random tin of guava paste that i often have in the pantry, i came across this one online somewhere. the applesauce and glaze are my own doctorings, because the...


this is a simple and tasty drink. i found the recipe at posted for zwt 2008.

Pink guava jam

this recipe was created because of a complete lack of pink guava recipes on the web. i hope you'll enjoy this creamy, buttery, beautifully pink jam as much as i do. delicious on toast or on crackers with...

Crockpot brazilian chicken curry paleo

adapted from a recipe on different than other similar recipes on zaar b/c this one is lower in carbs, higher in good fat -- no potatoes.

Peruvian ceviche de pescado

classic peruvian ceviche use any combination of whitefish (i use tilapia or halibut, if you'd like to splurge, shrimp, scallop, and/or crab (lump works just fine, but don't do the salt water bath on...

Chicharrones de pollo

posted for safe-keeping; from gourmet sept. 07

Crazy corn

corn-on-the cob with a twist. was given to my family from a friend who was from el-salvidor. we love it and eat it all the time.

Brazilian collard greens

recipe courtesy of ben silviera. i have not tried this yet but plan to soon! prep time is an estimate.

Easy brazilian collard greens

this is a fast and simple way to cook collards that results in a bright, lively flavour. recipe is from gourmet magazine (sept. 2007) and works with mustard greens too.


this is a traditional food from northeast area of brazil, it is mainly served at dinner time or late supper, but you can eat whenever you feel like!

Parsley olive oil and garlic sauce

from the "seven fires" argentinian cookbook. this pesto-like sauce is offered in many restaurants as an alternative to chimichurri or salsa criolla. use it on recipe #478140 and other grilled meats.

Burn rice

this one came from my mother-in-law. we eat lots of rice here in brazil, and this recipe is an easy and tasty variation on the brazilian pilaf.

Chorizo potatoes and eggs

a nice breakfast or brunch dish. serve with warm tortillas, and green chiles on the side, if desired.

Crazy rice brazilian

this is a recipe that i found in steven raichlen's "the barbecue bible" for brazil. you can also make this in a vegetarian form by leaving out the bacon and increasing the oil to 2 tablespoons.

Brazilian limeade

the baptist college i attended my freshman year had a special program where students from brazil could come and study through a missions program. this is a recipe from carolina, one of my best girlfriends....

Cucumber dill salad

blends well with grilled salmon!

Asopao de pollo traditional chicken asopao

the puerto rican dish asopao, a cross between soup and paella, is an easy, hearty one-dish meal. adapted from cooking light, april 2001

Colombian rice

from debbie whose husband is colombian; this rice rocks. and for mike , thanks for the heads up on my misspelling ,that's all you needed to say

Sweet corn tamale cakes the cheesecake factory by todd wilbur

i am so glad everyone loves these as much as i do! i have made a few changes to clarify how to prepare them to look like the cheesecake factory, but as everyone has found out, being pretty doesn't effect...

El pollo loco chicken rice bowl

i'm crazier about black beans than pintos so i think i'd change that out. and the serrano chile, i think i'd sub a jalapeno for that. oh, to the rice...i'd add a handful of sauted onions, too. what...

The best black beans i ve ever had

it's true! the recipe is off the back of the goya can

Estofado de pollo

peruvian. there isn't a whole lot of wow factor here but it is a good mild dish that is fairly easy to make that my whole family will eat. the raisins add a nice sweetness as does the paprika but overall...

Warrior salad

full of protein and complex carbs and low in fat, just the thing for a warrior going into battle, or an average american returning from cooporate combat and looking for something quick and easy for dinner....

Chilean salsa

after trying this salsa, it is hard to go back to store-bought salsa. i could eat my weight in this stuff, along with tortilla chips. yum!!

Garlic quinoa

quinoa is a very high protein grain which originated in the andes mountains of bolivia and peru as a staple food of the incas. it's gluten-free and rich in l-lysine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, b vitamins,...

Avocado cream soup sopa de aguacate

my husband loves avacados in all ways. myself, i'm not so keen on them. but he wants me to make this for him for father's day! dd is making avacado fudge...sheesh! anyway, we're giving this a try and...

Yummy coffee

youll really love this i was making coffee and wondered what whipped cream would taste like on top so i tried it and it is wonderful!

Peruvian tallarines saltados

this is an easy flavorful south american recipe. fun for an exotic change. time to make does not include the time it takes to marinate the beef or cook the pasta.

Stewed chayote

a pleasant, somewhat summery side dish from m.s. milliken & s. feniger. especially good with flaky white fish or grilled chicken. i think that the salad and veggie seasoning adds a nice flavor, but omit...

Healthy baja fish tacos

from oxygen magazine - may 2009

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