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Top recipes for "Southwestern-united-states"

Double chocolate mexican brownie pancakes

for the true chocoholic! this was published in the local paper.

Crabmeat enchiladas

this is so good. a different twist on enchiladas. it has been around my house for a long time. it is adapted from a recipe in a 1979 edition of seasoned with sun.

Coarse black pepper cheese bread

my family loves this bread! i like to serve it especially with soups and sometimes along with dinner. this is the bread i make when i don't use my bread machine. this recipe came from a good cook in our...

Corn bread ground beef casserole

easy. spicy. very satisfying.

Cracker salad

quick, easy and few ingredients that fool the palet into thinking there are many more ingredients in it.

Crusted tex mex chicken breasts

here's a quick chicken dish thats great with refried beans and traditional mexican rice. enjoy!

Cowboy candy

i bought a jar of these little dandies at a craft fair last year, and have been looking for some in stores without success. so instead i decided to find a recipe and make some. these are very hot with...

Easy burritos

this is the easiest meal i have ever made! assemble in the crockpot the night before and plug in before you leave for work.

Velveeta dirty dip

this is always a big hit at parties, carry-ins, and football viewings. as a nacho lover i played around with the basic velveeta salsa recipe and created a yummy variation. you can make this dip as spicy...

Coyote chow

from pointe hilton resorts in arizona.

Crockpot black bean tortilla soup

an easy vegetarian version of tortilla soup. i'm writing it here in its basic, mild form, but you can turn up the heat by adding tabasco, using a hot enchilada sauce, or throwing in some diced jalapeno...

Diablo sandwich

sandwich ordered by buford t. justice in smokey and the bandit, best served with dr. pepper. my family loves this easy recipe, it is best if simmered for at least an hour and served on a toasted bun.

Cumin carrots

cumin really tastes great on carrots. spices them up just right!

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Texas stuff

this is a quick and easy tex-mex recipe that you can use as a main dish. served with a salad, it makes a meal. you may also serve it as an appetizer by serving it in a chafing dish with a basket of tortilla...

Creamy chicken black bean enchiladas

great way to use the leftovers from a store bought rotisserie chicken. lessen the spice in the enchilada sauce if you don't like heat.

Gf biscochitos

these are one of my son's favorites. he requests them every christmas. great anise-tasting butter cookie. you won't be able to tell there's no wheat. free of peanuts and nuts too so it's a nice change...

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Cumin nan

this is a delicious, grilled bread!

Crock pot refried beans

prep time includes over night soaking of beans

Chorizo and black bean soup with eggs

this recipe is from every day with rachael ray, which i modified to try to reduce the sodium. it's really quite tasty, and the egg is a nice touch - don't be afraid to try it!

Coca cola ribs

this is a peppery southwestern-inspired spice rub and with a sweet and tangy glaze. recipe is from woman's world.

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Creamy mango salsa

this recipe was found in the june 2009 best recipes cookbook(let), summer salads & sandwiches.

Cream cheese and jalapeno tortillas

fun appetiser for parties and picnics! these are sure to spice up your get together.

Citrus cole slaw

a delicious coleslaw with a little citrus twist! adapted from cooks recipes. if you like your slaw a little wetter, make another 1/2 recipe of the dressing. enjoy! this is southwestern also made in spain,...

Conquistador quiche

spicy mexican quiche. this is the recipe that i first came to recipezaar to find. i requested the recipe, but no one could help me, so i made it up from memory in order to take it to a dinner party my...

Easy tacos

can it be this easy? yes it can. try this and you'll ask yourself why you ever bought any of that stuff in an envelope. and make seasoning ahead? why bother, when it is just this simple?

Dill pickle salsa

this is one out of my recipe files from gourmet class. we had to come up with something "different". what's more different than salsa made with a dill pickle? but, it is good, even if i do say so myself....

Creamy spicy oaxacan sweet onion soup

just like the title says, this is sweet and creamy and spicy with chipotle and poblano peppers! so enjoy! adapted from donna nordon, owner/chef of cafe terra cotta in tucson, arizona. this will feed a...

Beef enchiladas

the sauce on these is very rich and full of flavor. everyone's favorite!

Crock pot chicken bean burritos

my kids loved tacos and chili, so i thought, "why not burritos?" i started dumping things in the crock pot and my "famous" recipe was born.

Mexican ground beef stew

i made this recipe out of things in my pantry. i like this recipe because it has very little prep time and is delicious.

Crock pot southwestern chicken

this recipe came from the dallas morning news paper. you can serve it in tortillas with spanish rice on the side or serve it over rice. either way, it's super easy and very yummy!

South texas barbecued chicken shrimp

i found this in a local newspaper and tried it last night for dinner. it was easy & fabulous! prep time includes 2 hours marinading time.

Southwestern baked chicken and zucchini

this is a very good texmex entree i got from an online magazine. just add a side dish and you've got a meal.


recipe by the honorable jane dee hull - governor of arizona

El pollo loco chicken rice bowl

i'm crazier about black beans than pintos so i think i'd change that out. and the serrano chile, i think i'd sub a jalapeno for that. oh, to the rice...i'd add a handful of sauted onions, too. what...

Crock pot coca cola pulled pork

this is a modified version of a friend's recipe for pulled pork. hers is always a hit at potlucks. the only revisions i made to her original recipe were to suit my family's taste. this is the easiest,...

Creamy chili dressing

this comes from the most recently published edition of "the joy of cooking." i make it a lot lately because i'm on a low carb diet. i love this stuff, it's like ranch dressing kicked up a few notches!

Potted elk roast

decent grazin'.


a friend gave my girlfriend and i this recipe. it is a good recipe but can get a little too hot if you add too much chili powder.

Chipotle barbecue cheeseburgers

this fun recipe is great on a grill out in the summer sun.

Confetti salsa

this salsa is sooo colorful...and uses a wide variety of peppers. it is a bit sweeter than most. enjoy!

Devilish sloppy chicken mini sammies sandwiches rachael ray

this rachael ray recipe is a weekday standby, and a huge hit at my house. it works just as well made with ground beef, and just about any spicy mustard works (my favorite is chipotle, but habanero mustard...

Cowboy sourdough pancakes

this is a recipe i picked up from the cowboy cook-off in abilene, texas. it is from the

Lasagna cupcakes carnita style

move over tacos, tamales, tortes, and burritos carmita's found a new home in lasagna cupcakes! carnita can be found in trader joes already made for hours of no cooking. carnitas "little meats",

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