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Top recipes for "Spring"

Warm pumpkin spinach and feta salad

a yummy salad for a cooler night.

Cranberry mashed sweet potatoes

yummy side dish for any season. i tend to eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes all year around. good side for the holidays too!

Top secret reicpes version of kfc wings by todd wilbur

from the colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. the honey barbecue wings are tasty . after...

Red pepper lemon shrimp

a fast and easy shrimp dinner. use quality ingredients (good wine, ripe lemons, fresh shrimp) and it's a hit every time! we often add steamed snow peas and diced red peppers at the very end to get some...

Cucuzza cake

my aunt mae used to grow cucuzza's in her back yard when i was a little girl. cucuzza is a long, green squash. she normally fried them up and served them with spaghetti every sunday. i recently found this...

Cow pies

chocolate alert !!!

No bake pie

this pie is really good to serve during the spring and summer. being a person who does' t like yogurt, this pie is definitely an exception, and very easy to make. enjoy! :)

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (



Deer venison jerky

i am a hunter and i love jerky. i came up with this recipe from about 3 others that i like.

Thai chicken grilled

the delicious red curry sauce makes this grilled chicken out of this world.

Cold cream of cucumber soup

this is a recipe by beth elon, who has a column every other week in our local paper. in our house it's just not friday night dinner unless there's soup, but with the weather being so hot lately, i haven't...

Cool veggie pizza

this is a pampered chef recipe that features a tender crescent roll crust topped with herbed cream cheese and crispy, coloful vegetables. make it ahead of time so the flavors can mingle.

Rockin cheddar ranch turkey burgers

wonderfully flavorful burgers!

Pincho moruno

pincho moruno is a moorish inspired dish that has been improved (i think) by the spaniards. it can be used with lamb or pork. i suppose you could do chicken or beef also but have never tried it with...

Low fat pumpkin roll 2

this is another great recipe, but because it uses 5 eggs, it is not low fat as my other posted recipe (low fat pumpkin roll). what you can do is make the other loaf, and use the icing from this one also....

Chocolate cherry cake

i love this cake! my mom used to make it for me all the time. my two favorites; chocolate and cherries!

Spicy lamb chops with tomato cucumber raita

these lamb chops provide a powerpunch of flavor that is toned down by the coolness of the tomato-cucumber raita. it's spicy and refreshing all at the same time! feel free to cut down on the curry power...

Apple juice frosty

a sweet frosty treat.

Self rising biscuits

this is my father-inlaws recipe.excellent!

Easy italian chicken marinade

this is so easy and good. a favorite way of ours to grill chicken in the summer!

Creamy fruit salad

fruit and pudding salad

Strawberry rhubarb parfait

the rhubarb shoots emerging in my garden prompted me to post this recipe from christine cushing. i haven't tried it yet - but very soon! christine suggests sprinkling crushed amaretti cookies between the...

Chunky blonde brownies

my kids really love this. easy and tastes great.

Dandelion honey

something nice to do with all those dandelions on your lawn, make a treat from the flowers! dandelion honey is great on toast, muffins, pancakes, and biscuits. source: 225 family friendly recipes with...

Walnut garlic rice

i love to prepare this for weekend lunch !

Cran appledorf

a wonderful and easy side dish to serve with poultry. comes together in minutes and has a very attractive presentation.

Caribbean chicken salad w fat free dressing

tropical chicken salad. makes 4 main meal serving or serves 8-10 as a side dish. beautiful addition to a picnic or potluck! adapted & lightened from pillsbury website

Napa valley corn

napa valley is a great wine producing region in california. please use a good drinking wine for this recipe and you will not be disappointed.

Curry devil

chilli lovers will die for this dish! it is a very traditional singaporean dish. traditionally, it is called devil cos it is so so so hot and spicy. i am warning ya...spicy...try it if you dare. sue l,...

Italian cucumber bread

this is super easy to make and great for parties and gatherings... a lot of flavor packed into a very simple recipe!

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Gorgeous guacamole

a smooth, silky, scrumptious, and spicy spread. (this recipe is from the cookbook "how it all vegan".)

Strawberry watermelon lemonade

refreshing on a warm day.

Dipped ice cream sandwiches

from quick cooking magazine. when i saw this recipe i knew i needed to give it a try. we always have these ingredients on hand and i knew my toddlers would think it was fun to have sprinkles on their ice...

Raspberry cream trifle

a beautiful dessert from taste of home. cooking time is chilling time.

Dilled potato soup

came up with this one years ago, i have never seen another quite like it. quick light and easy. if you are short on time this can be approximated with a package of pre-made potato soup with leftover boiled...

Stuffed cornish game hens with cranberry glaze

this recipe was e-mailed to me by a friend. i made it this year for christmas eve dinner with great raves and success so i wanted to share it with you.

Shrimp appy

great dinner party or holiday appy, they will go quickly!!

Mascarpone filled figs or apricots with amaretto

figs stuffed with mascarpone cheese are a classic late-summer dessert in italy. if you can't find mascarpone, substitute with cream cheese.

Grilled lamb kebabs with cumin and cinnamon

i love this lamb dish. the flavors sound unusual, but they compliment the meat nicely. i first tasted this last summer at a cook out. i begged for the recipe and got it from the hostess.

Roasted prosciutto wrapped asparagus

my husband clipped this recipe from a magazine about 7 years ago, which is something he had never done before. when he brought it home, i agreed to make it for him, and it was great. since then, i have...

Japanese grilled eggplant aubergine yaki nasu

a japanese restaurant favorite. may be best suited for the more experienced fan of japanese cuisine.

Chocolate sin

my dh and kids say this cake is

Asparagus peas and basil piselli con asparagi e basilico

a simple, spring-time umbrian recipe from ursula ferrigno published in this month's gourmet magazine. peas can be shelled and asparagus cut 1 day ahead and chilled, covered.

Cool n breezy fruit salad

beat the heat with this !

Man dip

from my hometown community cookbook; given to me by my best friend. called man dip because men seem to like it.

Dandelion pasta

dandelion are a diuretic as parsley is so eat this food sparingly. they are good sources of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamins a and c. you can store buy or pick your own. choosing tender leaves...

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