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Top recipes for "Squash"

Korean zucchini hobak chon

this is a vey simple and tasty way to prepare the ever abundant and cheap zucchini. to be served with a korean dipping soy sauce. recipe 191136

Diabetic zucchini bread low sugar low calorie low fat

i got a similar version of this recipe from a friend but had to tweek it for my fiance' who is diabetic. it is not 100% sugar free (less then 1 gram per serving) and very low in fat and calories without...

Vermont maple pumpkin pie

a twist on the traditional

Cypriot pumpkin soup

not all pumpkin soups are american - some versions come from cyprus, too! try this on a cold winter night, or any time of the year, really.

Date nut zucchini spice bread

this is a delightful, moist, and flavourful treat. it doesn't feel or taste oily like most zucchini bread recipes. i created this recipe to use up those giant zucchinis. it is easily doubled and freezes...

Delicious eggless zucchini bread

what can i say, i love bread!!! and this bread is just one of my absolute favorites!!!! originally this was an experiment i tried about a year ago when i ran out of eggs. i wanted zucchini bread sooooooo...

Cucumber zucchini salad

typical salad from the ivory coast!for a pretty presentation scored cucumber and zucchini with a fork, not peeled. onions are nice placed in between the layers.

Curried mussel and butternut squash soup

in the middle ages, flemish cities were at the crossroads of the northern spice routes, and brewers and cooks both took advantage of exotic spices. according to food & wine, you'll see that influence in...

Pumpkin walnut praline bars

these bars have a pumpkin pie filling and are terrific smothered in the buttery, nutty praline topping. adapted from food&wine magazine(oct. 2005). enjoy! this is definately a southern recipe, using pecans...

Dylan tomatilla and zucchini salsa

this is not salsa verde – no, this is a light, very chunky and unique salsa that the “healthy gals” (joggers) in my neighborhood wait for each year. the first time i made it, i was looking for a...

Curried pumpkin soup

this recipe came from 'joan bishops's new zealand crockpot and slow cooker cookbook'. it is very easy and not as high in fat as some pumpkin soups, but doesn't lose any of that great flavour. the author...

Cream of pumpkin soup krbiscremesuppe

this delicious soup is traditionally served in autuum and a southern styrian (province of austria) speciality. feel free to add a pinch of cinnamon and garnish with drops of pumpkinseed oil, this really...

Chumpkin soup

i found this on line because ozcomartha requested a aussie pumpkin soup. "chumpkin soupchef: steve from the lake no, it's not a's chicken and pumpkin soup!" i'm posting my directions as well...

Cushaw casserole

a cushaw is similar to a pumpkin. i cut it in half and take out seeds, then fill cavity with a little water, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees until tender.

Dilled zucchini

a nice side. easy to make, tasty, and not very time-consuming. popular in the czech/slovak area of eastern europe.

Crock pot italian chicken

this is a recipe from one of gooseberry patch's newest cookbooks. easy and tasty, it's perfect for the coming autumn days. this is recommended to be served over hot, cooked thin spaghetti. i haven't...

Corn and zucchini saute

this dish has such pretty colour and great flavour. it is a little different from the one already posted, as it has tomatoes and cheddar cheese. this is from toh. i have posted it as it appears in the...

Curried chicken and zucchini soup

i grabbed this form a healthy eating cookbook put out by "the australian women's weekly" it sounds interesting so putting here for safe keeping.

Crusty parmesan herb zucchini bites

aunt donna posted this on my facebook wall.

Creamy roast veggie pasta

a great creamy pasta which is low fat. i was looking for something different for my diabetic husband and he loved it, as did all the family. it's quite easy also. i have added ham & mushroom to the garlic...

Herb roasted squash ww core

this is a wonderful thanksgiving side dish, or a great anytime comfort food.

Creamed zucchini

this creamy cheesy casserole is a great way to use the summer's abundance of zucchini! from "fit for a king - the elvis presley cookbook"...

Cooling squash

this recipe is by dr sapna bhargava indian name: ghiya sabji properties of squash: taste: sweet quality: light potency: cold post-digestive effect: sweet medicinal properties of squash: this recipe is...

Curried squash and basmati rice

from sunset magazine. i bet this could be frozen (without the rice) for vegetarian oamc.

Dcb onions stuffed with butternut squash sage

i saw this on comcasts digital cookbook ( i added them here so i can set up grocery lists with them included. i'll add on here when i've tried myself a better description. ****...

Creamy pumpkin and butternut squash soup

the best squash soup ever!!!! easy to make and you can do it low fat. perfect for thanksgiving or on a cool autumn night.

Zucchini squash and bacon saut

my grandmother used to make this as i was growing up. i never liked squash but have grown to love this dish. i have tweaked it over the years as my grandmother never seasons anything.

Spicy sauteed zucchini

my husband, who loves spicy foods, came up with this one night to combat his dislike of zucchini. he's changed his mind about zucchini, now. ;)

Diabetic crustless pumpkin pie

1 1/2 bread/starch, 1/2 fat

Corn zucchini scallop

try this for a different side dish. double it and it will do well on a buffet table or for a potluck. make this ahead and pop in oven to cook when ready to serve.

Baked butternut squash stuffed with apples and sausage

this is the ultimate comfort food, as we turn the corner into fall and cooler weather. it's simple and fills the house with great smells and the tummy with a nourishing, delicious meal. enjoy!

Corn with squash

posted for zaar world tour 2005. my bf made this dish tonight, with the freshest zucchini and corn on the cob, it was delightful. he reduced the oil from 4 tablespoons to 1, and sprinkled liberally with...

Delicious acorn squash soup

this is a delicious thick creamy rich soup with a lovely yellow colour, perfect for those cool fall and cold winter nights. you can adjust the dill, cayenne and curry to taste and this recipe can easily...

Tomato zucchini and cheese toss

light, cool side dish for summer meals. makes good use of your garden tomatoes and zucchini.

Zucchini crisp

a friend of mine gave me this recipe. it is so wonderful and no one but you will know it's zucchini. it tastes just like apple crisp.

Chocolate pumpkin cake with cinnamon chocolate glaze

i made this cake for a co-workers birthday and it was a huge success! many recipe requests. :) cooking time includes cooling time.

Curried zucchini soup

this is a lovely, spicy soup, which is sure to warm you through on a chilly day. i luv its hot flavour, which does not overpower the zucchini. my sis and me came up with this recipe when i could only...

Butternut squash spoon bread

wonderful side dish for the holidays! from southern living.

Double chocolate zucchini muffins

this is my adaptation/combination of several different zucchini muffin recipes. it's flexible and invites substitutions - yellow squash for the zucchini, different proportions of white and whole wheat...

Cinnamon pumpkin oatmeal squares low fat

these deliciously chewy and moist squares are so easy to prepare and are even low-fat! from the "divine indulgences" cookbook by rose reisman. great for a snack or breakfast nibble!

Cranberry stuffed acorn squash

from a cranberry cookbook put out by the westport-grayland washington chamber of commerce. (the cranberry coast) note: everyone said this made too much filling for 1 squash, so i changed the recipe...

Creamy zucchini crostini

this is a wonderful appetiser, originally from famous german chef tim mälzer. it is fresh and light with a lovely zucchini garlic onion taste. without the bread, the zucchini cream can also be used...

Zucchini pancakes

this is a great vegetarian pancake, easy to make and is delicious. this recipe was passed to my mother over 100 years ago and has been a favorite of the families.

Zucchini pineapple cake

this is an old family favorite. love the zip the pineapple gives to the cake.

Easy acorn squash

baking winter squash cut side down in a small amount of water really makes it tender, and eliminates tough spots. this recipe came from a sticker on a squash i bought several years ago.

Lemon coconut custard pie

using zucchini was always a challenge at hom in pa dutch country. this delightful dessert pie has a tropical flair! don't let the ingredient list scare you away. i have served this to people who don't...

Mexican squash

another recipe from the 1981 southern living cook book.

Roasted vegetable fajitas

recipe from the mayo clinic williams sonoma cookbook.

Butternut squash sweet potato curry

good, clean, wholesome vegetable dish for anyone who likes the taste of curry to enjoy

Zucchini stuffed with goat cheese and mint

this was past on to me by a gentleman friend who is a fine cook.

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