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Top recipes for "Squash"

Roasted vegetable fajitas

recipe from the mayo clinic williams sonoma cookbook.

Cinnamon pumpkin oatmeal squares low fat

these deliciously chewy and moist squares are so easy to prepare and are even low-fat! from the "divine indulgences" cookbook by rose reisman. great for a snack or breakfast nibble!

Zucchini crisp

a friend of mine gave me this recipe. it is so wonderful and no one but you will know it's zucchini. it tastes just like apple crisp.

Zucchini stuffed with goat cheese and mint

this was past on to me by a gentleman friend who is a fine cook.

Zucchini pineapple cake

this is an old family favorite. love the zip the pineapple gives to the cake.

Curried zucchini and potatoes

a mild, quick and easy fresh tomato based curry sauce combined with fried zucchini and potatoes. the number of servings will depends on if it is served as a main dish or side.

Pesto chicken breast with summer squash

this recipe is easy to make and so good. can be made with zucchini or crocked necked summer squash. good served with pasta. the recipes comes from better homes and gardens.


from western africa - a tasty combination of squash, yams, and coconut milk.

Deceptively delicious angel food cupcakes

this is from jessica seinfeld's book. she serves it with a carrot cream cheese icing (posted separately)

Zucchini pignoli and raisin salad

from diane seed's mediterranean dishes. meant to be served at room temperature, but i have served this as a warm side dish.

Gluten free pumpkin spice cookies

oh my!! if you love pumpkin around the holidays and really enjoy gluten free foods that actually taste good. then you will love my recipe.i drizzled a little dark chocolate and white chocolate over then....

Creamy ravioli with squash lemon and chives

from the may 2011 "real simple" magazine. dh and i made this quick and easy recipe for dinner tonight and thought it was a great weeknight meal. i used frozen ravioli, homemade from a local italian bakery...

Christmas pumpkin bread by sally

this is a pumpkin bread that my old boss sally veurink (if you see her, tell her how delicious her bread was)made for christmas one year. i asked her for the recipe and every year since made it to hand...

Creamy spaghetti squash vegetable parmesan saute

this is an extreme veggie dish, one of the best squash recipes i have made so far, there is tons of flavor in this dish.. if you don't have all the veggies that are called for in this recipe, just leave...

Couscous royale

this is a stunning presentation for adventurous dining. completely vegetarian and a north-african style dish that is bursting with flavors. posted for zwt3 and adapted from parragon press.

Cream pasta sauce with zucchini

this is awesome pasta sauce! much different than alfredo-ish sauces, which i don't like. this one could be healthy, depending on which ingredients you use. i found the original version of this in a cookbook...

Creamy zucchini basil zuppa

the fresh cilantro and basil lend their herbal flavor to this excellent italian soup.

Crock pot acorn squash with pepper rice stuffing

the stuffing can be modified to your taste. great vegetarian meal to come home to from your crock pot.

Zucchini balls

these can be served for dinner, in place of meatballs, with pasta and marinara (meatless tomato) sauce which is the way i usually serve them. they can also be served as an appetizer, with sauce on the...

Scalloped squash

unusual way to use squash, which is so plentiful now. very delicious.

Mexican squash

another recipe from the 1981 southern living cook book.

Cha cha bowl

recipe courtesy orlando's caribbean bbq, by bobby flay. posting for zwt-caribbean. prep/cooking time doe not include 30 minutes needed to marinate the pork.

Chocolate zucchini cupcakes

great way to sneak veggies into a dessert. these freeze well unfrosted.

Rich moist secret ingredient pumpkin bread

this is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe. it is very different from other pumpkin breads because it calls for some unusual ingredients that make it special. i almost always use freshly cooked and mashed...

Cuban chayote salad

from all about cuban cooking cookbook, this is a simple and tasty salad.

Creamy cajun zucchini and potato soup

my family loves this soup. as i cook it, the house is filled with the smell of garlic and herbs, which already makes you look forward to the result.

Crunchy roasted pepitas pumpkin seeds

pepitas, dark green hulled pumpkin seeds, can be found at natural foods stores and specialty stores. the seeds “pop” when toasted. serve them slightly warm for the best flavor.

Dilled zucchini slices

this is from a collection of sheryl arnolds recipes. sheryl was not just a good cook, she had her own catering business and owned the lunch bucket, a popular restaraunt here in the sacramento area back...

Zesty zucchini sticks

yum,these are so good! they can be appetizers, a side dish, or just a snack.

Mirliton soup

mirliton squash, also known as chayote squash, in a cream base with shrimp, yummy!

Double squash casserole crock pot

this is a delicious way to cook zucchini and yellow squash without heating up your kitchen! i like to use the combination of both types of squash, but you can use either one by itself if that's what you...

Kroger traditional pumpkin pie

this is the recipe from the kroger's pumpkin can. it is only slightly different from the libby's recipe and it tells you how to prepare it with either evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk. both...

Garlic and herb roasted potatoes and squash

oven-roasting vegetables brings out maximum flavour, in my opinion. i eat these like potato chips - can't stop at just one.

Zucchini and carrots with orange

different and very good! (low-carb magic)

Easy creamy pumpkin soup

a velvety-smooth pumpkin soup that's perfect for a thanksgiving day first course. from

Halloween fun pumpkin cake o lantern jack o lantern

made from two bundt cakes, this cake makes an ideal halloween cake & centrepiece. it is both delicious & beautuful (& fun to make). to make this recipe easier & quicker, you can substitute three boxes...

Bacon pumpkin and pesto pasta

in this recipe, the ingredients are tossed into the pasta, rather than forming a sauce. great for a quick and easy mid-week meal with salad. i use kent or jap pumpkin, available in australia, and free-range...

Garden veggie and pineapple smoothie

very simple, refreshing, and tasty. a great way to feed your kids (or yourself) vegetables. adjust honey to taste.

Curried butternut squash apple stew

a sweet-savory vegetarian stew, full of vitamins, that can also be served over rice. i have served this with a bowl of deli-roasted chicken, diced, for non-vegetarian guests, so this would make an ideal...

Crock pot butternut squash with brown sugar and cinnamon

i found this recipe in a cook book that i bought from the local high school marching band booster club. this is a great way to cook butternut squash, and it's very easy to make. use a large, wide round...

Japanese zucchini and onions

i love the veggies you get at the japanese restaurant. this is a good version. i found it on

Hubbard squash soup

this recipe was developed over a series of small experiments. i wanted to do something different with a hubbard squash. after a few tries, i wrote down what tasted best, and am pretty happy with this...

Butternut pumpkin soup with ginger and coconut

pumpkin soup is an australian favourite, but i sometimes find it a bit bland. this recipe adds a little something extra, without overpowering the pumpkin flavour. you can garnish this with some coriander...

Chocolate zucchini bread cake

these i make with my home grown zucchini! the kids and husband does not know that they're getting their veggies!!

No meat stew

this is a great recipe. you can make it as is for a side dish or it's good enough to be a stand-alone meal, just increase the ingredients and add some bread or rice to compliment it. you can add your...

Crispy eggplant with spicy tomato feta cheese sauce

for a mild cheese flavor, sprinkle feta cheese over the spaghetti sauce. for a more robust cheese flavor, use blue cheese.

Dutch stamppot with rookworst

pure comfort food! stamppot consists of mashed potatoes mixed with various ingredients like carrots, onions or kale, and it was one of my favourites when i lived in holland. it is often served as the main...

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