Cheese tortellini with cherry tomatoes

this simple and delicious pasta dish is adapted from vegetarian times magazine. one thing i didn't change was the onion powder - i rarely cook with it, and i didn't substitute it here only because i was...

Dragon tofu

a wonderful vegetarian delight...i hope! i haven't tried it yet, so if you do, please let me know how you like it. prep time includes standing tofu at room temp for 20 minutes.

Di san xian

i'm finally able to cook this fabulous beijing dish at home! if you worry about those calories, feel free to use less oil, although the potatoes should be covered by it...

Beef chop suey

easy to make, and also very adaptable. chop suey is the classic chinese-american dish. this one's mainly a vegetable dish with beef added for extra flavor.

Japanese pan noodles

a copycat recipe of noodle and company's japanese pan noodles, which are describe on the menu as "satisfying and hearty, caramelized japanese udon noodles in a sweet and spicy soy sauce."


a quick and simple stir fry using cabbage and imitation crab meat.

Duck curry

pretty quick to prepare and cook. delicious!

Chop chop beef stir fry

this is from hungry girl, and according to her only has 293 calories vs the 437 that calculates! don't know where the discrepancy is since there isn't added cooking oil? yet it still manages...

Clams in black bean sauce

this is a bob chinn's restaurant recipe found in the chicago sun-times. while i haven't made this recipe, i've had this dish at his restaurant and it's outstanding. i plan to try this soon. prep and cook...

Shrimp fried rice com chien tom

a vietnamese style of fried rice. a great way to use leftover steamed rice up.

Dum ka chicken

this recipe was one of several that were given to me by my best friend's sister-in-law living in the u.k, who were so starved for authentic indian food that they wrote to their moms back in india begging...

Cl sichuan shrimp stir fry with broccoli or asparagus

entered for safe-keeping, adapted from cooking light by betsy burtis

Drstevers filipino stir fry

i developed this recipe for my wife: a labor and delivery nurse. she is on her feet for 12 hours a day and must eat on the

Veggie medley

i am a carnivore at heart. i was the child who never ate her vegetables. a couple of years ago, my husband and i started trying to eat healthier. this meant turning my kitchen into a laboratory. i came...

Corn mexicana

i like to serve this recipe with fajitas or burritos or any other mexican dish. it is really easy and tastes really good.

Barley stir fry

i make this last night, we had it with a grilled chicken breast and bread sticks. very tasty and filling. points 2.

Chicken with mango salsa

an easy chicken dish with an oriental touch!

Pineapple beef stir fry

wonderful recipe. this truly is great!

Shanghai hunan chicken

the owner of the chinese restaurant in our town was nice enough to show me how to make his hunan chicken (my favorite!) when they sold the restaurant in december, 2012. he used a wok over a huge gas flame...

Crispy chicken with broccoli

both the chicken and broccoli get pan seared in this stir fry recipe. serve with white or brown rice. note: if you are like me and freeze your ginger, then grate it, you should use less for this recipe,...

Snow peas and chicken

great stir-fry!

Cantonese sweet and sour pork

here's a nice dish to serve with rice-enjoy!

Basil and chilli stir fry paste

heaps cheaper than commercially made product. can be used with meat and/or vegetables.

Fabulous peking pork pasta salad

i found this so i can play in the asian forum. :)

Ginger soy tofu vegetable stir fry

this recipe is simple to make and very healthy! not having much time to cook when i come home from work, this dish is convenient to make and freezes well for future meals.

Chicken with cashews

a chinese type of chicken with cashews recipe. i added less peanut oil when i was stir-frying as i thought six tablespoons was a bit to much. i used chicken liquid stock instead of water to give the recipe...

Delicious indian spicy chicken sandwich filling

simply wonderful!! this is from anjali vellody's foodcourt column of the weekend magazine. hope you enjoy it.

Stir fried chicken with mango and peppers

this is from heartsmart chinese cooking, by steven wong. every single recipe in this book is delicious, and since i can't post them all, you should just buy it. the recipes are great because they taste...

Courgette and mushroom stir fry

something quick and easy. a nice combination.

Hokkien noodle with seared prawns

somehow this dish is called singapore noodles everywhere around the world. but back home in singapore, it is just called hokkien noodles. a tasty dry noodle.

Chongqing numbing and spicy fish

hurts so good! ooh baby, it hurts so good!

Sticky pork chops

a mouth watering yummy pork chop asian style. double the recipe, you'll want more. :)

Angel shrimp

fantastically different dish. delightful in summer but yummy anytime! this is excellent jazzed up with a splash of your favorite flavored liqueur (try pernod, annisette, amaretto, hazlenut or go fruity...

Stir fried pork with green beans baby corn

this is a very tasty dish that i adapted from a cookbook called thai cooking & more. it's a family favourite and easy to do after a long day at work. we serve it over rice. when using sherry, i always...

Pina colada thai fried rice

came across this at the newman's own website. chicken and pineapple salsa and red curry paste--three of my favorites together! they say if necessary you can substitute 1 tsp curry powder plus 1 tsp chili...

Sweet and sour shrimp fried rice

a delicious, healthy stir fry that is also low-fat! from the beauty food cookbook. hope you enjoy!

Choy sum in oyster sauce

a side for your chinese dinner. from my chinese cookbook.

Caribbean meatballs

this is a recipe i have had for years but never got around to making. i'm putting it here for safe keeping. update: may '06-finally made these using ground chicken. the sauce truly is fabulous!

Thai spicy basil fried rice

this is a great use of leftover rice. it's important to use thai sweet basil to get the authentic thai restaurant taste. and don't skip the fish sauce, it smells strong in the bottle, but it blends in...

Rotelle primavera

from vegetarian times, february 2007

Baby bok choy in the wok

this is a fast and easy recipe for cooking bok choy or baby bok choy. you can adjust the amount of flavor by adding more or less sake/soy sauce mixture (use equal amounts). we've found that adding the...

Hot and spicy chairman's chicken

for when you want to take a walk on the wild side. adjust the heat to your own taste.

Chinese velvet chicken

souffléed chicken served with sugar snap peas & mushrooms over rice. i first found this recipe in 1985 in an old used cookbook (i think it was called mrs. wong's chinese cookbook). this recipe has been...

Cluckin lo mein

i made this up when trying out about 12 other lo mein recipes. this is my variation and very good. i like more sauce as opposed to less, adjust the amount you want when you're putting yours together, you...

Beef and broccoli with garlic sauce

love this recipe. works best if you cut all veggies before starting. i like to use about 4 cups veggies for this.

Lettuce wrapped shrimps

here is the seafood version of the lettuce wrap.

Delicious vegetarian fajita healthy

this is very healthy, simple and easy to make. you can buy the menudo spice in any grocery store. just look in the mexican food aisle. i prefer to serve it with mission's extra thin corn tortillas (lower...