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Top recipes for "Tex-mex"

Crabmeat enchiladas

this is so good. a different twist on enchiladas. it has been around my house for a long time. it is adapted from a recipe in a 1979 edition of seasoned with sun.

Corn bread ground beef casserole

easy. spicy. very satisfying.

Velveeta dirty dip

this is always a big hit at parties, carry-ins, and football viewings. as a nacho lover i played around with the basic velveeta salsa recipe and created a yummy variation. you can make this dip as spicy...

Crockpot black bean tortilla soup

an easy vegetarian version of tortilla soup. i'm writing it here in its basic, mild form, but you can turn up the heat by adding tabasco, using a hot enchilada sauce, or throwing in some diced jalapeno...

Diablo sandwich

sandwich ordered by buford t. justice in smokey and the bandit, best served with dr. pepper. my family loves this easy recipe, it is best if simmered for at least an hour and served on a toasted bun.

Texas stuff

this is a quick and easy tex-mex recipe that you can use as a main dish. served with a salad, it makes a meal. you may also serve it as an appetizer by serving it in a chafing dish with a basket of tortilla...

Creamy chicken black bean enchiladas

great way to use the leftovers from a store bought rotisserie chicken. lessen the spice in the enchilada sauce if you don't like heat.

Crock pot refried beans

prep time includes over night soaking of beans

Citrus cole slaw

a delicious coleslaw with a little citrus twist! adapted from cooks recipes. if you like your slaw a little wetter, make another 1/2 recipe of the dressing. enjoy! this is southwestern also made in spain,...

Easy tacos

can it be this easy? yes it can. try this and you'll ask yourself why you ever bought any of that stuff in an envelope. and make seasoning ahead? why bother, when it is just this simple?

Beef enchiladas

the sauce on these is very rich and full of flavor. everyone's favorite!

Crock pot chicken bean burritos

my kids loved tacos and chili, so i thought, "why not burritos?" i started dumping things in the crock pot and my "famous" recipe was born.

Mexican ground beef stew

i made this recipe out of things in my pantry. i like this recipe because it has very little prep time and is delicious.

Crock pot southwestern chicken

this recipe came from the dallas morning news paper. you can serve it in tortillas with spanish rice on the side or serve it over rice. either way, it's super easy and very yummy!

Southwestern baked chicken and zucchini

this is a very good texmex entree i got from an online magazine. just add a side dish and you've got a meal.


recipe by the honorable jane dee hull - governor of arizona

Crock pot coca cola pulled pork

this is a modified version of a friend's recipe for pulled pork. hers is always a hit at potlucks. the only revisions i made to her original recipe were to suit my family's taste. this is the easiest,...

Confetti salsa

this salsa is sooo colorful...and uses a wide variety of peppers. it is a bit sweeter than most. enjoy!

Lasagna cupcakes carnita style

move over tacos, tamales, tortes, and burritos carmita's found a new home in lasagna cupcakes! carnita can be found in trader joes already made for hours of no cooking. carnitas "little meats",

Cilantro rice

this yummy rice is a great way to sneak some veggies into your loved ones who would otherwise pass on them. wonderful change from the usual red spanish rice usually served with tex mex or mexican foods....

Cowboy casserole sp5

official contest entry: simply potatoes 5fix. perfect for kids and adults, nicely spiced with beans, hamburger and salsa makes this the best tex -mex potatoes out there. leftovers heat well for lunch...

Easy cheese and sour cream enchiladas

this is a good meatless dish, but if you prefer meat, you can add diced boiled chicken.. the amount of prep time it takes depends on how quickly you can roll tortillas.

Cowboy spaghetti with cheese sauce rachael ray

i saw rachael ray make this on her show and i thought it looked delicious. i made it tonight and it was outstanding. the jalapenos definitely add a lot of spice to the cheese sauce, so if you have little...

Dried cherry chili

this recipe, which i haven't made yet, comes from the cherry marketing institute and is loaded with antioxidants. they recommend that you garnish with corn strips, red onion and avocado. it could be made...

Creamy caramel flan

a very popular dish in the southwest. this is a quick to fix flan that can be prepared in the morning for a great treat after a hearty tex-mex dinner.

Roasted vegetable fajitas

recipe from the mayo clinic williams sonoma cookbook.

Delicious nachos

great quick snack and very delicious. my dh and i will often have these for lunches on weekends or when i just don't feel like cooking. i never measure what i'm putting on this; i just put what looks...

Chuckwagon stew

so good on a cold day! warms you up fast! update: due to a trusted review that the stew was too salty i have modified the recipe to 1/2 tsp salt. please do try this and taste before serving. adjust the...

Crock pot frijoles refritos refried beans

this simple recipe requires very little effort but results in perfect refried beans every time!

San fernando beans

i got this recipe from david wade's (a renowned chef) radio show last spring. he got the recipe from some place in san fernando. they are delicious and the flavor can be changed depending on the type...

Crock pot texas pozole mexican pork and hominy soup

easy & delicious, hearty soup. pozole is one of the best known dishes of mexico. the key to great pozole is slow simmering, which allows the flavor to develop.

Chili frito bake

this is a flavorful casserole that i concocted after experimenting with several recipes. it is very filling and makes a lot but is easily halved.

Jims big batch slow cooker chili

in researching many recipes to achieve the perfect, awesome chili that i could make in a large batch by using my 6 qt crock pot (slow cooker), i came across 3 different ones that i deconstructed and then...

Chunky chicken chili

found on the website - a great alternative to traditional chili

Easy chicken tortilla soup

this is a favorite in our house. it is so simple and yummy! i have served this many times for friends and family and it is always a hit. delicious too if you're vegan (omit chicken and use vegetable...

Steak fajitas on a stick

at the iowa state fair they serve everything and anything you can think of on a stick.

Creamy taco casserole

this will get rave reviews from the family. it's easy, novel and filling. serve with spanish rice and refried beans. que bueno!

Cilantro lime pesto

here's a refreshing change to basil based pesto!

New mexico marinade

beer keeps the flavour light in this marinade. ideal for chicken, beef or pork. feel free to use any hot sauce brand of course. i think i originally copied this out of the tabsco cook book.

Sombrero pasta salad

great for potlucks. my family loves this.

Creamy southwestern chicken dip

my girlfriend makes this for parties and cookouts, and it's always a hit. the recipe was passed to her by a coworker of hers, so i'm not sure where it originated. it can be served immediately, or you can...

Who by fire

these screaming hot chicken wings can be made hot, hotter and scorching hot by adding more hot pepper sauce and/or ground red pepper.

Chinese five spice chicken wings with cilantro sauce

chef dave lieberman of the food network says of this recipe: "as much as i love the classic, tangy wings, i have to say these are right up there with them. these couldn't get much easier either. all i...

Queso corn dip

the recipe is from the sweet potato queens big-ass's a great dip with pepperjack cheese, corn and olives. great with corn chips or tortilla chips!

One step chili

easy, microwaveable chili recipe.

King ranch casserole

from my roommate's mom - a household favorite!

Tilapia wraps

super easy and diet friendly, these saved me from food boredom on my low-carb, low-fat, low- calorie diet! they also happen to be fabulous.

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