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Top recipes for "Thai"

Classic thai peanut sauce

this came from my 101 deep fryer recipes cookbook, as a dipping sauce for some kind of thai meat fritter. the fritter didn't look too appetizing but this sauce is really good and quite simple to make....

Pistachio bubble tea

this is a delicious bubble tea flavor. it has more texture than the normal bubble teas. the excess pistachio pudding mix adds another creamy texture at the bottom of the glass. for my ocd purposes i have...

Chopped thai chicken salad

from pinch of yum.

Curry coconut chicken

i've had a similar dish in a korean restaurant, and have been trying to duplicate the recipe. the secret is the sugar! i bought some curry on ebay, so i don't know how good this would be with regular store...

Cilantro chicken and spicy thai noodles

a great lunch or dinner dish that uses simple; yet flavorful ingredients. cooking time does not include pasta.

Coconut basmati rice

this is from the

Coconut curry chicken

this recipe from food & drink magazine isn't an authentic thai dish but its delicious! you can add diced potato, diced tomato or sliced green beans instead of or in addition to the red peppers. my hubby...

Easy and quick jasmine jasmati rice with coconut milk

we enjoy this very much-i like the jasmati brand ( american jasmine) since you don't have to rinse the rice. you can also buy fresh ginger ( inexpensive) -peel it, cut it into small chunks then freeze....

Thai thighs

you can adjust the heat level of this recipe by altering the amount of salsa and/or the chili sauce/sambal to taste. prep time includes marinating time.

Thai tempeh

mildly spicy, you can use more heat in this if you prefer. makes a nice change from the usual thai dishes.

Dry curry paste panaeng

a recipe i learned from a thai cooking course in thailand

Coconut jasmine rice

this is a mixture of different things i have tried with jasmine rice. enjoy!

Curried beef and chicken satay

every country or region has at least one dish that becomes symbolic. for se asia, symbolic foods would have to include satay. popular in malaysia, singapore and indonesia, it's a great treat when served...

Crunchy thai salad

here's a healthy and tasty way to get your veggies. this makes an easy appetiser for four people or you can turn it into a main dish for two by serving a piece of cod or thinly sliced pork fillet over...

Thai pad pra ram

chicken (or tofu) with stir fry vegetables, jasmine rice and peanut sauce.

Mah haw

savory minced pork on pineapple from real thai:the best of thailand's regional cooking by nancie mcdermott copyright 1992. mah haw translates from vietnamese as "horses of the haw people", although it...

Thai tofu and squash curry

from canadian living magazine. recommended for tofu lovers and/or fans of thai-inspired dishes.

Creamy thai sweet potato soup

a quick and simple soup that is perfect topped with roasted cashews

Curried rice with shrimp

one-pot cooking helps heighten flavor. in this recipe, rice, carrots, and shrimp simmer in delicious curry seasoning.

Thai lemongrass and chile soup tom yum

a delicious spicy, vegetarian soup that will clear out even the most congested of sinuses.

Coriander cilantro and coconut soup

a extremely wonderful soup from simon hopkinson's

Tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce

the combination of ingredients in this recipe i have to say is perfect. really delicious and nutritious. this is a mollie katzen recipe.

Galloping horses

these bites are based on the thai recipe called mar hor (meaning galloping horses).

The towering inferno chilli coconut and coriander pork burger

this is one of my own burger recipes; i made this up one evening when we both fancied a burger, but we also wanted one with a bit of a kick, plus i needed to use up some pork sausage meat! it is such an...

Liquid thai

i am told that in thailand, this is sold in plastic bags roadside. sip it, close your eyes, and imagine you're there. the recipe calls for a handful of coriander. this is actually cilantro, called fresh...

Crock pot thai beef

spectacular thai curry beef for the crock pot! you must try this recipe! great served over rice. enjoy!

Thai fried bananas

thai fried bananas

Thai indonesian rendang curry

taken from and tweaked to make it perfect and healthier. this is a "dry" curry so the sauce will stick to your chicken and infuse it full of flavor. i use boneless and skinless chicken tenderloins...

Thai chicken and coconut soup tom kha kai

this makes a great first course for any thai curry or main course. the aroma is wonderful.

Pork tenderloin with low fat lime cream sauce

the original recipe uses 1 cup of whole cream instead of the non-fat sour cream. therefore it is alot more caloric but the flavor is fabulous. and you would have to cook the sauce a bit more after the...

Thai marinade

this is a great marinade that is full of thai flavours and works so well with all kind of meat.

Thai spicy basil fried rice

this is a great use of leftover rice. it's important to use thai sweet basil to get the authentic thai restaurant taste. and don't skip the fish sauce, it smells strong in the bottle, but it blends in...

Thai style prawns

this recipe is relatively low in fat, but high in taste. great summer dish, and could be done on the barbeque

Bangkok style chicken pad thai

old recipe from my grandmother's recipe box dated sometime in the '60's. recipe is from the thai room of the plaza hotel, bangkok, thailand.

Stir fried chicken with mango and peppers

this is from heartsmart chinese cooking, by steven wong. every single recipe in this book is delicious, and since i can't post them all, you should just buy it. the recipes are great because they taste...

Delightful coconut beef curry with chinese snow peas

you are going to love this dish. guaranteed winner! really simple to make using the slow cooker.

Pad see yew

from food & wine; author mai pham. this sounded good to me so i thought i'd post it.

Cucumber vinegar sauce

this is the classic sauce in which to dip many thai or vietnamese snacks, especially fried or roasted foods such as corn cakes, garden rolls, spring rolls, etc. one of my daughters makes this all the time...

Cold thai pasta salad

pasta salads can have a variety of textures and tastes. the flavours of thailand are showcased in this tangy dressing. crisp vegetables and tender linguine pasta fill the pasta bowl to enhance any potluck...

Easy coconut curry tofu

this is adapted from yahoo food. the original was sweet, but my version is spicy.

Chicken panang

the owners of our favorite thai restaurant decided to return to bangkok, before she left she very kindly shared her recipes with me.

Thai coleslaw

this has a spicy kick from the thai peanut sauce. it goes really well with grilled meats.

Duck with ginger and lime

this is one of my all-time favorites! the sauce can be used for just about anything -- salad dressings, other meats, etc. i found this in a dictionary-sized book of recipes from around the world.

Spicy coconut shrimp stew with tomatoes and cilantro

this thai-inspired dish packs it all - a little heat, a little sweet, a zesty zing and amazing aroma!

Cheesecake factory bang bang chicken and shrimp by todd wilbur

this is a replica of the bang bang chicken and shrimp i found online. i enjoyed the meal at cheesecake, and i think this is very close to it. update: this recipe was created by todd wilbur for his cookbook...

Thai shrimp and vegetable curry

i put this together a couple of years ago when i was heavy into low carb. i love curries and this one suits for either low carb or diabetic. use brown sugar instead of splenda if you are not watching your...

Duck spring rolls with dipping sauces

a take off of vietnamese fresh spring rolls that are little self-contained salads-to-go -- crisp raw veggies and lots of minced fresh herbs, along with cooked shrimp, pork, fried tofu but in this recipei...

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