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Top recipes for "Thanksgiving"

Hershey's chocolate cherry fudge

source: hershey's website

Cranberry bake

great addition to thanksgiving dinner! we love this as leftovers for breakfast with cream on top. really different and not too sweet.

Cranberry sticky toffee pudding

this is from our local foodie magazine, city palate... made it for xmas and it was amazing. any recipes i've ever tried out of this magazine have been incredible (the contributors are mostly big chefs...

To die for nutless carrot cake

carrot cakes don't need nuts in them to be good! try this version of a recipe i originally found in chatelaine mag. don't be put off by the length; it's no harder than any other carrot cake!

Applesauce sour cream pound cake

this makes a great cake to serve at a dinner party, dust with confectioners sugar or glaze. you can use 1 cup mini chocolate chips in place of the nuts and raisins if desired.

Double layer pumpkin pie

this recipe comes from the kraft people. it sounded so good i just had to share.

Thanksgiving on a bun

this is something i created as a teenager and i always do the day after thanksgiving, when all the leftovers are twice as good because they've sat all night and really got the chance to soak up all the...

Cranberry marble mold

we usually have this just at thanksgiving, but if you like cranberry sauce. is great for picnics & social gathering !

Cranberry pear crisp

this yummy fall recipe comes from the food section of the oregonian newspaper. it is written for fresh or frozen cranberries, not dried. i have increased the amount of orange juice to 1/2 cup based on...

Diabetic low fat pumpkin pie

great for the holdays!

Mushroom bourguignonne in a whole pumpkin

a lovely dish to serve on a cool fall evening! adapted from vegetarian times cookbook, you're in for a treat! french, new england, mid atlantic

Creamy turkey vegetable soup

in response to request. this turkey soup is a work in progress. i try to perfect whenever a turkey is cooked. there is usually a bit of meat left over on the carcus, which we debone and cut up the meat...then...

Spirited eggnog pie

holidays and eggnog, prefect in every way. this is rich and smooth and of so pleasing. i prefer pecans to walnuts, i have also sprinkled a band of crushed hazelnuts around the rim of the pie.

Cottage cheese jello

as our family expands each year with marriages, etc...we try to incorporate favorite dishes of the new in-laws to our holiday celebrations, so that they feel a part of our event and not an outsider. this...

Cranberry punch

great for the autumn and holiday gatherings.

Cranberry crunch

something different to do with cranberries.

Applesauce jello

posted in response to a request on the boards.

Citrus and herb roast turkey breast

a little different from most roast turkey recipes -- a great recipe for any special occasion. if you don't have reisling wine, any good white wine can be used.

Crock pot cola ham

a popular, easy, and flavorful way to cook a small ham for the holidays, a dinner party or to have ham for sandwiches, soups or casseroles.

Cornbread stuffing w shrimp andouille cajun creole zwt 9

(from a food & wine magazine article) -- star chef susan spicer comes from a strong european christmas tradition. but in new orleans, her holiday means a magnificent cajun/southern feast. she runs bayona...

Stuffed cornish game hens with cranberry glaze

this recipe was e-mailed to me by a friend. i made it this year for christmas eve dinner with great raves and success so i wanted to share it with you.

Cranberry turkey spinach salad

use hors d'oeuvre cutters to cut the cranberry sauce into tiny stars or other shapes to give this salad even more pizzazz. as lovely in the summer as it is for thethanksgiving/christmas seasons.

Done in a snap oatmeal cookies

delicious oatmeal cookies. done in the sanap of a finger with the most minimal of ingredients, and only one bowl to wash up!

Chocolate babka

this yeast bread tastes heavenly and looks fantastic. everyone will wonder how you got the chocolate filling into such an elaborate pattern. but the best part is how great a slice tastes when warmed in...

Creamy leek and gouda soup

this is a creamy delectable soup worthy of home and company!

Frosted cranberry squares

a lovely cranberry salad for the thanksgiving table. the combination of cream cheese, toasted pecans and cranberry is delicious.

Pumpkin pecan cheesecake

a delicious alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie at thanksgiving or christmas.

Pumpkin chiffon pie with gingersnap crust

this is an adaptation of a recipe in woman's day that used and oreo cookie crust. i like this dessert because you make it the night before serving. my dad said this was better than regular pumpkin pie,...

Cranberry apple relish

this recipe is from christmas with southern living 2004. it was suggested to serve with grilled pork tenderloin. i thought this was make a deliciously different thanksgiving of christmas meal. the cook...

Praline pumpkin pie

a great choice when you can't decide whether to make pumpkin or pecan pie! i adore this pie. i think the praline layer adds a lovely new dimension to the traditional pumpkin pie. the pumpkin layer is the...

Creamy dill sauce

yummy on fish or veggies! found on what's cooking america and adapted to fit my family's tastes. very indicative of scandinavian and some europian food as well as the areas that have been influenced by...

Moms fruit cream salad

my mother always made this for thanksgiving. cook time is chilling time.

Sour cream cookies w burnt butter icing

this is a cookie recipe that has been in the reese family for generations. i guarantee that you can't eat only one. very addictive!

Pumpkin cake bars

from southern living magazine.

Rolly pollies

since i was little we've made these in my family. my mom tells me she used to do this with her mother. traditionally it is a christmas treat but more and more we have them at any family function where...

Holiday punch crock pot cider

this is a comfort drink that gives your home a beautiful aroma. full of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger & cardamom. like fruity chai. i favor the apple schnapp or buttershots if you opt for...

Cranberry stuffed acorn squash

from a cranberry cookbook put out by the westport-grayland washington chamber of commerce. (the cranberry coast) note: everyone said this made too much filling for 1 squash, so i changed the recipe...

Apple praline bread

another great fall bread recipe.

Corn casserole pudding

they served this at the country club i used to work at. it was delicious.

Potatoes elizabeth

potato lovers unite! this deliciously different recipe uses rutabaga to jazz up the spuds. hearty but healthy and low-fat. try this for thanksgiving or a potluck! tested at high altitude.

Crumb top apple pie

old fashioned apple pie that tastes like grandma made it. no fail recipe!

Classic cranberry salad

my husband's family has been using this traditional and delicious salad for holiday dinners for five generations. the women used to grind the cranberries and the orange in a food grinder, which was a messy...

Cream of pumpkin soup

this is just unbelievable it is so different,simple and delicious! a very easy starter for a fall or thanksgiving dinner. perfect for company and will surely impress!

Crock pot hot apple cider

i got this recipe from the sandlake country inn on the oregon coast. they always have a hot pot of it on a table in the entrance hall for their guests. we love it!

Peaches cream pie

this pie is delicious! this is a great dessert to serve at a bbq cookout! i get compliments on it all the time!

Arkansas green beans

this is a great twist on traditional green bean casserole! if you prefer you could substitute a similar amount of frozen green beans, about 4 (12-ounce) bags, thawed, or you can use fresh green beans,...

Coconut ice old fashioned sweet shop coconut candy

a trip down memory lane! this is my mum's recipe for coconut ice, little coconut squares which are coloured pink and white, and used to be popular in old-fashioned british sweet (candy) shops. my mum used...

Kahlua eggnog

this is a great recipe from a 1986 kahlua recipe book.

Chocolate pumpkin chiffon pie

if you like pumpkin pie, you will love this light and fluffy pie. this pie combines two favorites - pumpkin and chocolate. how can you go wrong! to save a little time, you can use a ready made chocolate...

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