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Top recipes for "Veal"

Creamy veal marsala

taken from love italian v 2. made it and it was amazing.

Cube steaks with fresh tomato sauce

prep time is estimated. i never time myself. the cook time depends on where you live and how long things take to boil or thicken.

The nightgown

recipe courtesy nicola paone restaurant, nyc does this look good or what?

Fancy sos

a fancy version of the good old s.o.s. the sausage adds a nice touch, but you do what you like. i really hope you enjoy it--we do!!

Veal medallions with french morels

morels add an intense and smoky flavor to the veal sauce. if you never had them they are very meaty tasting and worth the time to make sure you clean them well of all the grit.

Costolette di vitello al cartoccio

we don't splurge often with veal chops, but when we do this is what we make. a great combination of the chops with prosciutto, tomatoes and mushrooms. this makes a nice presentation served in the parchment...

Veal piccata with crisp fried garlic

garlicky, lemony, delish tender veal. serve over angel hair, polenta or mashed garlic potatoes.

Veal amaretto

this dish is so simple, and has such an amazing flavor to it that permeates the nostrils and the taste buds. the sauce works well with chicken too, though i advise against using it with pork or other red...

Dutch bitterballen bite size veal croquettes

bitterballen, bite-size veal croquettes. these are usually eaten when dutch people go to a bar and served with a drink. i quess you could call it dutch 'tapas' !

Veal with mushroom sauce

from julie goodwin's (australia's first masterchef winner) cookbook our family table.

Lemon herb veal stew crock pot

from slow cookery. use boneless veal shoulder or leg. serve with pasta and nutmeg dusted baby carrots. if you have a newer model slow cooker, then the cooking time will be shorter (5-6 hours).

Veal scaloppine alla marsala

simple, quick, and delicious. although this calls for a cube of butter, i reduce it considerably.

Greek ground beef roll

great dinner or brunch dish. make tomato gravy to serve alongside.

Crock pot veal stew with vodka

this veal stew is easy to make, and absolutely delicious. substitute regular onion for green onions, if you wish.

Veal scallops with lemon and capers

a sensational dish for an easy dinner. this comes together in 5 minutes if you have all the ingredients at hand.

Grilled peppery herb veal chops

if you like veal chops that will wake up your taste buds with the great flavors of a lot of your favorite herbs, then you will love this recipe! i cook the veal chops on my charcoal grill over indirect...

Meat pies with spicy portuguese sauce

this traditional portuguese recipe is courtesy of emeril lagasse. the sauce complements the meat pies very well, but could also be used on pasta or even as a pizza topping. it's a long recipe but really...

Swiss veal supreme escalope de veau cordon bleu

went through some of my mom's cookbook collection. this was adapted from bh&g meal with a foreign flair published in 1963!

Sparga leves z galuska hungarian asparagus soup w dumplings

pronounced shpahr-ga le-vesh. this is delicious.

Veal meatballs

a local italian restaurant makes an awesome veal meatball dinner served with a pesto sauce to allow the delicate flavors of the veal to shine through. this is my version.

Authentic italian american meatballs

this recipe is the only one my family has ever used, and it will soon be the only one your family uses. it is not ready in a short period of time, so it takes patience. the wait is worth it.

Veal with cream sauce

this recipe came from "classic international recipes". it states that it derives from switzerland, although it is enjoyed throughout western europe. typically this is served with fried potato cake or...

Ragout of veal with mushrooms marsala

this flavorful recipe for veal was given to me by a friend years ago. i serve it on rice or egg noodles, good with either one.

Bronzed veal chops

fast, simple and delicious.

Meatballs in caper sauce konigsberger klopse

from: the eastern european cookbook" by kay shaw nelson. -east germany. russians call it 'kaliningrad'. this is an easy version...all the other versions i've seen posted make a mess of your kitchen.

Zurcher geschnetzeltes zurich style veal strips in cream sauce

this is a mouthwatering swiss specialty dish originating in the town of zurich, switzerland. typically served with rosti (swiss hashbrowns), but equally good with mashed potatoes, spaetzle, or dumplings....

Mini meatloaves with baked sweet potato chips

from super food ideas - i love meat loaf, especially mini loaves and sweet potato looking forward to trying this one.

Veal parmesan

a classic

Sweet and spicy meatloaf

its a juicy meatloaf with spanish seasoning and bbq sauce and a whole lot of flavor

Copycat air force one veal or chicken piccata

this recipe had been sitting in my recipe box for several years waiting for me to give it a try and i am so glad i finally got around to tasting it. the magazine clipping claims that this is a recipe used...

Veal pie

this recipe is from food tv and makes a nice appetizer for 6 or a main course for 2 or 3

Sweety and sour meatballs

michelle this is for you. this recipe is in request of you and reminds me of your mom.the great times we had when she was with us.i love you michelle. never give up!!!! make smaller meat balls for a great...

Veal florentine

i have been making this recipe for my husband's birthday dinner for the last 15 years. this recipe truly stands on it's own merit and i don't recommend any changes. i originally got this recipe from...

Veal chops with rosemary cream sauce

this is a recipe that i developed after my husband visited prague and had this dish in a pub... 3 nights in a row. if you are looking for easy, but fancy this dish is the ticket. serve with roasted garlic...

Jgerschnitzel pork or veal cutlets in mushroom gravy

posted for world tour 2006, this was always one of my favorites when i lived in germany. don't let the long ingredient list throw you; this is fairly easily put together and not difficult to make.

Veal oscar with hollandaise sauce

i love this and it's pretty easy to prepare, but makes a great impression on guests. cook time does not include asparagus and crab legs. i buy my crab legs already cooked. prep time is approximate.

Garlic pepper encrusted buffalo steaks with wild mushroom sauce

bison cooks faster and is healthier than regular beef because of it's lower fat content. it also has higher levels of minerals and vitamins, especially iron. it's best served rare to medium rare (as bison...

Kidneys in sherry sauce

a savory spanish dish found on another site that looked so intriguing.

Lite cretons

as a native nyer relocated to french quebec, the discovery of this morning morsel was very appealing though daunting because of the calories slathered on by the pork. this recipe is a lighter version of...

Meat balls and gravy

growing up in my sicilian family, we would never had spaghetti and meatballs, we called it. "macaroni and gravy." this is an adaption of what i grew up eating. i usually make this measuring with my eyes...

Kalbs geschnitzeltes

veal [or pork] in a mushroom wine cream sauce note that the time is confusing because you are going to be active most of the time. original from

Cooking class meatloaf

this is the very first meatloaf i ever tasted. the recipe is from the new school of cooking in culver city, ca. it has a very nice balance of flavors & is fantastic leftover!

Veal roast with fava beans

so tasty. the best part is that it was made at home and yet it tasted like it belonged in a fancy restaurant.

Veal cutlets

veal, a different way. posted per request.sounds very good and easy to adapt. found on recipesource. hope this helps.

Spiedini stuffed veal rolls

from the sopranos family cookbook.

Veal and sage meatballs and pasta with gorgonzola walnut sauce

recipe courtesy of rachel ray. 30 minute meals.

Baked meatball lasagna

this one is all arlines, my wifey. tried and true, this one always satisfies. she's been making this long before i came around (mccalls 1973) and we been around the block a few times. hope you enjoy this...

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