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Top recipes for "White-rice"

Cream cheese and crab sushi rolls

delicious, healthy and surprisingly simple to make. sushi is expensive to buy at the supermarket, so making your own will save you tons of money. my husband is a sushi freak! i make this for him all the...

Stuffed grape leaves persian

serves six as a meal or 12 as an appetizer.

Creamy beef rice casserole

this is an easy, quick and inexpensive one-skillet meal that you can easily change up to suit your family's taste, or to use up items in your freezer/pantry.

Stuffed vine leaves with cheese dressing rsc

ready, set, cook! reynolds wrap contest entry. my slightly dressed up take on an old mediterranean classic. great as an appetizer or a side, but my wife and i eat these as a main course as well. the timing...

Coconut basmati rice

this is from the

Cranberry roasted garlic risotto

found this on and placed here for safekeeping. thanks to redsie for the cooking time and temperature.

Cilantro jasmine rice

i wanted to add a little flavor to my jasmine rice and decided to try this and it worked out great. my husband and my son loved it and almost finished the whole pan of it.

Dressed up rice

this is an attractive and delicious dessert. it is good for company, potlucks, or just a good dessert for your supper meal at home.

Crunchy rice salad

from the junior league of north harris county tx - i usually leave out the green onions and it's still great!

Rice pudding

my mom makes this old style rice pudding and its my favorite! it takes some time but its well worth it.

Rice atole mexican rice pudding arroz con leche

my mom adapted this from several recipes she found, in an attempt to copy the arroz con leche that we had while i was studying in merida, in mexico's yucatan peninsula. the bakery sold it in little plastic...

D i y rice milk

make yer own rice milk! this is a homemade solution to rice dream and similar products. easy, nutritious and absolutely no preservatives or other "unknowns".

French rice

this recipe is from "green hills garden club cooks...favorite recipes from vicksburg, ms" (june hebler). excellent side dish!

Sweet pineapple yellow rice

this recipe is sweet and tangy. you just can't get enough off it, both kids and adults go wild. it was given to me by a south african friend. add enough turmeric to give a soft yellow colour.

Crock pot pork chops on rice

tender and very flavorful chops. all you need is a veggie and you have a satisfying dinner.

Cubano chicken rice bowls with bananas

simple, tasty, and off the beaten track from regular rice bowls. assembly takes moments and everything can be prepared in advance and frozen. easily prepped, frozen, and microwaveable with the exception...

Egyptian rice for fish

this is a must have dish cooked in egypt with any kind of fish very easy and tasty and you have a choice of adding tiny pieces of shrimp to it or cumin or even raisins

Greek style lamb with rice

this simple recipe, made with ground lamb, borrows some of the flavors from greek specialties, but takes only a few minutes to put together and serve for a speedy supper. serve with a greek style salad...

Chicken and vegetables congee chok

this is totally and utterly comfort food for asians. posted this recipe for skipper/sy. it is a total self-creation that has become a staple in my family. we actually have craving for this. a total balanced...

Cuban spicy yellow rice

authentic yellow rice, cuban style, with a little bit of dh's spicy flair, without worrying about the cost of saffron. this is a must in our house. its fast, simple, so yummy, even the kids love it....

Sweet rice pudding

this is a traditional recipe from india and it has to be one of the best things ever. in india this dish is known as kheer.

Bubba rice

simple rice side-dish that has a wonderful onion flavor. this recipe produces a creamy rice that goes well with chicken or pork. my grandmother (my bubba) used to make this all the time when i was a kid,...

Rice regal and asparagus

good comfort food and one of mom's best party dishes. everyone raves about it!

Spicy passion fruit glazed shrimp

passion fruit gives the glaze a sweet-and-sour taste. serve these kebabs over a bed of basmati or jasmine rice. when straining the glaze, press with the back of a spoon to extract as much passion fruit...

French onion jambalaya

sometimes i want the taste, but don't want to take the time. this version is rich and spicy both, and doesn't take long to make.

Arroz con pollo a la tica

one of the most typical dishes in costa rica is arroz con (fill in the blank). it can be chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp. but most commonly it is made with chicken, because its affordable and many folks...

Pressure cooker homemade chicken and rice soup

very nice home made chicken soup. very fast to make and easy too. i added parsley with chicken at the end of cooking. i took this recipe from

Easy and tasty hamburger gravy

this is similar to hamburger stroganoff. i was at the grocery store yesterday and was going through their 3 marked down items carts. i found some cans of "campbell's beefy mushroom soup" in one of them....

Sunshine curry chicken

my mom came across this delicious recipe years ago and was a family favorite. it can be doubled or tripled for extra servings to freeze. you may use any type of rice. brown rice may need more liquid.

Benihana fried rice


Broccoli and rice casserole

i found this recipe in a church cookbook years ago. it is always requested for family dinners. i like to use fresh broccoli but cooked frozen broccoli works fine. i sometimes add sliced water chestnuts....

Easy thick rice pudding

this is a stovetop rice pudding recipe that i have concocted after two years of trying different recipes and playing with ratios. it is my personal favorite rice pudding--thick, creamy, and simple to make....

Velveeta broccoli rice casserole

a good dish to serve as a side on a holiday or everyday occasion.

Down home beef skillet

found this on the back of a diced tomatoes can.

Lemon curry rice

you can make this recipe as a subtle side dish or add some cooked broccoli, chicken, and red bell pepper for a main course meal. i actually make this curry a little hotter by adding more curry powder.

Spiced sirloin rice teta rice

my grandmother (teta) made this dish as an accompaniment to chicken, pork, or lamb dishes. my son will make a meal out of it on its own. the yogurt and pine nuts really enhance the flavour, but are optional....

Quorn chili

after my inital surprise that there were either very few or no recipes with the versatile vegetarian ingredient quorn. i thought i should introduce you americans to this great product. i believe it can...

Simple microwave golden rice

a quick and simple method to add extra flavor to leftover rice for use in other meals...

Tex mex fiesta casserole

so far this is my favorite recipe that i use. it is from joanna lund. i make this at least once a month. it has a great taste and the portion size is plentiful. per serving is 260 calories. the diabetic...

Pineapple shrimp with scallion rice

this is a quick, simple dinner. i found this in the very first issue of real simple magazine. cook time is only 10 minutes if you don't make the rice.

Amaretto cream baked rice pudding

can't say much but yum! i always mess up rice pudding when i do it on the stove. not only is this baked, but the amaretto is such a great flavor twist!

Easy chahan japanese fried rice

this is an easier version of making chahan

Perfect japanese rice

basic onigiri (riceball) recipe. add any filling you want i particularly like egg scrambled with some soy sauce (dark) and toasted (brush with a little miso mixed with sake and grill) onigiri can be very...

Quick and easy gumbo

if you're looking for quick, inexpensive way to feed a hungry bunch, this tasty dish may be the answer. basically, have doctored some directions on back of frozen food package. this could easily be revved...

Easy and quick hamburger and rice dinner

this is a fast dinner. i usually have all of the ingredients on hand for a last minute supper. you can get creative and doctor this up a bit by adding green pepper or other vegetables.

Spanish garden rice

thanks to tammy & annie's recipes #9417 & #12893 for inspiring me to invent this one :) great way to use up the not fully grown peppers from your garden at the end of the season.

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