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Top recipes for "Wild-game"

Deer mash

quick pressure cooker meal.

Chunked venison

the deer hunters in my family think this is the greatest venison recipe. this recipe was adapted from a recipe for beef birds, and the seasonings have been adjusted.

Easiest venison

my fil made this for us when we went to his house. i had a dislike for venison, but this changed my mind! try this, you won't be disapointed.

Crisp fried wild turkey breast

an easy way to cook that wild turkey your mighty hunter brings home. from texas highways magazine posted in response to a recipe request. cooking time is approximate.

Deer venison jerky

i am a hunter and i love jerky. i came up with this recipe from about 3 others that i like.

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Creole cornish game hens creole chicken

i found this recipe in a church cookbook from louisianna (the submitter learned to make it in a cooking class called creole delicacies). the recipe didn't have any amounts listed for the ingredients so...

Deer steaks and gravy venison

this is my family's favorite way to eat venison.

Easy cornish game hens

so easy, but so delicious!

Crockpot venison roast

a ridiculously simple recipe. the whole family hunts, so we typically cook it with a venison roast. a boneless beef roast works just as well. serve with a cold iceberg salad and soft bread for sopping...

Country fried elk deer wild game steak

a delicious way to prepare your wild game even if guests are coming over! they will love it! you will need an apron (a messy recipe to make) 3 medium bowls, a large skillet, a set of cooking tongs...

Country fried quail

the recipe states that it serves 6, but not in my house...six quail would just be an appetizer. of course, the recipe can be doubled easily to feed hungrier appetites.

Coon hash

this is a southern dish loved by many. it is usually made in the fall and winter. it goes great with dry white rice and collard greens.

Potted elk roast

decent grazin'.

Spicy honey and garlic quail

spicy quail marinated in an indonesian marinade with a hint of sweetness from the honey.

Scots pheasant

adapted from a feast of scotland. posted for zwt6. cox's orange pippin apples are crisp and sweet, with a complex flavor. if you can't find them, any crisp, sweet apple will do.

Venison soup

healthy, hearty soup. you would think it's full of butter and oil as rich as it tastes, but it's very low in fat and high in protein.

Quail stroganoff

from southern living.

Cream soda wild boar ham

simple way to sweeten up a salty ham.

Bar b qued moose

yup. i went ahuntin' and got me a moose. then this fellar down at the fillin' station gives me this recipe. hoppin' yea like it!

Crusted venison

probably the most unusual and flavorful steak you've had.

Sweet bacon wrapped venison tenderloin

the #1 rated deer recipe on recipezaar since 2005! it's deer season again, and you know what that means - a lot of 'zaar chefs trying out the venison recipe again or for the first time. thanks for all...

Dad's venison chili

this is my dad's awesome chili recipe. he got a deer this year so i actually got to make it tonight with some ground venison he had given us. this one puts together quick, with just an onion and a pepper...

Pheasant in orange sauce

i was at a loss when my hunter dh came home with lots of pheasant for me to cook. a family friend gave me this recipe and it is delicious!

Grilled wild boar chops

lemon and rosemary play with the rich leaness of wild boar. serve with farmgirl's mushroom ragout and roasted veggie-fruit medley.

Game sauerbraten

a gem of a recipe! the first time that i made this, i used venison roast. my sweetie and i were astounded by the flavor, tenderness. if you don't care for venison, this is a recipe to try. yes, i know...

Moose stew

great stew, at least 15 min. to cooking time. you'll see why in recipe.

100 year old new zealand lamb dish i have used deer w this

a unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. it has a kick...

Hamburger stroganoff turkey venison or beef

this is the lancaster county version of stroganoff! mmm--a great comfort food. enjoy!

Venison jerky

i got the recipe from my dad. we have been making jerky for several years now. it is a spicy but great recipe. very inexpensive compared to the store bought stuff.

Elk meatloaf

this recipe was created by executive chef michael callahan for the yukon-kuskokwim delta regional hospital for our alaska native (yupic eskimo) patients. we substitute wild caribou whenever available....

Crock pot bbq beef moose venison

this is great shredded with chopped greens and served in tortillas or served as the main course with rice.

Stuffed heart

i use this for venison, it is really good if you arent fussy about innards. almost just like a roast. please make sure you dont use baler twine treated with linseed oil in error of cooking twine. i did...

Rabbit with rosemary and olives

i got this off the net but altered it to suit us. prep time doesn't allow for marinating time.

Crock pot roast beef or venison

oh-so-tender roast with a delicious broth mixture that can be served "au jus" or thickened for a luscious, hearty gravy. add carrots and potatoes (optional), and you have a one-dish meal that cooks unattended....

Deer hunting gourmet sandwich

my brother don submitted this for our family reunion cookbook; he's quite the hunting food aficionado--as you can see!

Easy smothered beef moose venison

this is an easy way to cook a less tender or wild cut of meat... and makes its own gravy. great for a family dinner or may be easily increased if putting on a meal for large groups of 50-100.

Venison stew

this is a winter-time favorite. nothing warms your chilled bones better than a hot bowl of thick, meaty stew. this recipe can also be used with beef.

Venison rugu ragu ragout

i like this recipe because its quick, easy and good!

Creamed pheasant

cook time depends on the size of the bird.

Venison kabobs

this is a great way to use up venison roasts or chops. it is also great if you use beef instead of the venison.

Devilish dove

these little appetizers are an all time favorite of texas hunters. just know that they are very hot with the rub and the jalapenos, so eat with caution. prep time includes marinating 24 hours.


posted in response to a request. this was my grandmother's recipe for pheasant. we had/have a lot of hunters in the family and this was the best recipe for pheasant. i'm guessing on the serving size for...

Corned venison

this is a corned brisket recipe that my family enjoys. i use either venison roast or goose breast, or sometimes both! i make this every st. patrick's day to use in a boiled dinner served with green beer!...

Roast leg of venison

based off a french recipe for roast venison leg (gigot de chevreuil roti). easy to make and fairly quick (other than the marinating time) depending on the size of your venison loin. also works for elk...

Venison steak marinade

this is the only steak my family will eat. they do not even like ny strip any more. we have our meat processor cut our venison steaks to about 1 inch thick, then i marinate and grill to medium rare....

Pigeon casserole in red wine sauce

this comes from the sauce is absolutely gorgeous! i added a dash of lemon juice before cooking this in a tagine, in the oven (2+ hours @ 325f) - perfect! the recipe says to cook it in...

Crock pot venison stew with bacon and mushrooms

i read some of the recipes off of the recipe forum about unusual meats. now i have a cookbook from alaska that will tell you how to cook just about anything but this is a recipe that someone might actually...

Venison pot roast

dh taught me how to make venison roasts when we met. tastes just like any pot roast to me.

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