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Top recipes for "Yeast"

Cuban bread

published in the miami herald prep time icludes rising times. "this recipe is from the father of schools superintendent roger cuevas, retired baker roberto cuevas it was reduced and modified for home...


a staple in every respectable english household at tea time. although they are in the pancake and crepe family, they are very distant cousins and have a unique but distinctive taste.

Cinnamon swirled apple bread

yummy for the tummy! i love cinnamon breads and this one takes it to the extreme of yummy! makes two loaves. i'm not sure how it will freeze but makes a nice gift.

Dill and onion bread

a russian recipe from the frugal gourmet on our immigrant ancestors. this is a hearty bread which goes well with stew. this recipe is so easy if you have a kitchenaid mixer. and it's delicious! cook time...

Christmas bubble bread

if your looking for a easy tasty holiday bread then look no further. this bread recipe is very simple and packed with flavor. i love the combination of the dried cranberries and the golden raisins with...

Easy bagels

this recipe for bagels is soo easy to make and impressive:)

Ciabatta bread

found in response to a request for a bread machine recipe for ciabatta bread. i love this stuff. it is one of the best breads i make!

Coarse black pepper cheese bread

my family loves this bread! i like to serve it especially with soups and sometimes along with dinner. this is the bread i make when i don't use my bread machine. this recipe came from a good cook in our...

Cinnamon rolls paula deen

i watched paula make these numerous times on her show and i just now got around to making them myself. i have to say these are by far the best cinnamon rolls i have ever made. the dough is so soft and...


from posted for zwt 6. preparation time doesn't include the proving time.

Doggy treats

i don't have a dog, but both my girls do,. the grandkids get a kick out of helping me make these at christmas for us to give their dogs. we make the stockings and stuff them with doggy treats and they...

Delicious yeast rolls

these yeast rolls are delicious!!


it is good bread. this is for one loaf. total time: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Easter babka

a cake-like fruit and nut bread that is a tradition of a polish easter. the rest of the year, my grandmother would make a similar bread with just raisins and no frosting. note the the prep time includes...

Dinner rolls

these seem long, but it is very precise and easy to follow.

Country bread

this bread gets its flavor and character from a yeasted sponge, made from white, rye and whole wheat flours. the working time is short and the waiting time is long - but worth it!

Artisan sourdough garlic bread

i love to buy the garlic bread with the whole cloves of garlic from costco, however i can't always get there when i want. i fiddled around a little and this one is pretty close, you do have to plan ahead...

Easter bread

we enjoy this very rich bread for easter breakfast which i make in 1-pound coffee cans, but it can also be made in loaf pans. prep time includes 3 rises. recipe adapted from the finnish cookbook

Easy brioche

a quick and easy brioche recipe for those who want the luxury without the wait!!

Cinnamon twist

great for snack time or with a cup of tea. clipped this out of a newspaper it was submitted by a carolyn wilson.

Creole bread

posted for zwt5. feel free to sub the oil with what you prefer and make your own coconut milk using the kitchen references at rz. guessing at slices. this recipe seems to have a lot of oil in it and...


this recipe is posted by request. it is from the cookbook

Easter bunnies

tasty little easter treats made with yeast. they look great on any easter buffet and are especially kids pleasing. though a little more effort than other baked goods, very easy nonetheless. prep time...


these make great dinner rolls. cooking time does not include bread machine cycle and rising time.

Cocoa babka

easy cocoa filling and a homemade dough -- the stuff of babka dreams! ghirardelli or other fine cocoas make the best filling. next time i'll use fast-rising yeast and will report.

Corn rye bread

this classic jewish delicatessen rye bread doesn't actually have any corn in the dough, though plenty should be used on the baking sheet. it should be dense, but not dry, and the crust should be crisp...

Country rolls

these rolls have a wonderful crisp crust. serve them warm from the oven with sweet butter or fresh cottage cheese.

Cumin nan

this is a delicious, grilled bread!

Cardamom sweet rolls

i'm always on the lookout for recipes using cardamom, my favorite spice after cinnamon. the best cardamom for this recipe would be the green pods - each pod contains about 15-20 seeds. it's best to grind...

Columbian gone in a flash potato and cheese bread for abm

entered for safe-keeping, from "the best bread machine cookbook ever: ethnic breads" by madge rosenberg. better get a taste first, or this bread will disappear in a flash. no filling or spread is needed...

Dawson city sourdough starter and sourdough bread

straight out of the klondike, this recipe has been around for a long time. this process takes all day, but the smells that will fill your house while the bread is rising and baking will make it all worthwhile....

Cottage cheese caraway rolls

i wanted a tender roll that was solid enough to hold up as a sandwich roll. this seemed to fit the bill for me. the cottage cheese makes them nice and moist. they were perfect for cold roast pork sandwiches!...

Rum buns

from southern living 1981 comes this recipe for sweet rum-flavored buns laced with raisins and cinnamon and topped with a sugary glaze. this yields 2 dozen buns and they freeze beautifully, but the recipe...

Cinnamon and cranberry challah

recipe is from ocean spray -- a festive bread using craisins. makes 2 braided loaves. prep time includes rising time for dough.

Crock pot herb bread

i found this recipe in after hearing about the problems the first reviewer had i decided to prepare and remake the recipe based on my findings. this is what i've come up with....


this is a lovely and tasty bread. you can make the sponge the day before you make the bread. for the crunchiest crust, spritz the inside of your oven several times before baking (don't spray the light)....

Sourdough ciabatta

as you'll note, there is a wide range in the amount of flour needed. the essence of ciabatta is it's coarse texture with large interior holes; this is possible with the right proportion of flour and...

Dark and soft restaurant dinner rolls

this recipe is based on the small, dark bread loaves served in restaurants in the 70s and 80s. recipe is from better homes and gardens holiday baking.

Cinnamon buns

this recipe was a campus "secret" at my old university - thankfully one of the food service employees gave it up and i have been using it ever since. these are the big, soft kind (where the centre is so...

Cock a leekie herb bread a b m dough cycle

looking for a different herb bread? you found it! this is a whole wheat-rye-instant potato flakes bread, flavored with chicken bouillon granules, carrots, dried leeks and herbs, with a little sweetness...


i adopted this recipe from the recipezaar account. these are the original chef's notes: "this recipe is much lighter in butter and very flavourful due to the preferment process."

Cranberry walnut bread recipe no knead cast iron cooked

lots of hands-off time involved. from

Cornmeal rolls

these rolls pair nicely with a hearty soup or stew. great for oam baking, as these rolls freeze beautifully.

Cinnamon swirl egg bread

a tasty sweet bread. good served for a special breakfast or brunch, like christmas morning.

Club med white chocolate bread

this is a recipe i've adapted from the club med version, after trial and error. my family and friends love this bread! this makes 2 loaves of bread, which i put in a french bread pan.

Colonial oat bread

delicious, delicious, delicious!! this is basically a light, but not white, bread with quick oats, small amount of whole wheat flour, brown sugar and honey. rises beautifully and makes 4 full loaves. great...

Country white bread or dinner rolls bread machine

we think this is the best white bread recipe ever! it is a tender bread with a slightly sweet taste. my dinner rolls using this dough are so good, everyone always loves them. it doesn't take to long to...

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