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Vegetable Bowls With Yogurt Lime Dressing

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savoy lettuce forms the bowl. vegetables include sweet potates, tomatoes, avocado and black beans are in this too! if unable to find savoy cabbage, bibb lettuce makes a good substitute. serve with toasted baguette slices.

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Time: 30 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 14

Ingredients: plain yogurt,fresh lime juice,soy sauce,chili powder,garlic clove,olive oil,fresh oregano,sweet potato,black beans,cherry tomatoes,avocado,cabbage leaves,green onion,lime wedge


  1. combine first 5 ingredients
  2. whisk in oil and set aside
  3. in a small bowl , combine soy sauce , lime juice , chili powder , oregano , and olive oil
  4. set aside
  5. place sweet potatoes in a microwave safe bowl and toss with half the soy sauce mixture
  6. cover loosely and microwave for 9 minutes
  7. place beans in another bowl and toss with other half of soy sauce mixture
  8. cover loosely and microwave 1 or 2 minutes
  9. form four bowls with the 8 cabbage leaves
  10. divide potatoes , beans , tomatoes , and avocado among leaves
  11. sprinkle with green onions
  12. serve with yogurt lime dressing , lime wedges and toasted baguette slices
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