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7 Up® Cake

This is my favorite recipe. My grandmother and mother used to make this when I was a child. It is absolutely wonderful! You can substitute 7Up® for milk in the glaze.

Author: JSWERVE0712

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving, this is an excellent cake to keep in mind when you have a houseful of guests. The ganache glaze makes it dressy enough for dessert after a special dinner.

Author: Martha Stewart

Prune Cake

This was the cake I asked my mother to bake me for my birthday each year. Most people would turn up their noses at any food with prunes in it, but oh are they wrong! This cake is wonderful. When my mother...

Author: GA Hole In 1 GAL

Applesauce Cake

Applesauce makes this cake exceptionally moist. It's delicious on its own or served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you decide to use store-bought applesauce, choose one with a chunky texture.

Author: Martha Stewart

Upside Down Apricot Cake

A change on the classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. So moist and creamy, you'll be eating way more then you expected!

Author: Amber Marie

Best Ever Cinnamon Bundt® Cake

This Bundt® cake is all you need to start off your morning right with your favorite cup of fresh-brewed coffee or tea. If you are a cinnamon fanatic, you have to give this recipe a try. This cake has...

Author: Hania's Kitchen

Old Fashioned Brown Sugar Cake

Not sure where this cake recipe came from, my mom passed it to me many years ago. We use it as a great holiday favorite but I usually sneak it in a couple times a year. It's a great treat to bring to a...

Author: kinapela

Honey Bun Cake from Scratch

I combined two recipes to get a homemade cake. Always get rave reviews when I make it. Drizzle vanilla glaze over the cake while warm.

Author: MULL1017

Butterscotch Pound Cake

Very rich buttery cake that is perfect for any occasion. This cake will melt in your mouth! Great with coffee.

Author: terilk1

Whipped Cream Cake

This old-fashioned dessert from master baker Rose Levy Beranbaum's cookbook, "Rose's Heavenly Cakes," contains no butter or oil; instead, whipped cream gives the cake its melt-in-your-mouth texture and...

Author: Martha Stewart

Lemon Bundt Cake

This lemon bundt cake is the perfect addition to any springtime dinner party.

Author: Martha Stewart

Apple Cider Doughnut Cake

If you love the apple-cider doughnuts often sold at farmers' markets, you'll love this cake! Baked in a Bundt pan, it's essentially a giant cakey doughnut, made a little more wholesome with whole-wheat...

Author: Martha Stewart

German Chocolate Bundt Cake

German chocolate cake is defined by its iconic coconut-pecan frosting; for this recipe, we've bucked tradition and tucked it inside of this Bundt cake instead. Here's the trick: Transfer the batter to...

Author: Greg Lofts

Zucchini Bundt Cake with Orange Glaze

Just as it does in muffins and breads, shredded zucchini lends moistness to this cake.

Author: Martha Stewart

Vanilla Wafer Cake II

This cake uses crushed cookies instead of flour. It is a great cake for kids: they will love crushing all those cookies.

Author: Barbara

Tunnel of Fudge Cake I

Frosting mix and walnuts are used in this version of the classic cake with the melted chocolate center.

Author: UP38

Cinnamon Apricot Cake

A tangy summertime cake for those fresh apricots.

Author: Brittany N Eicher

Chocolate Chip Bundt® Cake

Delicious chocolate chip Bundt® cake using dark and white chocolate chips! Definitely a keeper.

Author: dessertlover

Glazed Pecan Raisin Cake


Author: Martha Stewart

Sour Cream Bundt Coffee Cake

My aunt Enid passed down this recipe to me. It's an incredible sour cream coffee cake with a twist; cinnamon and chocolate chips make a wonderful combination. It will be a big hit when you serve it! I...

Author: Anonymous

George Washington's Birthday Cherry Cake

My mother started making this recipe for George Washington's birthday when I was little. Chock full of cherries, chocolate chips and nuts, this moist cake is a winner any time of the year!

Author: Laurie Johnson Gonzalez

Applesauce Spice Cake

Martha adapted this applesauce spice cake recipe from one in her first book, Entertaining.

Author: Martha Stewart

Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This recipe for our spicy pumpkin bundt cake is a delicious and seasonal treat sure to please the whole family.

Author: Martha Stewart

Apricot Jam Cake

Apricot jam is a key ingredient in this recipe for people who like apricots and cake.

Author: Irina

Chocolate Spice Cake

We like a glass of ice-cold milk to accompany this cake recipe. Baked with dried cranberries, golden raisins, and ginger, the cake gets a gentle tang from sour cream.

Author: Martha Stewart

Marmorkuchen (German Marble Cake)

Marble cake has withstood the test of time--is it still one of the most popular birthday cakes in Germany both for children and adults. The combination of vanilla and chocolate is hard to resist. It is...

Author: vewohl

Coconut Rum Raisin Bundt Cake with Rum Caramel Glaze

Dark rum is lavishly used in a coconut Bundt cake; raisins, plump from soaking in the liquor, are mixed into the batter, and a sweet sticky glaze is drizzled on top.

Author: Martha Stewart

Poppy Seed Buttermilk Bundt® Cake

This "from-scratch" recipe is consistently the best I have ever seen and used. My grandmothers, mother, myself, and now my daughter used and use this fail-safe recipe. Husband waits around to "clean" the...

Author: canner

Tangerine Cake with Citrus Glaze

Tangerine juice adds zest to the batter and glaze of this festive Bundt cake. Thin skins make tangerines a breeze to squeeze by hand. For smooth, pulp-free juice (great in this glaze), strain juice through...

Author: Martha Stewart

Vanilla Wafer Cake IV

This fantastic tube cake uses a box of vanilla wafers instead of flour. The coconut and pecans make it especially toothsome!


Chocolate Date Pudding Cake

Inspired by the cardamom-date cakes found in the Arabian Gulf, this dessert derives its intoxicating flavor from Medjool dates, Arabic coffee, and semisweet chocolate.

Author: Martha Stewart

Triple Citrus Bundt Cake

The "triple" in this recipe comes from citrus in the batter, citrus syrup brushed over the warm cake, and a finishing touch of citrus glaze just for fun!

Author: Martha Stewart

German Advocaat Cake

This classic German cake takes a mere 10 minutes to mix up and features a generous amount of advocaat, a brandy-based liqueur. It's an Easter classic in Germany but it tastes great all year long.

Author: Anonymous

Peaches and Cream Bundt Cake

This crowd-pleasing cake features the classic peaches-and-cream flavor pair. Instead of icing, the warm cake gets a liberal dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Author: Martha Stewart

Idaho Potato Cake

Potato in a cake that isn't a latke? You bet! Mashed potato gives this dessert body and a super moist texture. Martha made this on episode 704 of Martha Bakes.

Author: Martha Stewart

Sour Cream Mocha Bundt Cake

This rich and delicious cake not only holds up for days--it gets even better. Baked with both instant powdered and brewed espresso, it boasts subtle coffee flavor. Sour cream in the batter ensures a moist...

Author: Martha Stewart

Grandmother's Buttermilk Poppy Seed Coffee Cake

This is my grandmother's recipe. My dad remembers she made it for him growing up, he loves it. It's absolutely wonderful!

Author: Daughter Of The King

Orange Cardamom Bundt Cake

This cardamom-scented sunburst of a Bundt cake gets a double dose of orange-liqueur-spiked syrup: It's soaked into the bottom via skewer-poked holes, and brushed on top to harden into a fine, crackly glaze...

Author: Greg Lofts

Whipped Cream Cakes

Martha's recipe is inspired by a cake that master baker Rose Levy Beranbaum made on the Martha Stewart Show.

Author: Martha Stewart

Strawberry Swirl Bundt Cake

This rosy riff on a strawberry shortcake is sure to become a new Bundt cake classic. Egg whites and cake flour create a stark white batter (and super tender crumb) that is a perfect canvas for tinting....

Author: Martha Stewart

Key Lime Bundt Cake

This Bundt cake takes its flavor cues from Key lime pie and fuses it with the best part of a coffee cake: the streusel, of course! The cinnamon-scented nubbins get scattered in the pan, layered in the...

Author: Martha Stewart

Caramel Nougat Cake

Very rich, moist cake. Eat sparingly. This recipe came from my cousin Marty.

Author: J. Griffith

Vanilla Wafer Cake III

The coconut and nuts make this cake dense and flavorful. It is unbelievably easy to make, using crushed cookies instead of flour.

Author: Jan H.

Porter Cake

This cake is made with porter beer. This is a family recipe from county Galway. Both Guinness® and Murphy's Dark Ale work well in this.

Author: SharonB

Mini Pistachio Bundts

Mini but mighty, these rich, Middle Eastern-inspired rings are made with half flour, half ground pistachios (for a vivid-green color, seek out the blanched Sicilian variety), and flavored with pistachio...

Author: Martha Stewart

Chocolate Ginger Cake with Bourbon Sauce

This may look like a classic chocolate Bundt cake, but one bite tells you it's something more. Generous amounts of ground and freshly grated ginger give it a spice that's just right for the season. A bourbon-spiked...

Author: Martha Stewart

Air Fried Butter Cake


Author: Launa

Vanilla Bundt Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling

A true showstopper, this vanilla-bean Bundt cake gets the chocolate treatment inside and out. Cutting into the cake reveals its rich cheesecake-like chocolate filling, and the whole thing is glazed with...

Author: Martha Stewart

Babka (Polish Marble Cake)

A very light marble cake with a slight sweetness. Perfect for breakfast or served with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Author: foolwithflour

Mini Almond Bundt Cakes

To make one large Bundt cake instead of six small ones, double this recipe and bake in a 10-inch Bundt pan for 45 to 50 minutes.

Author: Martha Stewart