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Lemon Pineapple Jello Dessert

Make and share this Lemon Pineapple Jello Dessert recipe from Food.com.

Author: Haileys mom 1

Creamsicle Jello

Make and share this Creamsicle Jello recipe from Food.com.

Author: Sherri35

Simple Jello Salad

I like Jell-O only served two ways, this is my favorite of the two. I usually see this at family reunions or sunday dinner. I could eat this any time.

Author: Narshmellow

Strawberry Jell O Poke Cake

Make and share this Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake recipe from Food.com.

Author: KelBel

Amish Dry Lime Gelatin Salad / Dessert (Jello)

Found on www.AmishDining.com. A recipe seldom gets any easier than this one. Kids could make this with just a bit of supervision. My mother used to make something like this that had these same ingredients....

Author: Kats Mom

Strawberry Squares

Make and share this Strawberry Squares recipe from Food.com.

Author: andypandy

Banana Split Dessert (4 Points * Low Fat & Low Sugar)

Here's a lower-fat and sugar version of the popular Banana Split Dessert. One serving has approx 194 calories and 6 grams of fat. That's about 4 weight watcher's points.

Author: Pam-I-Am

Agar Agar Jelly

Make and share this Agar Agar Jelly recipe from Food.com.

Author: BirdyBaker

Yogurt Jello

Just what the name says, but the name still doesn't do it justice! It is one of my family's favorites! This is one of those desserts that is so simple and delicious at the same time!

Author: Entropy

Apricot Jello Salad

Make and share this Apricot Jello Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Shari Jones

Pretzel Jello Dessert

Make and share this Pretzel Jello Dessert recipe from Food.com.

Author: la petite chef

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

My daughter gave me this strawberry pretzel salad recipe. It is a favorite of her in-laws. I tried it and it is delicious!

Author: gmaterry

Cinnamon Jello (Red Hots Salad)

An old unique recipe that just has to make an appearance every year at the Christmas Eve table. It is a great sweet side dish that has such a wonderful flavor.

Author: livie

Best Ever Cranberry Salad

This recipes was orginally my DH's Grandmothers and has been tweaked by my MIL. I didn't care for cranberry salad ever till I tried this. I have been making this for years now. Its more of a Jello than...

Author: barefootmommawv

Grammy's Cranberry Jello Salad

This is a holiday staple for my family. My Grammy got this recipe from her mother. Grammy passed it down to my aunt who has now passed the torch to me. :)

Author: justajerseygirl

Ribbon Jello Salad

A colorful Jello salad. Please feel free to use the flavor of your choice. Makes a nice potluck or picnic dish! Prep time it for setting the Jello.

Author: Theresa P

Ice Cream Jello

I had this recipe at a shower over 20 years ago and since then has been a must have at holiday's, graduation parties and get-togethers. I use a glass 9x13-inch dish and after it's done it's really pretty...

Author: faith58

Lemon Drop Jello Shots

Make and share this Lemon Drop Jello Shots recipe from Food.com.

Author: Miss Annie

Cottage Cheese Jello Fruit Salad

TIP: If you like it more fruity, use less cool whip. If you like it more creamy, use more cool whip. Also, you can "holiday" it up or customize it just by changing flavors. For Christmas, use green jello...

Author: looneytunesfan

Box Mix Lemon Jello Cake

If you love lemon, this is the cake for you! It has a lovely lemon flavor and is cool and refreshing...also very easy to make, starts with a mix :)

Author: Karen..

Orange Jello Dessert

The recipe is posted for someone who requested an orange jello dessert :-) the 1hr is the amount of time it takes to chill!

Author: love4culinary

Perfect Pink Salad

Make and share this Perfect Pink Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: TwinMommy03

Cranberry Marble Mold

We usually have this just at Thanksgiving, but if you like cranberry sauce. Is great for Picnics & social gathering !

Author: Poker

Cranberry Sauce Mold

My family doesn't care for plain cranberry sauce but they love this gelatin salad. I try to make it every Thanksgiving. I found the recipe many years ago in the "Sunday Dinner Cook Book" by Phyllis S....

Author: Haileysgrndma

Three Layer Orange Jello Salad

Make and share this Three Layer Orange Jello Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Virginia

Fruity Spritz Cookies made with Jell O

This recipe came from a magazine page in Good Housekeeping, and I remember making them in the early '80's with my mom, so this recipe is at least that old. I've made this with several different Jell-o...

Author: bballtrish

The Best Jell O Salad Ever! Strawberry Jello Salad With Banana

This really is one of the BEST Jell-o Salad Recipes. This recipe came from my mother's cousin Antoinette. This recipe has been popular in her family for over 40 years. It is a delicious treat during the...

Author: BlondieItaliana

Pomegranate (or Cranberry) Gelatin

A new flavor of gelatin :) Prep time is for using prebottled pomegranate juice, and does not include chilling time.

Author: Dee514

Tropical Fruity Jello

To make jello a little more interesting, I added my favourite tropical fruits and it worked beautifully! This is so refreshing on a hot day and the low sugar version is great for waistline-watchers. I...

Author: Shuzbud

Cottage Cheese Jello

As our family expands each year with marriages, etc...we try to incorporate favorite dishes of the new in-laws to our holiday celebrations, so that they feel a part of our event and not an outsider. This...

Author: Sherri L.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

If you like "sweet" and "salty" all at one time, you will love this dessert! This dessert may be made 1 day ahead.

Author: Texas_Mom_of_5

Christmas Jello Salad

It just would not be any holiday in our house without this jello salad. My mother-in-law was the one who started this tradition many years ago, and now has passed her recipe on to me. This rich jello salad...

Author: CarolAT

Layered Holiday Jello Salad

This is a variation on the traditional cranberry/pineapple salad; red and green layers with a cream cheese layer in between. My mom makes this at Christmas and/or Thanksgiving and I can't stop eating it....

Author: Zewbiedoo

Lemon Bisque Sugar Free No Bake

Mama's recipe and my favorite dessert in childhood. A very light dessert to have after a large dinner. Oh, what memories!!!

Author: Seasoned Cook

Strawberry Jello Pretzel Dessert

Pretzel, brown sugar & butter crust, topped with a second layer of cream cheese & cool whip and a third layer of strawberry jello with fresh strawberries in it.

Author: tomnjessica

Creamy Cran Raspberry Jello Salad

This is Mom's recipe, made wtih sour cream. It is a delight for the holidays. It can be served as a side dish, fruit dish, or dessert. Cooking time includes an estimated refrigeration time to set.

Author: Recipe Reader

Christmas Cherry Cream Cheese Jello Mold

This makes a wonderful dessert for the holidays, and is very easy to prepare, just make sure that you chill it well before serving --- you might want to make two of these to serve if you have a larger...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Blueberry Jello Salad

This is a great side dish that everyone in my family really likes. It's great for holiday dinners since it can be made ahead of time. Even my mother who doesn't like jello likes this recipe. It's also...

Author: Wendy13

Strawberry Cream Squares

A cool simple jello dessert. My Aunt Barb passed this recipe on to me when I was little. It contains my favorite combination: strawberries and sour cream. Cooking time is chill time.

Author: MI Mitten

Cinnamon Apple Jello Salad

Make and share this Cinnamon Apple Jello Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Annacia

Ribbon Jello

This is a family favorite, I can remember loving it from my first bite when I was a tiny tot. It makes a beautiful presentation when put in a glass 11x13 baking dish. It takes a few minutes every hour...

Author: Donna Doo

Easy Strawberry Pudding

This recipe is a slightly re-worked version of a Jell-O recipe. It makes good use of produce from my local strawberry grower!

Author: D. Todd Miller

Cran/Raspberry Jello Salad


Author: Jo Ann L

Orange Gelatin Pretzel Salad

This is like the strawberry pretzel salad, but uses orange instead for a refreshing change. We really like it!!

Author: FloridaGrl

Low Fat Jell O Parfaits

I made this about like the recipe for parfaits. Again with the jars which I think is a great idea. Take them about anywhere and not worry about them. Course you can use parfait glasses too. These are good...

Author: KGCOOK

Pretzel Jello Salad

I got this recipe from a friend Lynn when we hosted a BBQ for our families (we shared an apartment a few years after college). My family loved this recipe. It's perfect for summer and eating outside, but...

Author: karen

Lemon Lime Jello Salad

This is a great jello salad that my grandmother made one year for Thanksgiving. We have made it many times since then and it is always enjoyed by everyone. The list of ingredients may sound strange, but...

Author: Theresa P

Jello Pudding Parfaits

This is unbelievably simple and just good. Pretty and easy. Mom Florence made them for us all the time when I was growing up. Kids love this.

Author: Dienia B.

Cranberry Raspberry Jello Salad

This is an especially sweet Jello salad. Kids love it! Festive for Christmas, but refreshing during the summer.

Author: Barb Witherspoon

Heavenly Hash

Make and share this Heavenly Hash recipe from Food.com.