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Easy Pecan Tassies

This recipe for pecan tassies was handed down to me by a great friend of mine.

Author: alma

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

These bars/bites are a modification of our family chocolate pecan pie recipe. The small bites can be used in Christmas cookie gift boxes and are typically the first item gone at Christmas parties.

Author: biologyprof

Pecan Pineapple Coffee Cake

Quick and easy; tastes like pineapple upside-down cake. Coconut may be added to batter to make it taste like a pina colada cake.

Author: alice

Pecan Cheesecake

A nice holiday cheesecake. Originally submitted to CakeRecipe.com.

Author: Eleanor Johnson

Pecan Shortbread Cookies

This is a great, lighter version of a pecan shortbread cookie.

Author: BernaC

No Cook, Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream

My favorite homemade ice cream recipe. An easy no-cook ice cream recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the hassle of an egg recipe.

Author: Jim79

Pecan Pie Brownies

Two favorite desserts in one! Gooey brownie with caramel pecan pie topping. Your guests will thank you! Serve with a big dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream. Can be made a day ahead and stored, in...

Author: Julie Hubert

Pecan Caramel Ice Cream

This recipe is one that my cousin made up using her mother's basic recipe when we were teenagers. It tastes like pecan pie with ice cream. It became one of the family's favorites. Nowadays we use our stand...

Author: rlt11_NMC

Cranberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Pecan Crumb Topping

Fresh cranberries and pecans are plentiful around the end of the year, and they make a great combination in this yummy coffee cake. Serve warm, if you like with coffee, or as a dessert.

Author: Bibi

Butter Pecan Fudge

A smooth and deliciously-flavored fudge. You could also use walnuts instead of pecans. A co-worker shared this wonderful recipe with me and the entire office loved it!

Author: Carla H

Butterscotch Apple Pecan Cobbler

A wonderful fall or winter dessert. Serve warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It's delicious!

Author: Snowbaby58

Pecan Lace Cookies II

These caramel beauties can be shaped while they are cooling, to become edible bowls for exotic desserts. If left on the parchment to cool, they will become a caramel-colored snowflake of flavor. Drizzle...

Author: Jim Jeremiah

Pecan Cajun Cake

Great for a Mardi Gras-themed dinner party! I was a member of the Barksdale AFB Officers' Wive's gourmet club. This cake was made for one of our luncheons. Guaranteed Cajun!

Author: Jan

Pineapple and Pecan Cake

This is a really good cake. Just made it today! Thanks for reading hope you in joy!

Author: Hellokitty_50512

Pecan Pie Cupcakes

If you like pecan pie, you'll love these cupcakes!

Author: FireStarter77

German Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting

I wanted to make a German chocolate sheet cake for a family reunion, but couldn't find a recipe I liked. So I created my own. It was a huge hit! This is now my go-to whenever I need to make a German chocolate...

Author: Dee

Raspberry Pecan Rugelach

Very easy, delicious recipe that the whole family loves!

Author: TiredMomtoSIX

Sheila's Peach Cobbler with Pecans

Homemade peach cobbler with fresh-picked peaches baked in a cast iron skillet. Serve with your favorite ice cream, (my husband loves pecan pralines and cream). I made this recipe up because I was ready...

Author: agadoelleon

Pecan Puffs II

These are similar to Russian Tea Cakes but use cake flour instead of regular. They literally melt in you mouth!!!

Author: Millie Kae

Nickie's Apple Pecan Cheesecake

Nickie, my boss, made this cheesecake and brought to work. Everyone raved about it, and it is to die for! I know of no one who does not like it, although it may not be so beautiful to look at.

Author: Lindy72

Pecan Pie Cake I

A very rich and moist cake. Can be made with any flavored cake mix, but we like the butter pecan.

Author: Cathy

Mother's Pecan Squares

Like a slice of pecan pie in bar form, delicious.

Author: Millin Moscoso

Butter Pecan Cheesecake

I have made this cheesecake for years and it is always a big hit. Note: you will need a springform pan. It freezes well; thaw in refrigerator before serving.

Author: PGS

Pecan Crackers

I got this recipe from a lady at church. It is a great finger food and is easy to prepare.

Author: ANGIE V.

Easy Pecan Pie Bar Cookies

These easy bar cookies have all the flavor of pecan pie. Everyone raves about these cookies -- as big as the batch is, they never seem to last long!

Author: Jennifer Boudreaux Pirot

Pecan Cardamom Bar Cookies

I have been making these delicious cookies for my family for 15 years, they love the pecan and cardamom flavor.

Author: Lea M.

Pecan Bars II

This recipe is a holiday favorite of mine but you can use it any time you have a craving for pecan pie. You can make it suit any number large or small, just keep multiplying the recipe!

Author: Joan

Pecan Pie Cookies

Wonderful mini pecan pies. Perfect for cookie parties where you want to make something slightly different. You can spice up the cookies by adding cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg to the cookie mix!

Author: eibbed0001

Pecan Filled Cookies

This wonderful, treasured family favorite is served at Christmas and other special occasions. Enjoy!

Author: Laural Takashima

Maple Pecan Brittle


Author: foolwithflour

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cherries and Pecans

Scrumptiously soft cookie made with dark chocolate, dried cherries, and pecans.

Author: Sarah Van Name

Easy Pecan Bars

This recipe comes from my sister-in-law. These taste like the best pecan pie you could ever eat, except you don't need a plate and fork.

Author: JonG

Caramel Pecan Cookies

These are very good, kids of all ages love them!

Author: DeeDee

Pecan Cups

Rich and crunchy, these little treats are perfect for parties.

Author: HAYCO

Grandma's Crispy Date and Pecan Cookies

Family Christmas tradition. Is it candy or a cookie? Grandma Ziegler says it's a cookie that tastes better than candy. Enjoy with a cup of coffee. They are yummy. Store in an airtight container; do not...

Author: Apryl

Mincemeat Cake with Pecans

This recipe came from my high school cooking class. Over the years I have tweaked it and retweaked it so many times that I have changed it to a mincemeat cake with either pecans or walnuts. It tastes similar...

Author: Kitten

Oatmeal Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel

Tender with good oat flavor, this is an old American coffee cake with streusel topping. Delicious for coffee time, a snack, or brunch.

Author: MooninAries Awakening

Pecan Pie Cake III

This is an exquisite 3-layer cake that is very rich. Pecans are baked into the layers and then the cake is assembled with a creamy filling that mimics pecan pie filling.

Author: Tanya

Carolina Butter Pecan Cake Bars

A delicious twist on a Southern favorite! Serve cold.

Author: Bethany

Nannie's Butter Pecan Cake

My grandmother use to make this for me all the time when I was little. Love it!

Author: Sherrie Durkee

Quick Pecan Pie Bars

Great for the children and adults in the family. Originally submitted to ThanksgivingRecipe.com.

Author: Marietta Strothmann

Spiced Pecan Shortbread

Melt-in-your-mouth shortbread made with brown sugar and pecans. An absolutely wonderful recipe, and EASY too!


Orange Pecan Pie

Pecan pie with a bright orange flavor!

Author: chebber

Salted Pecan Maple Ice Cream

This is an utterly delicious ice cream recipe. The sea salt adds a perfect touch.

Author: livduran

Easy Pecan Pie Cupcakes

No more messy, goopy pecan pie! These cupcakes have the flavor of pecan pie without the mess or silverware to clean up!

Author: racomom

Chocolate Pecan Biscotti

These are my current favorite biscotti!

Author: Kathy

Brown Sugar Pecan Refrigerator Cookies

These soft cookies were a favorite of my mom's when we were growing up. If she could keep everyone out of the dough the cookies disappeared quickly.

Author: donna

Shortbread Pecan Cookies

So easy to bake (no eggs involved) and delicious--I modified a basic shortbread recipe to jazz it up and it turned out a lot like a pecan sandie, but homemade.

Author: Christa Hardin

Microwave Pecan Brittle

The pecans give this brittle a whole new flavor. I am begged for this recipe all of the time. I hope all enjoy.

Author: Texaskari22

Easy Pecan Pie Bars

If you like pecan pie, you'll love these bars!