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Top recipes for "Duck-breasts"

Duck in red wine

from nigella, courtesy of the ny times.

Duck cacciatore

tim's favorite duck recipe

Duck breast with leek and cranberry

french inspired seared duck breast with leeks, cranberries and a wonderful red wine sauce. fabulous served with wasabi mashed potatoes for a warm aromatic contrast. my version of a recipe from a duck supplier....

Confit of duck breast and sausage cassoulet

this is a slow cooker recipe. the beans in it can cooked up to 2 days in advance. it may be cooked for 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours on low or 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 on high. it takes quite a bit of preparation, so it's...

Duck breasts with raspberry sauce

this is from a local cooking class that i took. the fruity, slightly tart sauce really complements the rich flavor of the duck breast. use the rendered duck fat to fry some tiny new potatoes for a decadent...

Divine boneless duck breast with port wine sauce

i first found and tried this recipe in 1999 on epicurious. it does take a lot of work but it is so worth it! the sauce can be made the day before and slowly reheated. this is divine duck! but(hiccup),...

Duck in honey and sage sauce with rhubarb relish

this dish is lovely with its subtle honey, lemon and sage flavours. the rhubarb relish is a wonderful accompaniment. minted new potatoes and green peas are a good addition. i hope you will like it.

Five cheese stuffed chicken breasts

wonderful cheesy stuffed chicken breasts topped with a cheese sauce when served. this recipe makes four chicken breasts, but can easily be doubled if desired.

Duck breast stuffed with ham and sun dried tomatoes

(supremes de canard au jambon de montagne) assemble breasts and stuffing a couple of hours ahead, so they hold their shape whilst cooking

Duck breast with passion fruit sauce and crushed new potatoes

a layer of passion fruit makes this vanilla cheesecake recipe look and taste exquisite. this simon hulstone recipe is easy and delicious

Cha siew duck

i found this recipe in an old copy of consuming passions i bought in a thrift shop. i don’t plan to keep the book, so am storing this recipe here so i can make it soon.

Duck breast scaloppine

this is a favorite of my families. i tweaked it a bit so it would conform to the contest regulations, but it is basically the same recipe. hope you enjoy it.

Dan's baja chicken

in my many years in the kitchen, i stumbled upon this recipe in my experimentations with cooking for clients who wanted something "different." the most important part of this recipe is the marinade. once...

Duck with ginger and lime

this is one of my all-time favorites! the sauce can be used for just about anything -- salad dressings, other meats, etc. i found this in a dictionary-sized book of recipes from around the world.

Duck breast with fried apples

this recipe is courtesy of dina nikolaou. found this recipe in the november 28, 2008 edition of athens plus magazine.

Duck breasts with balsamic vinegar

from weber’s big book of grilling

Duck with blackberry sauce

this is from the february 1996 issue of bon appetit magazine. the sauce is really delicious.

Five spiced duck breast with bok choy and gai larn

this is a very simple recipe that is quick and easy to do and tastes wonderful. i love duck and cook it all the time, whilst i have made duck with fruit sauces and asian sauces and they are wonderful....

Smokey duck and sweet potato soup

after my husband came home with some wild duck breasts i was left trying to figure out how on earth i was going to cook it. i was in the mood for soup and sweet potatoes so i rolled it all into one. my...

Warm oriental duck and mango salad

this recipe is one of ainsley harriott's and is great for the summer. the mixture of duck and mango is fabulous.

Duck l orange with braised red cabbage

this is not my original recipe, true! but from one of the contestants on the tv program my restaurant rules too! is an ingredient i wanted to try, honestly cannot tell you why! this came out fantastic...

Duck breasts with shallots and port

i first prepared this dish for my parents' anniversary one year; i had boneless duck breast, and, instead of the usual orange sauce, i tried this. it was a hit, and has appeared on several dinner party...

Lemon herb duck breasts

adapted from today's ny times

Susan's duck breast with fig and port sauce

this recipe is a creation of mine, that came together after combining 3 different recipes. i was looking to make a new and different recipe for duck breast to surprise my husband. i combined what i thought...

Duck filled beggar's purses

an elegantly different appetiser, adapted from "martha stewart's menus for entertaining"

Home cured duck prosciutto

an interesting spin on prosciutto that can be easily made at home, kept in fridge, and used in sandwiches, salads, pastas, etc. i'm interested to hear suggestions for recipes using it.

Seared duck breasts with cherry rhubarb chutney

for rsc 2004, this is a compilation of my usual chutney recipes, and my favorite poultry, duck. this is lovely served over polenta with asparagus or greens on the side.

Wild duck and andouille sauce piquant

this is one of the zaar recipes that i adopted. i hope to prepare this one soon and will post any modifications that i make to the recip

Spiced balsamic duck with plums and couscous

made for good things are cooking here!! (a non-cooking game) in the australian/new zealand cooking forum -

Sage duck breasts with balsamic honey

layers of wonderful flavors! prep time does not include marinating.

Honey spiced duck

we love duck as a treat when it's just the 2 of us and it goes really well with this chinese style marinade. prep time doesn't include marinading.

Grilled duck breasts with dried cherry zinfandel sauce

dh and i made this grilled duck breast recipe for dinner a few nights ago and enjoyed it very much. it is quite easy and since it is on the grill, it required less cleanup than usual. while we prefer...

Crispy balsamic duck breasts

this simple preparation enhances the duck without obliterating the natural flavor, and doesn't require a long marination. perfect for a special meal. preparation time does not include marinating time.

Seared duck breast halves with balsamic cherry reduction

the marinade becomes the sauce in this easy yet sophisticated recipe. (submitted for the ready set cook summer 2004 contest)

Chicken stew or chicken pot pie filling

this recipe was given to me by my friend. these instructions are exactly how she gave them to me. i hope it is not to confusing. this is a very good recipe for chicken stew or pot pie filling. it has become...

Duck breast with asian sauce

crispy skinned duck breast with asian sauce served with either rice timbales or vegetables with noodles.

Duck breast marinated in buttermilk sage on brown rice stu

this recipe is an entry for the rsc summer 2004 main course contest. it doesn't take as long as it looks and is delicious. (cook time does not include marinating time).

Five spice duck breasts with vegetable sticks

cook up a real dream of a dish with this sticky glazed duck and stir-fried vegetables.

Seared duck breast with cherry port sauce

so far, this is my favorite duck recipe to date. dh and i made this easy, flavorful dish a couple of nights ago and loved it. it is from williams-sonoma kitchen. i bought my demi-glace at the williams-sonoma...

Honey garlic duck fried rice

get more duck for your dollar by featuring it in this delicious fried rice also loaded with an abundance of yellow and green veggies - and plenty of garlic! prep time includes marinating duck breast; cook...

Spicy chicken tagine with apricots rosemary and ginger

from the book tagine: spicy stews from morocco. this tagine is both fruity and spicy, though not too hot. the ginger and rosemary give a wonderful aroma! it can be made with chicken pieces, (i use...

Grilled duck breast with chipotle ranch dressing

i found this on the chef to chef website. it sounds like a great salad.

Oak smoked breast of duck with port wine reduction

this is another wonderful recipe that was served to us at the indian pueblo cultural center in albuquerque. richard hetzler, who is the executive chef at the mitsitam cafe in the national museum of the...

Chinese apricot duck on the grill bbq

the apricots in this dish really cut through the richness of the duck. serve with prepared cous cous.

Grilled gressingham duck with cherry sauce

grilled gressingham duck with cherry sauce

Low gl peanut chicken soup

a creamy peanut chicken soup, this serves nice with a small crunchy side salad, and is low gl. 1 cup = 1 serving. this soup will also keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Cinnamon scented duck breast with a balsamic reduction

from chef caroline mccann-bizjak. allow time to marinate for at least 4 hours.

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