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Corn and Bean Fiesta Salad

Warning! This makes a TON of salad. Then again, it's addictive and easy to make so it's a great one for your Summer cookout repertoire! Feel free to substitute some of the beans for other types if you...

Author: Ma Field

Bing Cherry Gelatin (Jell O) Salad

Make and share this Bing Cherry Gelatin (Jell-O) Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: MarielC

No Bake Rum Balls

This is an adopted recipe I've not yet personally tried, but the below review vouches for this recipe's edibility. Still, any further comments or suggestions are appreciated by those who try the recipe...

Author: spatchcock

Classic Smoked Salmon Appetizer

Make and share this Classic Smoked Salmon Appetizer recipe from Food.com.

Author: Donna Matthews

Herbed Yogurt Dip

Yogurt thickened by draining overnight and then seasoned with fresh herbs. If you have an herb garden this is outstanding! (Still good if you pick your herbs from the produce section at the grocery store)...

Author: Ma Field

The "ultimate" Black Olive Dip in a Bread Bowl

Oh so good!!! For anyone who doesn't like black olives, like me, this dip may just change your opinion about that topic. I had one bite of this dip, then another and so on......my co-worker made this on...

Author: TheDancingCook

Citrus Fruit Candle Centerpiece

I make these candles for my Thanksgiving centerpiece every year, and I always get compliments on them. They also make great gifts! I use 5 candles in various sizes, but you can use as many as you'd like....

Author: Jolie at Food.com

Hot Chili Dip

This is an other recipe I adapted from one of my recipe books. This dip is great for a poker night, guys sports night or a BBQ event. To keep this dip cool, just place some ice in a bowl, then place your...

Author: daisygrl64

Exotic Sprouted Fermented Black Beluga Lentils

These lentils are fermented into a Spicy South Eastern Asian delite. Sprouting lentils are much easier to digest and you will also be able to assimilate more nutrients. "The process of germination not...

Author: Rita1652

Excellent, Easy Coleslaw

I usually fix this slaw when we have fresh fish. My mom always fixed this coleslaw for all the fish fries we went to. Mine is just sweeter, which is how my husband likes it! Prep time includes chilling...

Author: Miz Rose

Caribbean Shrimp Salad With Lime Vinaigrette

Make and share this Caribbean Shrimp Salad With Lime Vinaigrette recipe from Food.com.

Author: GreenEyesCO

Ralf's Pretty Good Olive Salad

This is another one I got from my good online friend and co-moderator, the man known as Ralf Kramden. I've adapted it just a little to suit our tastes, but the basic recipe is his. It's pretty easy, and...

Author: Felix4067

Homemade Hand Soap

It saves on money, and it is great for the hands. It is also really good for those with allergies to soap.

Author: SaphiraRose

Hubby Approved Tartar Sauce

I ran out of bottled tartar sauce one day and thought... hey why don't I just make some? So I searched and searched on Zaar but every recipe had some things I liked, and some I didn't so after some tweaking......

Author: Melandsid