Chocolate Orange Marmalade Brownies Recipe

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Time: 55 minutes



  1. pecans
  2. unsalted butter
  3. unsweetened chocolate
  4. orange marmalade
  5. vanilla extract
  6. orange extract
  7. bleached all purpose flour
  8. salt
  9. eggs
  10. granulated sugar


  1. preheat the oven to 375 degrees f
  2. spread the nuts in a large , shallow baking pan and toast in the oven about 8 minutes , or until lightly toasted
  3. remove and cool , then break them into pieces and reserve
  4. grease a 13x9 1 / 2-inch baking pan with 1 teaspoon of the butter
  5. in the top of a double boiler , over simmering water , place the remaining butter and the chocolate
  6. cover and heat until the chocolate is almost completely melted
  7. remove from the heat
  8. uncover and stir until smooth
  9. add the marmalade , stirring until it has melted and combined with the chocolate
  10. stir in the vanilla extract and orange extract and set aside until it is warm , but no longer hot
  11. sift the flour and salt and reserve
  12. in the bowl of a mixer or by hand , beat the eggs until frothy
  13. add the sugar and beat until light colored and thickened
  14. with the mixer on low , add the warm chocolate mixture , scraping the bowl and beating the mixture for a few seconds to combine
  15. add the flour and salt
  16. scrape the bowl and beat just until the flour has been combined
  17. do not overbeat
  18. by hand , stir in the nuts and pour the batter into the prepared pan , smoothing it out with a spatula
  19. bake about 25 minutes , or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean
  20. cool in the pan
  21. cut into 18 3x2 inch brownies and serve or wrap individually in plastic wrap
  22. full flavor develops after 24 hours
  23. serve alone or topped with ice cream

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