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Minecraft Cake

Learn how to make a real Minecraft cake with this easy - and delicious! - recipe. This two-layer chocolate cake is easy to decorate for your favorite Minecraft fan!

Author: Magda

Easy Six Layer Rainbow Cake

If you want to make a homemade rainbow cake from scratch, this is your recipe! Bake every color of the rainbow into this delightful cake, with one color for every cake layer. This cake recipe makes a six-layer,...

Author: Magda

Homemade Cookie Cake

Homemade cookie cake is so easy and so much tastier than the store-bought version! Perfect for special occasions and simple enough for an everyday treat! Food coloring can be added to the buttercream,...

Author: Nourish33

Rose Water Cake

Not your standard white cake. Chances are no one will have tried something quite like this before! It's fantastically moist, sweetly subtle, and altogether different. Perfect for a garden party, or spring...

Author: peropheus

Fudge Layer Cake

This decadent cake is creamy-smooth and buttery. It literally melts in your mouth and leaves you swooning for more! Sprinkle frosted cake with chocolate shavings.

Author: Lisa

Rainbow Pinata Cake

Watch guests' faces light up as you cut into this towering blue, pink, green, and purple layer cake filled with candies and sprinkles like a pinata.

Author: Sally's Baking Addiction

Coffee Cake. Literally.

This coffee-flavored cake has been a hit at BBQs, Easter brunch, and birthday parties. I've had coffee haters, and those who dislike cake, compliment me on this recipe and say they love it.

Author: ern

Mine Craft Creeper Cake

A must for any Minecraft-Fan! The notorious Minecraft Creeper might be the most dangerous enemy in the game, but it's more than welcome when it comes in the form of a chocolate cake! Prepare the chocolate...

Author: Magda

Buttermilk White Layer Cake

I would suggest to mix the butter with the dry ingredients and add the buttermilk to that without the sugar, then beat the egg whites with the sugar to create a meringue (until the mixture forms peaks)...

Author: Jenykell

Chocolate Unicorn Cake

Because sometimes you want your unicorns to taste a little bit less like rainbows, and little bit more like chocolate cake.

Author: Kim

Key Lime Cake with Blackberry Frosting

A Key lime cake with Key lime curd and blackberry frosting made with frozen berries in the center and whipped cream frosting on the exterior. I made this cake as my wedding cake based on cupcakes I made...

Author: Damek Rehl

Princess Cake

The ultimate princess doll cake is not as hard to make as it looks! Make it out of your favorite sponge cake and frosting recipes, or use store-bought cakes and icing and focus on the decorating! Your...

Author: Fioa

Champagne Funfetti® Ice Cream Cake

Layers of champagne Funfetti® cake sandwich your favorite ice cream and toppings in this 20-layer celebration cake. Serve with plenty of champagne.

Author: Ashley Baron Rodriguez

Angel Food Cake II

Some people like to make an angel food cake as a birthday cake. I have made this one before, and it was great. I made a butter icing, and just tinted the color I wanted. I put in those little dragees you...

Author: Carol

Rainbow Butterfly Cake

This is a show stopper! I haven't met anyone yet, who wasn't amazed at how gorgeous this cake is. It is a very simple white cake recipe, that works very well as a special occasion cake, or for something...

Author: flowerthief

Cookies and Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

If you love mint, you'll love this dessert! The combination of cream-filled chocolate cookies, fudge, and peppermint ice cream is mouth-watering delicious!

Author: Jamie Nygaard

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

I first made this cake for my brother's birthday. He doesn't care for normal cake, and his favorite sweet is chocolate chip cookies, so he (and all the rest of the family) loved this. He has asked for...

Author: Karina

Rainbow Birthday Cake

This rainbow birthday cake is great for a kid's birthday party!

Author: Amanda

Perfect Birthday Cake

The trick to this vanilla birthday cake is making sure you use quality products, and follow the directions. If you don't, you'll have bad results.

Author: thedailygourmet

Mmm Mmm Ice Cream Cake

I have been making this for our daughters for their birthday cakes for a long time. It beats store-bought cake any day!

Author: Wool B

Cookies and Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

If you love mint, you'll love this dessert! The combination of cream-filled chocolate cookies, fudge, and peppermint ice cream is mouth-watering delicious!

Author: Jamie Nygaard