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German Spaetzle Dumplings

Traditional German dumplings. You can also mince a few pieces of bacon in a pan, and heat the cooked spaetzle in the bacon drippings-only omit the butter, if preparing recipe with bacon.


Haluski Cabbage and Noodles

Egg noodles with cooked chopped cabbage and onions - a great ethnic dish!

Author: PAgirlgoneSouth

Easy Chicken and Dumplings with Biscuits

Delicious and easy chicken and dumplings with biscuits recipe for chilly winter nights or when your whole house has a cold.

Author: Ed Herro

Wonton Wrappers

For those of us who like to make EVERYTHING ourselves -- an original wonton wrapper recipe. Use the wonton wrappers to form tasty little dumplings stuffed with your favorite fillings.


Traditional Slovak Haluski

This has been in my family for generations coming from Czechoslovakia. Traditionally, it is mixed with goat cheese from Czechoslovakia but since it's not available here in the States, we use brick cheese...

Author: WickedCreations

Pork Dumplings

These tasty treats make a perfect appetizer or you can serve them as a main dish. For a main dish count on about 15 dumplings per person. Serve with hoisin sauce, hot Chinese-style mustard and toasted...

Author: Lorna

Chinese Pork Dumplings

In Seattle's International District, Liana Cafe House sells traditional Chinese pork dumplings from a tiny takeout shop. See how to make them at home.

Author: Allrecipes

German Russian Dakota Knefla

This version of knefla is a tasty, easy German-Russian staple for dinner, comprised simply of dough and potatoes. Sometimes I add 2 teaspoons of chicken bouillon to the boiling water for extra flavor....

Author: Megan

Grandma's Polish Perogies

My grandfather is Polish, and his mother taught my grandmother how to make these delicious perogies. The recipe has been in the family for generations, with a few alterations of course! Serve plain, or...

Author: STEPH577

Chicken and Biscuit Casserole

A kind of marriage between the traditional chicken pot pie and chicken and dumplings. My family begs me to make this!


Pierogi Dough

Ukranian Pierogi ready to be stuffed with your favorite filling.


Slovak Haluski

Often used during Lent, this meatless recipe has been passed down generation to generation in my family. This recipe makes a generous amount, which is great because Haluski tastes even better the second...

Author: LilBunny

Banh Bao

I'm a Vietnamese living in Indiana who had to find a recipe for one of my favorite Vietnamese snacks, banh bao. They are a variation on the Chinese cha siu bao (Chinese pork buns). I would like to thank...

Author: capri3p

Homemade Dumplings

Dumplings for stew.

Author: katiewhite506

Potato and Cheese Pierogi

This recipe is an Ukrainian one of my Great-Grandmothers passed down from the years. They are great with melted butter and sauteed onions, or fry if desired. They can also be frozen between layers of plastic...

Author: BOB_E_72

Semmelknoedel (Bread Dumplings)

My Bavarian Oma made these large dumplings to accompany roast pork or game dishes, any meat with gravy, or with mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Serve one dumpling alongside your dish, and cover with a little...

Author: Peachy


I learned this recipe for pot stickers while living in Japan. They're great hot or cold, and may be eaten plain or with the dipping sauce. Any ground meat can be substituted for pork.

Author: Mersi


I grew up on these delicious perogies. I make 3 batches of dough for this recipe and freeze some. You can have perogies just boiled, or you can fry them in butter, which makes them tastier. Serve with...

Author: CATSY

Potato Dumplings

Good to use with stews or soups. When I was growing up we had these with sauerbraten. I don't know why there's always a crouton in the center, there just is.

Author: Helen

Kaese Spaetzle

A tasty homemade pasta tossed with onion and Emmentaler cheese. A German version of macaroni and cheese.

Author: NDBR

Lazy Pierogi

For this tasty pierogi casserole, sauerkraut, onion, mushrooms, and pasta are combined and baked in a rich, buttery sauce. If you are making this ahead and are going to reheat it in the oven you may have...

Author: Bea Gassman

Lazy Perogies

The deliciousness of perogies, all done up in a 9x11-inch pan...mmmmm!

Author: Tonja Popowski

Lazy Man's Pierogi

Every time we have a party I'm requested to make this dish. Wonderful mixture of pasta, bacon, mushrooms, and onions.

Author: JEDDY51

Pierogi (Polish Dumplings)

This recipe has been a family favorite passed on from generation to generation. We traditionally make these for Christmas, but they can be made for any special event. There's some work involved, but the...

Author: TAB

Pork, Sauerkraut and Dumplings

Pork roast and kraut slow-cooked and served with dumplings and sauerkraut 'gravy.' This recipe was from my mother's very German family. She always served it with mashed potatoes, creamed peas, and applesauce....

Author: Pam White

Potstickers (Chinese Dumplings)

An authentic potsticker recipe using ground beef and ground shrimp instead of the usual pork filling. You can fill the whole package of gyoza wrappers and have filling left over for next time around.

Author: Ayeen

Potato Klubb (Norwegian Potato Dumplings)

This is a traditional Norwegian main dish. My grandmother always served it with fresh peas. As good as the potato klubb are the first day, they're even better the second day sliced and fried in butter...

Author: Vickie Spencer

Spaetzle, Sauerkraut and Sausage Casserole

This wonderful dish combines all things Oktoberfest! It has spaetzle and sausage, and the sauerkraut is flavored with bacon, brown sugar, apples, and sauteed onions. Yum! This dish reheats well the next...

Author: Experimenter

Knedliky Czech Dumpling with Sauerkraut (Zeli)

This was my grandmothers recipe and it has remained a family favorite... It should be served with roast pork, sauerkraut and a nice glass of beer. A very traditional way to eat the leftover dumplings the...

Author: none

Jamaican Fried Dumplings

Flat fried buttery dough usually served with cod fish in Jamaica, as a big weekend breakfast, slightly different from the American dumplings.

Author: Stephanie

Russian Pelmeni

Pelmeni are traditional Russian meat-filled dumplings. Making pelmeni is favorite family pastime in the long winter months. These dumplings are a common convenience food - big batches can be frozen and...

Author: Volnushka

Cottage Cheese Perogies

Very easy recipe to make, and a wonderful twist to an ordinary perogy. These cheese filled perogies taste great just boiled or fried with a little butter. Eat them with sour cream and you will have a wonderful...

Author: BRIDY

Pierogies and Cabbage

A filling and delicious meal of tangy cabbage with potato and cheese filled pierogies. Serve with a tossed green salad, if desired.

Author: MOLSON7

Pierogi (Traditional Polish Dumplings)

This authentic Polish pierogi recipe is from my grandmother and has been handed down in our family for generations. The pierogi are filled with cheese, potatoes, and mushrooms but you can use the dough...

Author: Magda

Pioneer Cut Dumplings from the 1800's

Pioneers didn't have much, but what they did have they made the best of. This is a cross between dumplings and noodles, uses only 4 ingredients and is a great comfort food. We have never modified it from...



My great-grandmother's recipe. A little bit of work, but well worth it. We make about 200 every Christmas Eve, and everyone can't wait. The amounts for the ingredients is an estimate, because my great-grandmother...

Author: gclark

Vareniki (Russian Pierogi) with Potatoes and Mushrooms

This is one of the most favorite dishes of our family: vareniki (Russian pierogi or dumplings) filled with potatoes and fried mushrooms. Serve with sour cream mixed with fresh herbs.

Author: nt_bella

Siopao (Filipino Steamed Dumplings)

Warning - this recipe is not easy, but well worth the effort. This is a Filipino dish with Chinese roots. A steamed, almost sweet, yeasty bun filled with delicious chicken filling can also be made with...

Author: MCCACJ


This is an Austrian classic. 'Knodel' (you pronounce the "k") means 'dumpling' in German. My mother used to make this a lot when I was small because it's a good way to use up stale bread. It remains one...

Author: Margaret

Chinese Steamed Buns with Meat Filling

This Chinese Steamed Bun recipe has a meat and vegetable filling. The filling is best if allowed to rest in the refrigerator overnight. Use meat that is half fat and half flesh for the most tender filling....

Author: Carol chi-wa Chung

Dim Sum Asian Dumplings

This recipe is the Nepalese version of the Asian dumpling. It is filled with ground pork and Asian spices and steamed, but can be fried or dropped into a broth.

Author: relightfoot5483

Yaki Mandu

Yaki Mandu is a Korean dumpling that can be steamed or fried. They look a lot like Chinese pot-stickers. Yaki means fried in Japanese and Mandu means dumpling in Korean. They're great for parties or as...

Author: Ivy Yapelli

Sour Cream Dough for Pierogi

A sour cream-based dough for your pierogi. Fill with your favorite fillings, such as potatoes and cheese or sauerkraut.

Author: Courtney S.


Knoephla is one of those recipes that reminds me of family. It's a feel-good concoction, good as a main or a side dish and amazing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Serve with gravy and your favorite meatballs....

Author: joechip

Sauerkraut Filling for Pierogi

A not-so-typical filling for yummy pierogis!

Author: Jill

Gyoza (Japanese Potstickers)

Gyoza are the Japanese version of a jiaozi, or Chinese potstickers. This version is pan fried but they work well deep fried or steamed too.

Author: ehagood10

Firehouse Haluski

This is a quick easy lunch, and cheap too. I make this at the fire station and it is very filling. Serve sprinkled with Romano cheese with bread.

Author: FireChef

Liver Dumplings

This was my dad's way of making sure we got our weekly dose of liver. It's one of those 'by guess and by golly' recipes that he never wrote down. Most of the time he added it to soup, but once in a while...



Cheese-filled dumplings served with ham and cream gravy.

Author: Cindy Droke