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Kasha Varnishkes at Wolff's in New Jersey

Packaged bow-tie noodles,large and small, quickly replaced the flat homemade egg noodles in the American version of kasha varnishkes. The trick to a good kasha varnishke is to toast the whole-grain buckwheat...

Author: Joan Nathan

My Mother's Brisket

The only way this tender, oniony brisket could get any better? Pair it with ultra-oniony kugel and fresh spring vegetables.


Author: Sharon Lebewohl

Chicken Soup with Loads of Vegetables

Jewish chicken soup is usually served with thin egg noodles or with matzah balls. The zucchini is my, not MGM's addition.

Author: Joan Nathan

Ma'amoul (Nut filled Cookies)

Author: Joan Nathan

Sweet Honey and Saffron Challah

Author: Paula Shoyer


Author: Noah Bernamoff

White Bean Salad with Lemon and Cumin

The beans for this light and lemony first course will need to soak overnight.

Beef Brisket with Merlot and Prunes

Author: Diane Rossen Worthington

Almost Grandmother's Challah

Author: Arthur Wenner

All The Seeds Hamantaschen

These hamantaschen are filled with a celebration of seeds set in chewy-soft caramelized honey. While poppy is traditional, we threw in sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin as well for variety and crunch. Be...

Author: Kendra Vaculin

Sablé Galette Cookies

Author: Paula Shoyer

Apricot Hamantaschen

Author: Todd Gray

Poppy Seed Squares

Author: Tony Litwinko

Mocha Matzoh Napoleon

Author: Paula Shoyer

Spinach Jewish Style

Author: Edda Servi Machlin