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Perfect Rump Roast

For as long as I can remember, my mother has been fixing the perfect rump roast. It is by far my favorite meal. Served with rice and gravy, I am one happy camper. I love mine rare. Lately I have been fixing...

Author: Gone Fishin

Easy Roast Beef

This is a pretty fool proof way to make a roast beef. You can add or subtract any seasoning you want. * I don't add salt before cooking as it will draw out the juices. *Always check your roast with a meat...

Author: ItalianMomof2

Marie's Tender Sirloin Tip Roast

This is a detailed recipe on how to cook a sirloin tip roast. The most important thing to remember is to not overcook it or it will be tough. Very tasty served with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy.

Author: Marie

Tender, Juicy, Roast Beef Ever

Recipe is so simple and test oh so Good. It is so juicy and tender, people rave on how good this is evertime I make it.

Author: J Bowen

Crock Pot Coca Cola Roast

I put this on before work and dinner is done when I get home! Add whatever veggies you like..really tender and flavorful! Cook on low in crock-pot..The serving size depends on what size roast you buy.

Author: strawberryjane

Ultimate Tri Tip Roast

This is soooo Mmmmm good! Too hot to cook? Fire up the BBQ or grill, make a tossed green salad, and grilled garlic bread to accompany - serve to ice cold beer & you've got it made! Note: From Russ Parsons...

Author: Busters friend

Rotisserie Beef Roast

This is a good Rorisserie Beef Roast and marinade. I borrowed this from a Haverhill Beef. Recipe I found online.

Author: Zol5394

Oven Roasted Rib Eye Steak

We like our steak well done and this method makes them really soft..this comes out great for rare temp also.. Use thinner steaks for well and thicker ones for rare or medium

Author: petlover

Chuck Roast for Two

This is a tasty roast for 2 or even 1. It is just me at home so I cut my roast in half. Will feast on this roast with some heavenly mashed potatoes covered in gravy and a nice veggie to go with it. With...

Author: Sandylee

Cross Rib Roast

I found this delicious, simple-to-prepare recipe on the Internet. The source as "The Complete Meat Cookbook" by Bruce Aidells.

Author: agileangus

V's Crock Pot Bottom Round Roast

After trying a variety of roast recipes, I decided that this combination of different recipes worked best for me. You can also add 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms to the onion and carrots if you like a mushroom...

Author: VLizzle

Prize Winning Marinade for Beef

I combined my sister-in-law's marinade recipe with my friend's barbecue cooking method. I then submitted this recipe into to a radio station as part of a contest and I ended up winning the grand prize...

Author: Serendipity Elizabe


A Tri-Tip is also called a Triangle Roast. It's a very lean cut of meat that does not contain much fat. If you do not see it, ask for it. Do NOT over cook this cut of meat. Do NOT cook it more than medium....

Author: Alan Leonetti

500°f Eye Of Round Roast

My sister gave me this recipe. It is the best, easiest roast I have ever cooked. Serve with creamy horseradish sauce.

Author: Susie Cream Cheese

Shirley's Perfect Rare Roast Beef

My mom showed me how to make the perfect roast beef, and I mean PERFECT! I love my roast beef rare to med-rare, and this is how I do it. IMPORTANT: Take your roast out of the fridge, and let it set to...

Author: Lindas Busy Kitchen

Eye of Round Crock Pot Roast

I discovered this receipe by combining the ingredients I liked from various receipes into one. It is for a 1.5 qt. crock pot. Add more Worcestershire sauce and steak seasoning in the last half hour of...

Author: Belladonna

Rich Pot Roast from Paula Deen

I saw Paula making this on TV and knew I had to try it.... It makes your house on a cold day smell heavenly... I added some potatoes and carrots the last hour of cooking.

Author: CIndytc

Beef Chuck Roast on the Grill

This is very simple, but flavorful. Using this technique I get chuck that is tender but not mushy. And you can cook it rare if you like (the "true carnivore" way lol). I think this works best for chuck,...

Author: graffeetee

Paula Deen's Pot Roast in a Crock Pot

This is now my go to pot roast. She has a version of this recipe in one cookbook for the oven and another in the slow cooker. Both are excellent.

Author: MJMommy13

Marinated Roast Beef

Make and share this Marinated Roast Beef recipe from Food.com.

Author: AngelicFantasia

Leftover Roast Beef Stroganoff

If you have left over cooked roast and don't know what to do with it, here is a nice little recipe I found in Taste of Home. I like to add a few tablespoons of sour cream just before serving, but it is...

Author: mums the word

Easy Delicious Slow Cooker Roast Beef

Make and share this Easy Delicious Slow Cooker Roast Beef recipe from Food.com.

Author: CarrolJ

Paula Deen's Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Make and share this Paula Deen's Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kerena

Grilled, Eye Round Roast

Grilled, Eye Round Roast I switched Charcoal! Due to it always being windy when I'm trying to light a fire on my little grill, I've been using "Matchlight" with just a couple of squirts of Starter Fluid....

Author: Capn Ron

Easy Crock Pot Roast

Make and share this Easy Crock Pot Roast recipe from Food.com.

Author: PMP9512

Quick Beef Vegetable Soup from Leftover Pot Roast

Here's a good way to use leftover pot roast -- with its juices and any leftover vegetables. Its a very flexible, use-what-you've-got soup so its hard to go wrong. If you don't have homemade beef stock...

Author: 3KillerBs

V's Tri Tip Marinade

This is IT! Family favorite... :) In my family we eat this at least once a week. Makes a nice Sunday dinner. I prepare the marinade on Saturday and let it sit until we're ready to BBQ on Sunday. I was...

Author: Vseward Chef-V

Rib Eye Roast

"The" way to prepare a tasty (and expensive) ribeye roast -- from my mom's aunt. Works for her and works for me on the rare treat that we buy a ribeye roast. The roasts I use are usually 4-6 lbs, but here's...

Author: AngieME

13 Minute Beef Tenderloin With Horseradish Sauce

Food TV's Bobby Flay gets this super-easy and company-worthy tenderloin cooked for him every year on his birthday by his wife, Kathy. You won't believe how easy it is! Note that this recipe is written...

Author: Raquel Grinnell

Oven Bag Beef Brisket

This is a no fail recipe for succulent beef brisket. It goes together very quickly and produces a tender and flavorful meat. It's great by itself and also wonderful combined with warm BBQ sauce and eaten...

Author: jillcomeau

Easy Pot Roast

Easiest pot roast ever!! If your a beginner in the kitchen (or not) this is the pot roast recipe for you ;-)

Author: Adam K.

Swiss Steak Pot Roast (Slow Cooker)

This is somewhat based on an Alton Brown recipe, but of course I couldn't leave it alone... We like to serve this over noodles and the leftovers are great!

Author: Dwynnie

North Carolina Boneless Shoulder Roast

This was served at a barbeque for the governor of North Carolina many years ago by my first husband's family. Before he died in 1995 it was one of our favorite meals. I have remarried and I think it is...


Sirloin Tip Crock Pot Roast With Gravy

I bought a big roast at Costco, and threw this in the crock pot with some other ingredients, based loosely on some other recipes I've read here. I have never spent so little time on something that came...

Author: Sudie

Shredded Beef or Pork Chimichangas

This is the one recipe everybody asks me for. This recipe is an all day project. It is well worth the effort. If you have a large freezer, you'd probably fill it up with these. The kids can eat these when...

Author: Chef Booshman

Perfect Medium Rare Prime Rib Roast

Simple, basic, how-to recipe. Meat thermometer required. Cook to internal temperature, not elapsed time. Time is approximate for a 5-pound roast. Any size roast will do, just cook to the correct internal...

Author: cipherbabe

Cuban Style Pot Roast (Boliche)

This pot roast cooks for about an hour and rests for 30 minutes, so you have plenty of time to prepare whatever you want to serve with it.

Author: threeovens

Prime Rib Seasoning Mix

If you like seasoned food you will love this!The mixture on this is done to perfection. This recipe was given to me about 25 years ago. Once you make a prime rib with this seasoning you will be told it...

Author: fallsinn

Simple Perfect Pot Roast

This is the Cook's Illustrated recipe, but it tastes exactly like Mom's recipe. She used to put it in the oven before we went to church, and then served it with hot rolls and a crisp salad.

Author: PanNan

Tender and Juicy Chuck Roast

Make and share this Tender and Juicy Chuck Roast recipe from Food.com.

Author: RosyChk11

Crock Pot Cajun Pot Roast

In the late 1960's I got this from a small Restaurant outside of Houma Louisiana. I remember I "oiled" the cook's vocal cords with a lot of cold Jax Beer to finesse the recipe out of him. About the only...

Author: Pierre Dance

Oven Chuck Roast

Simple lil recipe that I came up with in college. Get home for lunch, quick prep, throw in oven, and ready when you get home from work/school. The meat will fall apart when you bring it out of the pan,...

Author: Trfic1

Lawry's Prime Rib Roast


Author: Zephs Wife

Kittencal's Perfect Prime Rib Roast Beef

NOTE...THE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE NOT THE TIME IS YOUR BEST GUARANTEE FOR DONENESS so for a perfectly cooked prime rib roast invest in a meat thermometer and you will never go wrong with this recipe! ---...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Foolproof Standing Prime Rib Roast (Paula Deen)

This is from Paula Deen of Food TV and is what I fixed for Christmas Dinner 2005. I was tempted to open the oven to check how things were going, but I resisted...waiting until it had cooked 40 minutes...

Author: SharleneW

Balsamic Pot Roast (Crock Pot)

Balsamic vinegar and rosemary give this pot roast a great flavor. Serve with cooked egg noodles or mashed potatoes.

Author: Outta Here

Drunken Garlic Crock Pot Roast

Don't be afraid of all the garlic in this! It gets really mild from the long cooking process and gives the meat a wonderful flavor. This is a favorite for me, and I hope it will be for you, too. Different...

Author: PalatablePastime

Pot Roast With Pepsi or Coke

This is the "best tasting" roast I've ever had. The gravy was, "out of this world". "Mmm" "Mmm" "GOOD"!!!

Author: Cindi M Bauer

Rotisserie Grilled Eye of Round

This is an easy recipe and a great way to prepare a roast without heating up my house on a hot Phoenix summer day. The marinade recipe is from a book called "The Passion of the Barbeque." I've made this...

Author: agileangus