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Chicken liver pâté

James Martin's luxuriously rich dinner party starter can be made up to two days in advance for fuss-free entertaining - serve with toasted brioche, cornichons and chutney.

Author: James Martin

Cucumber soup

The refreshing cucumber soup is served cold, so it will go down well on a summer's day. Ladle it into bowls for a smaller gathering, or pour into small cups for an amuse-bouche.

Author: Samuel Goldsmith

Baked ham with brown sugar & mustard glaze

Served hot or cold, this delicious cut of pork with a sugar glaze is best sliced into thick pieces

Author: Good Food team

Crispy fried calamari & aïoli

Transport yourself to a seaside taverna with Mediterranean-inspired deep-fried squid rings and garlicky aïoli. Cooking this is easier than you think

Author: Esther Clark

Onion Loaf

Fried onion loaves are a variation on the classic fried onion rings, and they're easily one of our favourite dishes on the Miller and Carter menu. We'll show you how to make onion loaf at home,...

Author: Luke and Kay - Flawless Food

Seared scallops with leeks & lemon chilli butter

Scallops love a bit of lemon and chilli plus, they are ready in a flash. The perfect way to impress last-minute guests

Author: Jane Hornby

Salt & pepper squid

Crisp, spicy coating and hot, tender squid make an irresistible combination

Author: Barney Desmazery

Baked feta with burst tomatoes & chilli honey

Enjoy baked feta with roasted cherry tomatoes and honey. It's an ideal starter for a dinner party - serve with a green salad and crusty bread

Author: Good Food team

Hot wings

Who doesn't love hot wings? They're the perfect help-yourself starter. These are roasted to give them that distinctive crunch and glazed with soy and Sriracha

Author: Tom Kerridge

Lobster Recipes for cooked lobster or crayfish

Here are 6 easy recipes for cooked lobster or crayfish that make the most of this luxury seafood! When you buy pre-cooked lobster, it's best to keep it simple to preserve the flavour in the flesh...

Author: Nagi

Pork rillettes

A French dish of potted meat with garlic, juniper and brandy. Slow-cook pork until tender then set into individual ramekins for a sensational starter

Author: Barney Desmazery

Pakora (Indian Vegetable Fritters)

Recipe video above. Vegetable fritters can be so bland and uninspiring ... but not in the hands of Indian cooks! Pakoras are a traditional Indian street food made with all sorts of vegetables. I've...

Author: Nagi

Crostini of artichokes & chives

A sophisticated starter that takes just minutes to put together

Author: Orlando Murrin

Spiced crab cakes with lemon & lime aïoli

Simple fishcakes made from delicate shellfish and Asian spices - coriander, sesame and chilli add a kick. Serve with a citrus mayonnaise

Author: Good Food team

Mixed seafood in a creamy garlic wine sauce {Mariscos al ajillo}

Recipe for mixed seafood in a creamy garlic wine sauce, or mariscos al ajillo. Made with a mix of shrimp, calamari or squid, and bay scallops cooked in a sauce of butter, garlic, white onion, white wine,...

Author: Layla Pujol

Ham hock terrine

Cured slow-cooked pork is a great foundation for a coarse pâté style starter and can be made in advance

Author: Good Food team

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Spring Rolls)

Recipe video above. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls are incredibly fresh and healthy. The Vietnamese peanut dipping sauce that accompanies this is sensational and completely addictive!

Author: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats

Ceviche The Essential Peruvian Fish Dish

Delicious sea fish marinated in lime juice and chilli, with red onion, hot peppers, thinly sliced plantain, and wedges of sweet potato.

Author: Eat Peru

Crab cakes with sweet chilli & ginger dipping sauce

An easy help-yourself starter with the zest and spice of ginger and chilli

Author: Good Food team

Simple seafood platter

Raid your local fishmongers for a selection to suit your budget and you have an instant impressive starter

Author: Barney Desmazery

Green gazpacho

Try this dazzling take on the classic chilled Spanish soup - this version is made with green veg, herbs and yogurt. Add edible flower ice cubes for extra special presentation

Author: Cassie Best

Goat's cheese, pear & candied pecan salad

This extra-special vegetarian starter is bursting with contrasting flavours and textures, such as spiralized pear, crunchy roasted nuts and creamy cheese

Author: James Martin

Mushroom Paté Recipe

Mushroom paté is a rich and indulgent veggie starter. We've used three different mushrooms in our mushroom paté, which gives it great depth of flavour.

Author: Jane Curran

Dough balls with garlic butter

Serve a platter of warm dough balls with plenty of garlic butter. This easy recipe makes a great sharing-style starter for family and friends

Author: Lulu Grimes

Chicken liver parfait

Get your dinner party off to a great start with a silky-smooth chicken liver parfait. Serve with toasted brioche and a sweet chutney for an indulgent starter

Author: Tom Kerridge

Hot and Sour Soup

Recipe video above. A firm Chinese starter favourite! A glossy soup broth that's savoury, sour and as spicy as you want it to be, filled with mushrooms, tofu and bamboo shoots. Skip the chicken to make...

Author: Nagi

Garlic Prawns (Shrimp!)

Recipe video above. Hands down, my favourite way to cook fresh prawns! Simple and fabulous, the 3 tips for top notch garlic prawns is to chop rather than use a mincer for the garlic (it splatters and burns...

Author: Nagi

Ricotta, fig & prosciutto crostini

Little Italian toasts topped with creamy cheese, sweet fruit and salty ham - a killer combination to be served as a nibble

Author: Barney Desmazery

Kipper pâté

Whizz up sustainable smoked fish with horseradish, lemon and cream cheese, plus a little spinach for colour, then serve with toast as a light starter

Author: Good Food team

Beef Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce

Recipe video above. Meat on sticks is always a good thing, and Thai Beef Satay is one of the best! In this beef version of Thai Chicken Satay, a secret tenderising satay marinade makes economical steak...

Author: Nagi

Baked Brie

Recipe video above. The world's fastest finger food, this is like the best cheese dip in the world with wow factor! Just pop a brie in the oven for 15 minutes or microwave on high for 2 minutes (seriously,...

Author: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats

Bombay potatoes recipe

This spicy Bombay potatoes recipe is full of classic Indian spices, tangy onions, soft potatoes making a delicious side dish with a traditional curry

Author: Jessica Dady

Siu mai (dim sum)

Make one of the most popular types of dim sum, siu mai. They're traditionally topped with fish roe, but we've opted for goji berries for a pop of colour

Author: Katie Hiscock

Spring Roll recipe

Recipe video above. Everybody's favourite Spring Rolls, made at home! Nothing like the ones at suburban Chinese takeout joints with unidentifiable mushy fillings and overly greasy. These are shatteringly...

Author: Nagi

Fresh & smoked salmon rillettes

A simple starter, fresh and rich, that makes a bit more of a pack of smoked salmon - serve instead of pâté on rye or piled into chicory leaves

Author: Diana Henry

Citrus cured salmon gravadlax

Gravadlax makes a stunning prepare-ahead starter or centrepiece for your New Year festivities

Author: Gordon Ramsay

Potted crab

Rustle up Tom Kerridge's crab starter with a hint of smoked paprika for your next dinner party. You can make it ahead, leaving you time to sit down and enjoy

Author: Tom Kerridge

Port & chicken liver pâté

Impress dinner guests with homemade port and chicken liver pâté, which takes just 30 minutes to make. Enjoy as a starter with our rosemary crackers

Author: Emma Freud

Warm Mexican bean dip with tortilla chips

A quick and easy party dip which is superhealthy, freezable and counts towards your five-a-day - what more could you want?

Author: Good Food team

Thai fishcakes with sweet chilli sauce

Get your wok hot and your tastebuds jumping with these classic Thai snacks

Author: John Torode

Cheesy puff pastry asparagus tart

Cheesy asparagus tart made with puff pastry is a delicious, easy vegetarian recipe perfect for breakfast, brunch or a fuss-free lunch.

Author: Alida Ryder

Extra Crispy Corn Fritters

Recipe video above. Sweet pops of fresh corn on the inside, very crispy on the outside. These heavenly fritters are light on batter, heavy on the corn - just the way they should be! Makes a lovely meal...

Author: Nagi

Griddled pears with goat's cheese & hazelnut dressing

Impress guests with this deceptively simple starter, made with pears, goat's cheese, watercress and hazelnuts. It's ready in just 15 minutes, and perfect at Christmas

Author: Barney Desmazery

Easy Pumpkin Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce

VIDEO ABOVE. This is a super easy way to make gnocchi and the secret ingredient is ricotta which keeps the gnocchi soft and pillowy inside. Much easier than the classic recipe made with potato. It tastes...

Author: Nagi

Vegetarian spring rolls

Make your own veggie spring rolls for a Chinese-inspired banquet. These are quick and easy to make, along with the spicy dipping sauce

Author: Ailsa Brown

Marinated feta in thyme & chilli oil

Pack salty Greek cheese into jars with olive oil, thyme, tomatoes, artichokes and olives - mop up the goodness with bread

Author: Sara Buenfeld

Chilli & lime squid salad

James Martin's sensational starter is sure to impress dinner party guests - marinate the squid overnight, then sear just before serving over avocado and rocket

Author: James Martin

Warm salad of asparagus, bacon, duck egg & hazelnuts

A smart and stylish springtime starter that is super healthy to boot

Author: Orlando Murrin

Pinwheel pizzas

Use a packet bread mix to roll up individual pizza buns filled with tomato, basil, mozzarella and pepperoni

Author: Sara Buenfeld

Simple crab bruschetta

This easy Spring starter is perfect for the beginnings of an Easter feast. Thick slices of sourdough, crab and crunchy radishes make a fresh, zesty starter

Author: Sophie Godwin - Cookery writer