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Authentic Mexican Pozole

I've learned this recipe from a friend from Mexico. I don't eat menudo, because the tripe or pig's feet made me nauseous. She always celebrated with this soup and I can eat everything in it without being...

Author: razzle dazzle

Old Fashioned Bean and Ham Soup

I took a little from one recipe and a little from another recipe to come up with the kind of bean soup we like....putting it here for safe keeping....

Author: CIndytc

Carrabba's Spicy Sicilian Chicken Soup

I tried three of the available recipes for this Carrabba's chicken soup dish - usually called "Mamma Mandola's Sicillian Chicken Soup" - and was not quite getting the results I wanted. I'm NOT a cook,...

Author: Johncn

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a classic chicken noodle soup recipe from a recent issue of Good Housekeeping that I'd like to try. Update: I have made this soup and really like it. I did use 3-4 skinless chicken breasts in place...

Author: CookingONTheSide

Simple Beef Stock a La Julia Child

This simple stock, adapted from a recipe in "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," is a wonderful base for many soups, sauces, and, of course, for Julia's boeuf Bourguignon.

Author: Chef Kate

Old Fashioned Lovage and Potato Soup

A family favourite in our household.....a creamy and easy soup which needs nothing more than good crusty rolls or home-baked bread to serve with it. This travels well in a Thermos flask making it an ideal...

Author: French Tart

Crock Pot Beef Vegetable Soup

Make and share this Crock Pot Beef Vegetable Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: CookingONTheSide


from the cookbook called seasoned with sun by the junior league of el paso. i make this all the time during the fall and winter months. my family loves it.

Author: deborah03


Make and share this Ichiban/Ramen recipe from Food.com.

Author: Meshka

Beef, Barley and Vegetable Soup

The fresh vegetables give this a wonderful flavor. Very simple and can be made in the crockpot for an easy dish.

Author: GingerSnap

Cracker Barrel Chicken & Dumplings

This takes a long time, but it is worth the work. If you decide to use canned broth, cut the salt in the dumplings. (I'm guesstimating on the prep/cook time.)

Author: Shaye

Duck Stock (Save That Carcass)

Russ and I love duck and I love to make stock with the remaining carcass, wing tips and that big neck. I remove the skin from the neck. We mostly eat marinated Asian style duck, so I pop the wings and...

Author: JustJanS

Master Recipe for Basic Stock (Julia Child)

After roasting or poaching a chicken a la Julia Child, I always complete the process by making chicken stock a la Julia Child! Here is her master recipe for basic meat stock from volume 1 of Mastering...

Author: jenpalombi

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup

My Dad found this recipe somewhere online. I don't have the original maker of the recipe so my apologies to the chef as well as my thanks! The recipe calls for pulled chicken, but my Dad used pre-cooked...

Author: bjenkins3891

Hamburger Vegetable Soup Crock Pot

Make and share this Hamburger Vegetable Soup - Crock Pot recipe from Food.com.

Author: Brooke the Cook in

8 Can Soup

Wow! What an easy meal. Just dump these cans in a pot, heat it up and serve. My husband couldn't believe I whipped this soup up in 15 minutes! Serve with some warm rolls w/butter. It's an awesome recipe...

Author: Sarah in New York

Spicy Vegetable Soup

A soup that hits the spot no matter what time of year. You can add as many types of vegetable as you like. Cooking the raw vegetables with the oil and spices before you add any type of broth intensifies...


Ham Stock

We always have those left over ham bones and I hate not to put them to good use. This is a great way to make use of them.

Author: Jellyqueen


This is Chef Gabriel Claycamp's (of Culinary Communion) recipe for basic mirepoix. Classically, mixepoix is used in stocks to enhance flavor, aroma, and balance, and is a mixture of 50% onion, 25% carrot,...

Author: Julesong

Fisherman's Stew

Our recipe is a speedy version of cioppino -- a California specialty of fish simmered in a garlicky tomato broth. We cut back on the variety of seafood usually called for, helping us shave off a considerable...

Author: frozenmargarita

Creamy Turkey Soup (Crock Pot)

Using Turkey Soup #32399 by Leslie Criswell for my inspiration, I created this soup the other night. Very, very yummy!

Author: Marg CaymanDesigns

Potato and Zucchini Soup

I got this from a fruit and veg stand at my local supermarket. My 2 year old son refused to eat any vegies. So when he ate 3 cups of this at the taste testing stand, we were truly amazed. We tried it and...

Author: AussieGal Tracey

Pearly Scotch Broth

This recipe comes from The Gourmet Slow Cooker by Lynn Alley. Scotch Broth is a Scottish tradition that dates bake hundreds of years. This dish has plenty of substance and flavor. Cooking it in the crockpot...

Author: PaulaG

Stock from Roasted Beef Marrow Bones

I have heard that roasting beef marrow bones creates a more robust beef stock, so decided to try it. After all, roasting does bring out more flavor from most foods, such as vegetables. I found this method...

Author: threeovens

Good Eats Chicken Stock (From Alton Brown)

Make and share this Good Eats Chicken Stock (From Alton Brown) recipe from Food.com.

Author: 2Bleu

Sopa De Pollo (Central/South American Chicken Soup)

I have been eating this soup since I was a little kid. It is a staple recipe in hispanic third world countries. I especially enjoy it during cold winter months. It is usually served with rice and warn...

Author: Chef Sarita in Aust

Beef Soup from Scratch

This is how I make beef soup. It's a day-long process and produces a beef soup with amazing depth and flavor. Much of the stock process comes from the advice of my father. If you have large and meaty soup...

Author: lolablitz

Granny's Old Fashioned Vegetable Soup

This is a recipe that has been pass down for years. Now I'm am passing on to Zaar now. I hope that you love this recipe, because I do. I can remember helping make it when I was little.

Author: Gods Child

Minestrone With Italian Sausage

I got this recipe from Taste of Home and recently made it. It is a tasty satisfying soup. I did use frozen green beans instead of the fresh. This recipe does make a lot, but it does freeze well and tastes...

Author: CookingONTheSide

Homemade Dry Onion Soup Mix

This recipe is from www.kitchenmixes.com. It is a great substitute for the boxed onion soup mix. It equals one packet or about 1-1/4 ounces. You can add garlic powder or other seasonings if you wish. It...

Author: foodtvfan

Roasted Vegetable Stock

This takes a while, but the end result is a lovely rich vegetable stock, ready to be the base for many soups, stews and sauces. Add or change the herbs according to your taste--add fennel if you like a...

Author: Chef Kate

Hearty Vegetable Soup

This soup is great for this time of year as the vegetables are new and have such a great taste and flavor.

Author: William Uncle Bill

Lamb Shank Soup

This is my mum's recipe, which I made just recently. My son's girlfriend wanted the recipe, so I figure this is the easiest way to give it to her! If you like hearty old-fashioned soup, this is a good...

Author: JustJanS

My 5 Hour Rump Roast and Gravy

This is the easiest and tastiest roast beef I've ever had. I've been making it for 20 years with great result. This recipe also has a recipe for what to do with the leftover roast beef which is my favorite...

Author: msjill111

Saimin Broth

Make and share this Saimin Broth recipe from Food.com.

Author: Wenstar

Basic Brown Stock

Make and share this Basic Brown Stock recipe from Food.com.

Author: Chef Shadows

Kittencal's Rich Homemade Beef Stock (Crock Pot or Stove Top)

Brushing the bones with tomato paste then browning in the oven firstly then combined with the slow cooking crockpot method will produce the most flavorful richest beef broth --- I usually prepare the ingredients...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Red Onion Soup

SOUP'S ON! Served with a lightly dressed green salad, this savory red onion soup is hearty and filling enough for a light supper. Enjoy!

Author: Feast Your Eyes

Celebration Spiced Baked Ham With Orange and Marmalade Glaze

A delectable sticky glazed ham cooked in spiced cider and with a tangy marmalade glaze! This is one of my most requested recipes from family and friends - I have been cooking and preparing this ham for...

Author: French Tart

Beef Noodle Soup

This is a recipe I came up with after having leftover roast and gravy. I often use meat from leftover roast, but of course, you don't have to. It just makes it a little quicker to put together if you do!...

Author: CookingONTheSide

Shrimp Stock (2 Methods)

Great for Gumbos, Thai soups, seafood bisque... The fish heads have lots of flavor but if you can't handle it just use the shells from the body, you'll just have to use twice or triple the shrimp shells....

Author: Rita1652

Rescued Turkey Stock

I call this "rescued", because so many people throw away the turkey carcass after a big meal. Don't! Rescue it! Making stock is not hard or complicated. You'll be rewarded with delicious soup, and an amazing...

Author: Lennie

Kittencal's Best Chicken Stock/Broth (Crock Pot Option)

Plan ahead this method takes 2 days to create the best most richest flavorful stock, far better and cheaper than any canned broth, once you try this you will never purchase cans of broth again! --- this...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Easy Chicken & Drop Dumplings

BIG tip: DO NOT STIR DUMPLINGS after dropping them into stock, all your dumplings will disintegrate. I learned this the hard way the first time I made dumplings

Author: Douglas Poe

Home Canned : Chicken Noodle Soup

Make and share this Home Canned : Chicken Noodle Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: michEgan

Chicken, Spinach & Shiitake Mushroom Soup

A beautiful soup, in taste, appearance, and nutrition. This is a complete meal in itself. This recipe includes directions for the stock, if you don't have time a chicken bouillon cube works as well. Just...

Author: kelly in TO

Chicken, Vegetables, and Pasta Soup

I love soups and during fall and winter I eat them 3-4 times a week. I always look for tasty, quick, and comforting recipes. This one you can change to whatever veggies you have on hand. But this is my...

Author: Asha1126

The Best Beefy Vegetable Soup

I did a lot of experimenting to come up with a Vegetable beef soup that I really like. Most seem very bland to me or loaded with tomato sauce. This has a little kick to it, but I would never call it "hot"...

Author: Laura in Texas

Quick and Easy Broccoli Soup

I got this recipe from Food Network website and changed it a little bit to my taste. It's great tasting and easy to make. Great comfort food on a rainy, cold day. You can use cauliflower as well. Hope...

Author: Asha1126