Columbian Gold Recipe

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Time: 10 minutes



  1. strong coffee
  2. half-and-half cream
  3. coffee liqueur
  4. chocolate liqueur
  5. cinnamon schnapps
  6. whipping cream
  7. fine sugar
  8. chocolate


  1. make 1 cup of strong coffee , keep warm
  2. in a small pot add half and half cream with chocolate and coffee liquers
  3. heat on low about 3 minutes , whisking constantly to blend flavours
  4. pour cinnamon liquer and white sugar onto small plates
  5. rim your glass first in cinnamon liquer and then dip your glass into the white sugar to coat rim evenly
  6. reserving any left over liquer and sugar for garnishing
  7. add warm liquer mixture to coffee and stir
  8. pour the coffee & liquer mixture into the prepared glass and top with whipped cream
  9. slowly drizzle the reserved cinnamon liquer over the whipped cream and then sprinkle with sugar and chocolate flakes

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