Crabmeat Scooter Recipe

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Time: 20 minutes



  1. green onion
  2. fresh parsley
  3. butter
  4. flour
  5. whipping cream
  6. swiss cheese
  7. crabmeat
  8. salt and black pepper
  9. rotini pasta


  1. boil a large pan of water
  2. add pasta
  3. cook until al dente
  4. drain and keep warm
  5. saute onions and parsley in butter over medium heat for two minutes
  6. add flour and whipping cream to skillet
  7. whisk until flour is well blended
  8. add cheese
  9. stir until melted
  10. add crabmeat
  11. lower heat and simmer until completely heated , stirring frequently
  12. add salt and pepper to taste
  13. combine pasta and sauce , stirring to completely coat pasta

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Crabmeat Scooter Recipe

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