Crock Pot Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

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Time: 330 minutes



  1. butter
  2. chicken tenders
  3. onion
  4. celery ribs
  5. carrots
  6. frozen corn kernels
  7. cream of potato soup
  8. chicken broth
  9. dried dill weed
  10. half-and-half


  1. in a large skillet , melt the butter or margarine
  2. brown chicken
  3. transfer chicken to slow cooker', "add onions and celery to skillet and saute' for about 3 to 4 minutes , until just tender", 'add the onions and celery to crockpot , along with carrots , corn kernels , soup , chicken broth and dill
  4. cover and cook on low 5 to 6 hours or until chicken is done and vegetables are tender
  5. during the last 10 minutes , stir in the half and half

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