Crock Pot French Ish Chicken Barley Recipe

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Time: 165 minutes



  1. bacon
  2. chicken thighs
  3. pearl barley
  4. chicken broth
  5. leek
  6. carrot
  7. celery
  8. herbes de provence
  9. water
  10. salt and pepper


  1. in heavy skillet , on low heat , cook diced bacon slowly until very crisp
  2. drain & set aside
  3. reserve 1 / 2c drippings !
  4. in a medium saucepan , bring 2c chicken broth & 1c barley to a boil
  5. reduce heat & simmer about 20 minutes until soft & liquid is absorbed
  6. set aside
  7. season chicken thighs with salt & pepper
  8. fry in bacon fat , on medium low heat , skin side down , until very browned
  9. turn & cook 5 minutes longer
  10. set aside
  11. saute chopped leeks , carrots & celery in drippings
  12. add herbs de provence
  13. put sauteed vegetables into crock pot
  14. add cooked barley
  15. add 1c barley & stir
  16. place chicken on top
  17. cook on high 1 hours until chicken is thoroughly cooked
  18. add reserved crispy bacon , stir , cook another 15 minutes
  19. enjoy !

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