Crock Pot Pork With Winter Fruits Recipe

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Time: 375 minutes



  1. pork chops
  2. salt
  3. sugar
  4. sherry wine
  5. garlic
  6. ground ginger
  7. ground cloves
  8. white pepper
  9. cider vinegar
  10. onion
  11. tomatoes
  12. apples
  13. pears
  14. dried apricot halves
  15. bay leaves
  16. thyme
  17. oregano


  1. sprinkle pork with the salt and rub it in
  2. in a bowl blend together the sugar , sherry , vinegar , garlic , ginger , pepper , cloves and cinnamon
  3. in the bottom of the crock pot layer 1 / 3 oc the onion and tomato
  4. put on this the pork and fruit then the remaining onions and tomatoes
  5. pour in the vinegar mixture , cover and cook on high for 3 hours or low for 6
  6. serve with rice

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