Crustless Vegetable Quiche Gluten Free Option Recipe

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Time: 60 minutes



  1. cheese
  2. onion
  3. self-raising flour
  4. eggs
  5. milk
  6. salt and pepper
  7. vegetables


  1. preheat oven to 180c grease a medium sized round quiche or pie dish
  2. mix all ingredients together and pour into the quiche dish
  3. cook for 45 minutes in the oven , or until the eggs have cooked through- will depend a little on your oven and the size of the dish used

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See more NUTRITION INFO Most of our recipes are low-carb (or keto) and gluten-free, but some are not. Please verify that a recipe fits your needs before using it. Recommended and linked products are not guaranteed to be gluten-free. Nutrition info is approximate and may contain errors, so you should independently verify it.

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