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Graham Crackers

A sweet whole wheat cracker. These are very versatile. They can be eaten plain or used in recipes as whole crackers or just crumbs.

Author: Carol Emley

Best Ever Chocolate Cutout Cookies

This recipe is my grandmother's. this will be the best chocolate cutout cookie you have ever tasted! Very chocolaty with a lot of taste! Everyone asks for the recipe when I bake these! The kids love them...

Author: KRISTA3

Sugar and Spice Cookies

These are my favorite cut-out cookies. Sweet and spicy, they're a wonderful Christmas treat. I've been making them every Christmas for almost 15 years now. You can make the dough up to 3 days ahead of...


Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies II

My friend, Gloria gave me this recipe...she makes these cookies every year for her Christmas family get-togethers. I wanted to save this recipe to my Recipe Box. Nutmeg can be used in place of mace.

Author: M.FLORES

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

A very Victorian recipe! Some people are put off by the notion of herb cookies, but you'll be pleasantly surprised. The flavor improves with age (best 2 days after), keeping for about a week.

Author: Abigail

Perfect Cut Out Cookie Dough

This recipe always comes out perfect. My toddlers and I make these often. I throw the dough together in the morning and let it sit in the fridge. I take it out at dinner time to let it warm just a bit,...

Author: Sarah Z

Honey Graham Crackers

Make your own honey graham crackers at home! These are simple to make, and can be used in recipes that call for graham crackers.

Author: Rebecca Paulus

Snowflake Cookies

This is my mom's Christmas cookie recipe that the kids and I have made for years. Great fun to make and decorate.

Author: Patty Morris

Nut Rolls

This is a combination of two or three old recipes.

Author: Karren L. Kukral

Christmas Tree Cookies

This is great dessert when you are having company. They are in the shapes of Christmas trees. Use green and red sprinkles and any kind of frosting to decorate.

Author: Shannon

Cream Wafers

Cookies with a creamy butter filling.


Shaped Vanilla Cookies

These are soft, cake-like cookies, best with frosting. Roll them out thickly, and bake no more than 8 minutes. They will stay soft, and everyone raves over them. I use them as cutouts for holidays.

Author: Carole

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Best gluten-free sugar cookie going!

Author: SueAnne McInnis

Homemade Graham Crackers

These are so much fun to make. You don't just have to stick with squares and rectangles, get creative with shapes and cookie cutters.

Author: steph

Chef John's Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

While rosemary may seem like a strange addition to at first glance, it works so perfectly in these shortbread cookies that I'd argue they're actually better than the original. There's something so interesting...

Author: Chef John

Granny's Shortbread Cookies

Light, buttery shortbread cookies! Cut them into Christmas shapes and decorate with colored sugar and maraschino cherries.

Author: Lori G

Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies

As these cookies cool, they acquire an appealing crunch.

Author: Robin

Chai Spiced Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are based on a shortbread recipe, but spiced to taste like a chai tea latte. Don't try to make a substitution for the cardamom - it's essential to the chai taste. Masala chai varies widely...

Author: Leiland

Heart Shaped Cookies

I used a no-fail sugar cookie recipe to make these wonderful heart-shaped cookies filled with strawberry jam. I know you will enjoy this recipe.

Author: Mari

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

A delicious cookie that my 4-year old daughter loved.

Author: ravera

Arrowroot Biscuits

These do not spread in baking.

Author: Anne Paisley

Glazed Orange Spice Cookies

These light sugary cookies are topped with a sweet orange glaze. Delicious!

Author: mommyluvs2cook

Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

Half chocolate, half sugar cookies!

Author: B.J. Weems

Shortbread Christmas Cookies

These buttery shortbread cookies are so tasty and hold their shape very well. Make beautiful Valentine hearts also!

Author: HANNER

Christmas Cut Out Cookies

This recipe has been in my family for generations. I remember the wonderful scent of the cookies baking drifting throughout the house. Now my sons and I carry on the tradition every Christmas. Hope you...

Author: Nancy

Sour Cream Cut Out Cookies

Easy cut-out cookies that are wonderful anytime of year. I received this recipe when I was in grade school so it is a good recipe to have kids help with.

Author: RB5899

Jack o' Lantern Tea Cakes

Adorable Halloween cookies any kid would be proud to take to school. Warning: The frosting is super sweet. This recipe makes about 1 1/2 dozen cookies, and can easily be doubled.

Author: Pi3

Gilded Chocolate Shortbread

A chocolate masterpiece; chocolate shortbread with a gilded finish. These can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week.

Author: Simone McKenzie

Golden Sesame Cookies

A light sugar cookie with toasted sesame seeds. To make a double batch, I double all the ingredients but the butter and they still taste delicious.

Author: Lois

Christmas Tree Cookie Stack

A cookie tree is a great centerpiece for your Christmas table. You can use my recipe or your favorite cut-out cookie recipe. All you need are star-shaped cookie cutters in different sizes.

Author: Loló

Lemon Shortbread Cookies

Rich, lemon-flavored cookies.

Author: Carol

Grandma Amico's Buttermilk Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Grandma Amico made the best buttermilk sugar cookies. These cookies are soft and fluffy and a family tradition for us. Not just for the holidays, but whenever we get the urge for cookies, we make these....

Author: Lindsey Vedder

Currant Cookies

Tasty sweet currant cookies that are cooked on a griddle.

Author: Staplemom

Irish Shamrock Cookies

These green cookies are delicious anytime of the year. Make some green frosting for these cookies using a sugar cookie icing recipe found on Cookierecipe.com

Author: MBMCD

Old Fashioned Cookies

This recipe has been in my family for over 150 years. Every one in the family loves them.

Author: R. Dean

Halloween Ghost Cookies

All you need for these ghost cookies is a cookie cutter in the shape of a tulip and then turn it upside-down - if you don't have that one, you can easily freehand the ghost shapes. These are great giveaways...

Author: barbara

Grandma's Cutout Cookies

This is a soft cutout cookie with a tint of nutmeg.

Author: Gina McKinney

Sour Cream Cut Outs

This recipe stays soft because of the sour cream and cake flour in them. I make them every Christmas.

Author: Patty Roberts

Owl Cookies

A slice and bake cookie. Owl faces with cashew beaks. Great for Fall.

Author: Martha

Vanilla Wafers II

I got this recipe years ago.

Author: Sandy G.

Cream Cheese Cut Outs I

A fluffy cookie that tastes like a pastry. I use this simple recipe to cut out heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day.

Author: Robin J.

Cleone's Nutmeg Cookies

These cookies were a Christmas tradition when my husband was growing up. They are perfect for cookie cutting and decorating.

Author: Catherine

Cinnamon Butter Cookies

This is my favorite cookie recipe. If you want to add frosting, I wrote a recipe for that too.

Author: Guinevere Barr

Stained Glass Window Cookies

These are cookies which have open spaces which are filled with crushed hard candy (yellow and red work best). When baked, the candy melts and gives the appearance of "stained glass".

Author: Kim Hogan


This is a very simple, easy recipe, and it makes a lot. I make these for Christmas. Enjoy them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Cindy

Cream Cookies

Very light, flaky cookies, always requested for showers and weddings. Frost with cream cheese icing when cool. Dough can be made days ahead.

Author: Cindy Zimmerman

Anise Cookies I

Delicious cut out cookies, best if made with lots of people. Kids love to help decorate these cookies.

Author: Jennifer

Cookie Bowl

An edible bowl to keep cookies or sweets in - really cute!

Author: Holli

Eggnog Cutout Cookies

Speckled with nutmeg, these thick, soft, and tasty cookies are filled with the flavor of eggnog--perfect for holiday cookie plates!

Author: SunnyDaysNora