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Easy Rum Cake

This is an easy recipe for a rum-soaked cake filled with walnuts and a rum glaze.

Author: Mariann

Chocolate Kahlua® Cake

There isn't much to say except fa-bu-lous!

Author: sister-woman

Rum Balls

I wanted a good rum ball with a lot of kick, so I sat down and came up with this recipe. I didn't realize how good these were until one year I didn't make them for work. I just about got lynched! Needless...

Author: Matt Story

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

I make a basic chocolate chip cookie dough, but use white chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and brandy (instead of vanilla). Great for Christmas time!

Author: Diane Abed

Golden Rum Cake

My family requests this rummy Bundt cake from me at all our get-togethers. The butter rum glaze makes it special. An easy way to glaze your cake is to pour half of the glaze into Bundt pan, reinsert cake,...

Author: Jackie Smith

Amaretto Cake

This cake is awesome! My family loves it.

Author: Shawn

No Bake Rum Balls

A holiday favorite! Try using brandy in place of the rum.

Author: Refugio L.

Anise Biscotti

Delicious, with a hint of licorice flavor. You can store these in an airtight container for over a month.

Author: Laria Tabul

Christmas Cake

This cake is a rich, dark, moist fruit cake, very flavorful at Christmas. Try icing with almond paste for a more festive touch. This recipe is started in October or November so as to let it mellow before...

Author: Carol

Chocolate Rum Cake

Make this recipe for a chocolate-flavored rum cake using chocolate cake mix and chocolate pudding mix for a cake good for Christmas!

Author: Suzanne Stull

Chocolate Rum Balls I

The holidays will sparkle brightly when you whip up a batch of these chocolate favorites!


Penny's Whiskey Cake

Although most of the alcohol cooks out of this cake, there's still a distinct whiskey flavor.

Author: Penny

Amaretto Cheesecake I

This recipe uses amaretto liqueur. It's a creamy cheesecake with a light almond flavor.

Author: Elaine Thompson


This is my 90-year-old grandmother's recipe. Very simple.

Author: Roxy

Christmas Fruitcake

It's a shame that fruitcake as a species gets such a bad rap. With its two key ingredients--rum and butter--it ought to be a hit. This recipe includes dried fruit, instead of the glowing, candied stuff...

Author: Karen Uffelman

Apricot Brandy Pound Cake III

From my Grandfather's own kitchen creations. Uses lots of extracts and take time to prepare, but well worth it!!!

Author: VTGIRL22

Moist Holiday Honeycake

Spiced fragrant honey cake is a tradition on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year, which generally falls in September). Unfortunately, most honey cakes turn out to be dry, brick-like things, inedible except...

Author: Amybobamy

Brandied Pears

An impressive dessert that's light enough to follow any meal and pretty enough for any occasion.

Author: dakota kelly

Chocolate Toffee Cookies II

These cookies will become crisp after they have cooled.

Author: Stephanie

Mom's Rum Cake

I got this from my mom. When she makes it, we all fight over it. It's delicious and easy to make.

Author: Laura

Friendship Fruit Starter

This is really two recipes in one - 6 cups of brandied fruit, and 2 cups of starter for the Thirty Day Friendship Cake.

Author: HBIC

Mocha Cake III

A friend made this for our group and we have been hooked on it ever since. Try it. It's so rich, moist, and easy, you'll be hooked too! Note: I have replaced the sour cream with 16 ounces of plain yogurt,...

Author: Dawn Vassel

Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake

This recipe becomes a favorite as soon as it is tasted. It was once referred to as 'sinfully rich and velvety smooth'. Best if made a day before serving.

Author: Cigdem Buke Ugur

Irish Cream Bundt Cake

Great tasting glazed Bundt cake with Irish cream baked in. Excellent for any time or any occasion.

Author: Sue Haser

Deep South Eggnog Cake

You can really taste the eggnog in this lovely, rich, moist cake. No eggnog? No problem. You can make enough for the recipe in a jiffy. Nothing says Southern hospitality like this impressive cake. If you...

Author: Baricat

Flambeed Vanilla Poached Pears with Apricot Sauce

This is a great dessert for a fancy party or a girl's night in! I love pears, and I love this recipe, because lighting the rum on fire caramelizes the sugar, and pulls out the flavor of the pears. I served...

Author: Anna


Mashed potatoes transformed! And they're No Bakes.

Author: Rosina

Boozy Irish Whiskey Cake

Caution: this Irish whiskey cake will get you tipsy. Adults only!

Author: Deepseer

Pears in Chocolate Sauce

Delight your family with this elegant and delicious dessert.


Champagne Cake I

A moist cake made with champagne.

Author: Krissyp

Easy Chocolate Custard

A quick, lower-fat, rich chocolate custard that does not require baking or water baths. No one will ever guess it takes 10 minutes to make! Top with whipped cream before serving.

Author: moe's cookin'

Mocha Fudge Cake

A moist, yummy cake that is great for get-togethers.

Author: Arlene

Chocolate Orange Marble Cake

These two flavors blend well together. This forms an attractive and moist cake.

Author: Carol

Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake

The best cheesecake that I've ever had! It was given to me by a close friend a long time ago and I can't stop thanking her!

Author: Melissa

Quick and Easy Summer Limoncello Cake

Limoncello cake is refreshing cake great for a summer picnic or dinner. Quick and easy to make. A scratch cake that will impress your guests. My mom taught me how to make this cake.

Author: AllieGeekPi

Kentucky Bourbon Brownies

Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies with just the right hint of bourbon. Pecans are optional for those who may have allergies.

Author: nache

Kahlua® Brownies

This is a really inexpensive (under $2!) and easy brownie to make. I had to come up with a last-minute dessert so I took a brownie mix I had in the cupboard and decided to dress it up a bit. This was the...

Author: annorasmom

Black Bottom Pie II

Chocolate and rum ... ...... yummmm. Good garnished with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Author: Kathy Mowery

Rum or Bourbon Balls

It isn't Christmas without these!!! They go fast!! Try using bourbon in place of the rum!

Author: Elaine L. Smith

Coconut Rum Balls

The flavor of these candies improves after 24 hours. They may be made ahead and stored in refrigerator. Roll in confectioners' sugar instead of coconut if you prefer.

Author: Carla Hoy

Eggnog Cheesecake III

This is a delicious cheesecake for eggnog lovers. The secret to a smooth cheesecake is to cream the cream cheese in a food processor for several minutes.

Author: Bill Sinclair

White Chocolate Amaretto Cake

This white chocolate and almond delight will have your guests reeling. Although it looks intimidating, it is an easy and delicious holiday treat.

Author: C. Goff

Rum and Raisin Cake

Moist chocolate cake with rum flavoring, raisins, and pecans added for texture. Great coated with whipped cream or served hot with custard.

Author: Maree Skennerton

Pina Colada Cake III

A moist cake, reminiscent of the tropical drink for which it is named.


Chocolate Amaretto Fudge

A creamy chocolate fudge complemented by the flavors of a good cherry-almond amaretto.

Author: Anniecalkins

Black Russian Cake I


Author: Rory Kate

Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

If you like Irish cream and chocolate, you'll love this recipe. After numerous attempts with the ingredients this is the recipe I now use.

Author: Elaine

Coconut Coffee Mousse

This is delicious and very easy to make. Before serving, sprinkle on some confectioners' sugar and cocoa for decoration.

Author: Terry

Rum Truffles

These truffles will be soft inside despite that it feels firm on the outside. You only need to store them in a cool place, but not necessarily the fridge. Make sure you always use an airtight container!...

Author: TOO TOO

Mississippi Mud Cake III

This cake has a little something different added to it - yes, rum. This is the little something extra.

Author: Carol