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Fresh Herb Risotto

From The New York Times (June 17, 2009). This is extremely flavorful. At the bottom of the recipe, there are instructions for making this ahead.

Author: Paris D

Spam Sushi Maki Rolls

Spam lovers unite! This was just an experimental dish, but it turned out pretty good. If you're in the mood for a fun and different dish... give this recipe a try! Don't knock it before you try it! =D...

Author: cali_love

Asparagus and Corn Risotto

This is the creamiest tastiest risotto ever! It's definately not on the light side but it's really good. My friends always beg me to make this dish. I do have to warn you, whatever you make to accompany...

Author: CCarlton

Pressure Cooker Risotto With Peas

Risotto made in a pressure cooker and cooks in 7 to 13 minutes! This recipe is from a cookbook that came with my Fagor pressure cooker. Risotto that is easy to make and comes out perfect.

Author: wackopatty

Minado's Perfect Sushi Rice

This is the recipe for Sushi rice that I have learned from my father, the Sushi chef at Minado sushi. It's not really a secret recipe, many restaurants prepare rice this way, but it produces really great...

Author: BirdyBaker

Roasted Tomato Soup With Fresh Basil

This is a recipe from the free LCBO magazine that is published 6 times a year and is only available at liquor stores in Ontario.

Author: maryL in Canada

Risotto With Autumn Vegetables

Make and share this Risotto With Autumn Vegetables recipe from Food.com.

Author: JackieOhNo

Baked Persian Rice

A wonderful blend of flavors. I love rice, but my husband is not fond of it plain so I look for flavorful ways of preparing it and he really enjoyed this. I used jasmine rice, which is a long-grain but...

Author: GaylaJ

Oven Baked Parmesan and Garlic Risotto

Classic risotto needs constant stirring but this baked version needs hardly any attention as it cooks gently in the oven. To jazz it up a bit: When you add the remaining butter and cheese, stir in some...

Author: English_Rose

Mushroom Risotto With Peas

We made this with all white mushrooms instead of what the recipe called for. I've posted it the way Giada D meant it to be. I can only say how good it was the way it was made here.

Author: Manami

Stuffed Rice Balls " Arancine"

Marvelous rice balls stuffed with meat ragu and deep fried. Delicious and worth the trouble. This inspiration comes from the splendid Lidia Matticchio Bastianish.

Author: Vontrottzu

Microwave Risotto

I've always wanted to make risotto but thought it was too much work. This is a simple version from the cookbook Midnight Snacks.

Author: GothicGranola

Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

Make and share this Roasted Pumpkin Risotto recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mirj2338

Creamy Leek Risotto

Some think that Risotto is just too much trouble, but when you have guests that are in the kitchen drinking wine, and keeping you company it really isn't that bad. This is my stand-by risotto, we usually...

Author: NitaD

Risotto With Spinach and Artichoke Hearts

Make and share this Risotto With Spinach and Artichoke Hearts recipe from Food.com.

Author: lazyme

Risotto With Chicken and Caramelized Onions

This is the delicious risotto Brian cooked at the last cooking club. A great time-saving trick: use rotiserie chicken purchase at the grocery store!

Author: guysonlycookingclub

Mushroom, Leek and Cashew Nut Risotto

I love mushroom risotto and I love leeks and cashews however the only risotto recipe I had with these ingredients was with brown rice, boiled in a pot. I prefer the traditional method of cooking risotto...

Author: Baz231

Tomato Risotto

One of my favourites, a magical food created out of my favourite colour - red, tomatoes:) Ahh! Try this, you'll never regret it!

Author: Charishma_Ramchanda

Chicken and Smoked Sausage Paella

Use a dry smoked cooked sausage for this, and please try not to omit the smoked sausage and the saffron, it is what makes this rice dish!

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Sticky Sushi Rice

Make and share this Sticky Sushi Rice recipe from Food.com.

Author: Allotta

Mario Batali's Risotto Al Zucca: Squash Risotto

Make and share this Mario Batali's Risotto Al Zucca: Squash Risotto recipe from Food.com.

Author: Piaqua

Quick Arborio (Short Grained) Rice 2 Qt. Pressure Cooker

Entered for safe-keeping. From Kuhn-Rikon's instruction manual (15 psi cooker). K-R specifies a different cooking time and rice:water ratio for different types of rice. This recipe includes none of the...

Author: KateL

Rice and Spring Pea Soup (Risi E Bisi)

Make and share this Rice and Spring Pea Soup (Risi E Bisi) recipe from Food.com.

Author: ratherbeswimmin

Frozen Asparagus Risotto With Bacon

Spring brings us all this gorgeous but pricey fresh asparagus. I don't mind the expense for the pleasure of steamed spears. But I've found that in making risotto, using a frozen product often gives as...

Author: Elisabetta47

Risotto With Butternut Squash & Sausage

This is a great dish for company. Can make the day before and reheat it in the microwave. You can cook the squash in the PC but I find it easier just to steam the squash in another pot until soft but not...

Author: Miss Ellie 48

Garlicky Clam Paella

This Paella--Arroz de almejas a la marinera--comes from Penelope Casas who says that in Valencia, paellas tend to be either meat or seafood -- and not both. This delicious paella owes its intense clam...

Author: Chef Kate

Green Risotto

From Rachael Ray's second 30-minute meal cookbook.. sounds like a delicious and simple (Rachel's trademark) rendition of risotto.

Author: GothicGranola

Korean Style Fried Rice With Chicken and Kimchee (Pokkunbap)

Fried rice,Korean style.It's important to use leftover rice-fresh warm rice is too sticky.This is the perfect use for brown rice as it is drier and has a nutty flavor that goes well in this recipe.Make...

Author: strangelittlebeast

Leek and Scallion Risotto

This one comes from Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, who demonstrated it on "Victory Garden" (the PBS show). I didn't see the show, but ate this last night at my friend Marcia's house -- it was UNBELIEVABLE....

Author: KLHquilts

Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto Risotto

Make and share this Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Risotto recipe from Food.com.

Author: dicentra

Lemon Wild Rice Risotto

Add a bottle of wine, a fresh green salad and warm sourdough bread for a wonderful and delicious meal.

Author: Dancer

Sweet and Sour Salmon

This tastes better the second day and is good for potlucks. I buy a variety of colored peppers in bulk, slice and freeze them, then pull out the amount when needed.

Author: Borealis Beegirl

Cabernet Risotto

Congressman Mike Thompson of California posted this recipe in one of the local papers from his grandmother. He strongly recommends that the red wine be cabernet sauvignon, but he says you can substitute...

Author: TishT

Roasted Mushroom Risotto With Parsley

Another of Jamie Oliver's wonderful recipes for risotto. Use the base from Recipe #310695 until step #11 then finish with this. You'll love the flavors of roasted mushrooms and fresh, green parsley at...

Author: Penny Stettinius

Mediterranean Risotto 2 Qt. Pressure Cooker

Entered for safe-keeping, from Fagor recipe library. Fagor is a 15 psi pressure cooker. Please review the recommended cooking times for your pressure cooker, as it might required longer cooking time.

Author: KateL

Creamy Rice With Lemon, Herbs, and Parmesan

This wonderful rice dish has the texture of risotto without the constant stirring. Taken from the Oct 2002 issue of "Bon Apetit."

Author: yooper

Sushi Rice Made in Bamboo Steamer


Author: Galley Wench

Perfect Sushi Rice

Uncomplicated stove-top sushi rice for making everyday maki at home. This is the straightforward recipe I've been using for home-made sushi for over a decade. Most important rule - DO NOT REMOVE THE LID....

Author: CarolineOYum

Sweet & Spicy Rice Jamaican Style

This is a tropical seasoned rice, using Jamaican Jerk seasoning and other spices for subtle spicy taste and aromatic. Kids love it. Wonderful served with baked fish or chicken, or cold with milk. Hubby...

Author: Montana Heart Song

Portuguese Beans With Rice

As with most Portugese recipes, simple ingredients with tasty results! It calls for dried beans, so be sure to soak them overnight beforehand. I would like to try this with a short grain brown rice instead...

Author: magpie diner

Philadelphia Roll Sushi

Make and share this Philadelphia Roll - Sushi recipe from Food.com.

Author: dicentra

Ramp Risotto

I found some ramps at a farmstand and this recipe for using them on the New York magazine website. I've adapted it a bit from the original.

Author: iris5555

Parmesan Risotto Stuffed Portabellas

This is an easy, light recipe. The risotto is great on its own, too! I can't remember for sure, but I think I got this recipe from Cooking Light.

Author: RedBird1

Risotto Mix

I really liked this idea. A perfect gift in jar for people who aren't to fond of sweets and something different from the typical soup mix. The recipe comes from Holiday Gifts from A Jar.

Author: PaulaG

Creamy Coconut Lemongrass and Asparagus Risotto With Scallops

I found this recipe scrawled on a piece of paper and thought it too good to let go, its gorgeous flavours go so well together!

Author: Kazryn

Lentil, Barley and Rice Risotto

Make and share this Lentil, Barley and Rice Risotto recipe from Food.com.

Author: Diana Adcock

Sesame Rice With Scallions

Make and share this Sesame Rice With Scallions recipe from Food.com.

Author: Lori Mama

Pumpkin and Sage Risotto With Pine Nut Sauce

Make and share this Pumpkin and Sage Risotto With Pine Nut Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Evie3234

Vidalia Onion Risotto

Make and share this Vidalia Onion Risotto recipe from Food.com.

Author: Galley Wench

Porcini Risotto

Creamy, cheesy, heavenly! You could prepare this risotto with fresh mushroom (boletus) as well, use about 300g and fry them with butter for a couple of minutes. You may need to adjust the liquid amountregarding...

Author: Eismeer