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Simple Sauteed Frog's Legs

When I was a kid my grandmother used to fix frog legs this way and I still fix them like this now. Nothing fancy, just simple old fashion cooking.

Author: Chuck in Killbuck

Easy Grouse


Author: Chuck in Killbuck

Easy Cornish Game Hens

Make and share this Easy Cornish Game Hens recipe from Food.com.

Author: -------

Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo is so delicious! I was surprised to see few recipes using it on this site. These burgers are great grilled. Remember, buffalo does not need to be cooked as long as hamburger, you do not want to...

Author: LizzieP

Venison Beef Meatloaf

A very good meatloaf, made with ground venison, lean ground beef, eggs, onion, green bell peppers, rolled oats, tomato juice, prepared horseradish, ketchup and spices.

Author: Cindi M Bauer

Southern Fried Rattlesnake

Make and share this Southern Fried Rattlesnake recipe from Food.com.

Author: LoversDream

Elegant Wild Boar Burgers for Two

I created this recipe after buying a small amount of wild ground boar to try. I didn't find that the boar was gamey, but maybe just tasted more earthy than, say, beef. If you can find boar, why not give...

Author: Boxerwing

Kangaroo Fillet

I ate kangaroo tenderloin at a local restaurant. It is soooo tender and delicious, much like beef tenderloin, but w/ more flavor, IMO. Works for the broiler, too.

Author: Parsley

Venison Tenderloin with Cabernet Sauce

Another favourite venison recipe. This recipe considers farm-raised deer which is readily available in better butcher shops, or some larger super markets. A favourite cook offers up this recipe, and can...


Buffalo Chili

Make and share this Buffalo Chili recipe from Food.com.

Author: JubalHarshaw

Smothered Nutria Cajun Style

The nutria (also called ragondin) is a fur bearing herbivore native to South America that was first introduced into the wilds of Louisiana in the late 1930s, when animals were intentionally and/or accidentally...

Author: Molly53

Roast Wild Duck With Blackberry Sauce

Make and share this Roast Wild Duck With Blackberry Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: TammieV


We have been canning deer meat for several years now. This is so good, you can eat it straight from the jar. No need to add any liquids, as it makes it's own. An older woman gave me her recipe for this...

Author: Peggi Anne Tebben

Roast Wild Duck With Cranberry Sauce

I found this recipe on another site and it is similar to one a friend of mine uses. His is great and I anticipate this one being just as good.

Author: Sgt. Pepper

Fried Frog's Legs

We ate all sorts of wild game and critters when I was a kid living in rural Louisiana. My mom always said, just tell her it is chicken and she'll eat it. She knew that if I knew what I was really eating,...

Author: ratherbeswimmin

Roast Guinea Fowl

Make and share this Roast Guinea Fowl recipe from Food.com.

Author: JustJanS

Marinated Grilled Dove

My cousin and her husband grilled these one night for an appetizer and they were delicious. Whoever had cleaned these dove had just "popped out the breasts", so there were no little legs and no skin. I...

Author: crispychick

Duck and Wild Rice Casserole

An old one from Southern Living. My mom has made this one for years, using the bounty from my dad's duck hunts.

Author: ratherbeswimmin

Fried Alligator Tail

Make and share this Fried Alligator Tail recipe from Food.com.

Author: Ken Nipper

Possum (1941 New American Cookbook)

I finally found it! A published, authentic recipe for cooking possum. My father and his 8 siblings ate possum growing up in the Great Depression. I also have friends from here in Appalachian Tennessee...

Author: Susan Feliciano

Crock Pot Rosemary Cornish Game Hen

What a terrific special occasion dinner! This recipe makes the Cornish hens tender. We liked the savory spices, but adjust the garlic and rosemary to your liking. Since these Cornish hens are made in the...

Author: Nicole Darty

Grilled Antelope Steak

Make and share this Grilled Antelope Steak recipe from Food.com.

Author: Iowahorse

Wild Duck or Goose with Sauerkraut

Here's an old recipe I found about 20 plus years ago and have made it several times when I was lucky enough to get a few ducks. The sauerkraut and lemon takes away a lot of the wild taste. Note: If you...

Author: Chuck in Killbuck

Crock Pot Duck

Definitely one of the best ways to cook a duck. See cooking times in the directions.

Author: Jo Zimny

Cajun Rattlesnake Pasta

I ran across this irresistable recipe on Allrecipes website. It was posted by Zlatko Muminovic. He states: "A rich creamy and lightly spicy pasta dish with fresh vegetables and rattlesnake meat or grilled...

Author: Happy Hippie

Bison / Buffalo Pot Roast

This recipe is from "Alberta Bison" - we don't just have good beef here! If you haven't tried bison (buffalo), you really should. It has a wonderful taste and it's not gamey at all. My oldest Son actually...

Author: Nif_H

Hot & Sticky Venison Ribs With Brew Berry BBQ Sauce

Make and share this Hot & Sticky Venison Ribs With Brew Berry BBQ Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: CountryLady

Marinated Duck Breasts

An ex-hunter, I still enjoy wild game. While this recipe is for duck breasts, it will work equally well with thighs, or wild goose. Note that the "red wine" referred to is of course French Bordeaux; remember...

Author: John DOH

Spicy Deep Fried Gator Balls

No, these are not aligator testiciles but rather gator meat fashioned into a ball and deep fried. I had to go to a cajun specialty market to find the aligator

Author: GingerlyJ

Pheasant Baked With Cream

On the semiarid western prairie from the middle of Kansas northward through Nebraska and the Dakotas,September means the start of pheasant season.

Author: Robin Poindexter


This is 1 of the many recipes that I have developed over my lifetime of outdoor life.

Author: Rev BJ Friley

Wild Boar Chili

I made this recipe when I was trying to think of what to do with the bony shoulder cut of the young wild boar we had. After some searching on the internet, I decided to make a chili from it. It works better...

Author: Tea Girl

Marinade for Wild Game

We used this marinade today on some antelope tenderloin and smoked it for 2 hours with charcoal - fabulous! It is so quick and easy to throw together. I marinated the meat for 3 hours. You can just grill...

Author: HeidiSue

Buffalo Meatloaf

Fabulous meatloaf with great flavour - I have been told it makes great sandwiches the next day but never have any left over to try it! Substitute ground beef and it is equally terrific. We will often make...

Author: SukiB

Shake and bake grouse

I was skeptical the first time my fiance said he was going to cook this for me, it has since become one of our regular dishes during hunting season. He can bring home as many grouse as he can bag.

Author: Lea Carriere

Venison Swiss Steak

Got this from a 1989 NAHC Wild Game Cookbook. Easy to make and very tasty. Quick bow hunter tip: How to make a inexpensive wind indicator. "Air flow indicator" is a fancy name for an eight inch length...

Author: Catnip46

Fried Squirrel

My daddy was a hunter and fisherman. I grew up eating wild game and fish, (although I am NOT fond of fish at all). This however, is my first time cooking squirrel. My mother and father were gone by the...

Author: Cathy Smith

Canning Moose

Isn't it nice when you already have food available that doesn't have to be defrosted and cooked? You just open the jar, add the spices you want, and whala! You have spaghetti or tacos, or lasagna or stroganoff...

Author: Sherry Blizzard

Frog's Legs (French Style)

This is not just a meal, it's an evening event to be savored over several hours with family and friends. While stationed in Germany near the French border, we used to drive across to a little mom and pop...

Author: Pokey in San Antonio

Roasted Wild Turkey W/ Raspberry Sauce

My Dad brought me a turkey that my Grandfather had shot. I'd never cooked a wild turkey before & was a little nervous that my husband would find it too "gamey". Through suggestions from Dad & some different...

Author: tzisa

Possum and Sweet Tater Bake

UH...OK... Now this is old southern cooking. I typed this one exactly how it was written. HUM!! How many people Will a possum serve anyway? Poor Poor Possum, or is it Opossum?

Author: Cookin In Texas

Bear Stew slow cooker,pressure cooker

This is my First Bear Recipe Hope you enjoy

Author: Catherine Ferensic

Buffalo Medallions

Make and share this Buffalo Medallions recipe from Food.com.

Author: Iowahorse

Wild Turkey Breast

This wild turkey breast is so tender and flavorful and certainly easy to prepare. The brining helps make it really tender.

Author: Donna Brown

Coon Hash

This is a southern dish loved by many. It is usually made in the fall and winter. It goes great with dry white rice and collard greens.

Author: mightyro_cooking4u

Blue Cheese & Butter Bison Burgers

Bison is a shockingly healthy and flavorful meat. I've actually grown to like it in burgers better than beef, if done the right way....too bad I like to add a lot of additional fat.

Author: Melanie B.

Marinated Bison/Buffalo Steaks With Sauce

I have never cooked bison before. My husband had buffalo burgers once and loved them. The local supermarket is selling loads of different wild game so I bought some bison steaks to try.

Author: The Flying Chef

Goose or Duck Finger Steaks

A friend shared this batter recipe with me when we lived in Idaho. As a newly married cook, I wasn't quite sure what to do with goose and duck breasts. I've also used it on venison, but think the fowl...

Author: JustJan

Barbecue and Blue Cheese Bison Burger

This burger is super lean and healthy but not lax on flavor.. If you haven't tried buffalo this is a great place to start. I use my recipe for Cholestoral free mayo in this recipe

Author: GingerlyJ

Crockpot Gameday Moose Chili

Of course you dont have to use moose meat. Any type of ground meat works....of course since my dad has a few freezers full of Moose, Elk, Venison, Sheep, etc...i usually pick a more game-ier ground meat....

Author: Becky Hammond