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Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

Easy green tomato chutney recipe with green tomatoes, red onions, malt vinegar, and spices. This is a delicious condiment that pairs well with cheese and bread and cured meats. You can make it in an hour...

Author: Tanya Anderson

Pickled Jalapeños

These long, pickled jalapeño strips with carrots and onions are the perfect fit for tacos, nachos, or any favorite sandwich that needs spicing up. Recipe excerpted from The All New Ball Book of Canning...

Author: Chloe

Smoky Tomato Chutney

Smoky Tomato Chutney: Bottom image Pimentón - smoked paprika - gives a smoky flavour to this dark, luscious, red tomato chutney. Great to serve with hamburgers and sausages, and lovely with sharp Cheddar...

Classic Garlic Dill Pickles

A classic garlic dill pickle recipe. To store on the shelf, process in a hot water bath. If you want to skip the hot water bath, store all the jars in the fridge for up to six weeks. This recipe is for...

Author: Getty Stewart

No Pectin Apple Plum Jelly

Apple plum jelly made with no added pectin.

Author: Renee Pottle

Homemade Raspberry Apricot Jam

Tart apricots temper raspberry's richness, enhancing the flavor of each. This jam is sure to become a family favorite.

Author: Renee Pottle

Easy pickled radishes

Easy pickled radishes are quick to make and will enhance any food you serve it with. Perfectly sweet & tangy, they're a great pickle to have in the fridge. This recipe is from the Ball® jar website. It...

Author: Alida Ryder

Spiced Damson Chutney

There are chutneys and chutneys, but this one is simply the best of all. It is something I couldn't live without, having it permanently on my shelf. I love it with cold cuts, with cheese, but best of all,...

Easy strawberry jam

Easy, no pectin strawberry jam perfect for spreading onto toast or dolloping onto scones with lashings of whipped cream.

Author: Alida Ryder

Cooked Strawberry Jam Certo Liquid

Cooked Strawberry Jam - Certo Liquid recipe

Pickled Beetroot with Shallots

Beetroot is vastly underestimated, in my opinion. Perhaps that's because the strong malt vinegar of the commercial pickling masks the true flavour of the beetroot, or maybe it's because of overboiling....

Crab Apple Jelly

A flexible jelly recipe, that can start with any amount of apples*. Sugar is added in ratios to amount of juice and cooked until it sets. I recommend boiling no more than about 7 or 8 cups of juice at...

Author: Jennifer

Quick Bramble (blackberry) Jelly

This is not a jelly that will keep for long - perhaps only a month - but if you've been for a long walk in the autumn and returned with a harvest of brambles from the hedgerows, this recipe is so easy...

Caramel Apple Coffee Jam

Preserving Method: Water-Bath-Canning Makes about 4 (8 oz) half pint jars This delectable, modern jam may taste like caramel and coffee, but it's a quick-make apple jam that is perfect for morning toast...

Traditional Citrus Marmalade

Lime, lemon, grapefruit, and orange combine to make this thick and chunky Traditional Citrus Marmalade. This one is for the serious marmalade enthusiast!

Author: Lord Byron's Kitchen

Lemon and Lime Marmalade

This is a very refreshing marmalade, good wake-up food on a dull morning. Its other advantage is that it can be made at any time of the year. Although this does need fast boiling, the quantity is small...

Peach and Pepper Jam

A delicious sweet and spicy jam, perfect with crackers and cheese, as a condiment or as a glaze for chicken or shrimp.

Author: Jennifer

Pickled Sweet Peppers

Pickled Sweet Peppers are tart, sweet, and just a little spicy. These are so easy to make and there's no canning experience needed at all! If you can boil water and slice sweet peppers into rings,...

Author: Lord Byron's Kitchen

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Author: Marisa

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

One of the most delicious jams, easy to make and popular with all the family.

Author: Adapted from a recipe by Pamela Westland

Sour Dill Pickles

Supermarket dill-pickled cucumbers are always a bit on the sweet side for me, so this is my attempt at capturing that lovely sour New York deli-type pickle.

Lemon Curd

Lots of lovely recipes call for lemon curd and, once again, it's something that is never the same when shop-bought. Sore wrists? See Delia's recommendation below for an electric citrus juicer, and also...

Hot Pepper Rings

Make your own hot pepper slices to top pizza, burgers or sandwiches. To increase the heat of your peppers, do not remove the inner membranes from the peppers.

Author: Getty Stewart

Kumquat Vanilla Marmalade

Marmalade requires a bit more attention than jam-making, but you don't have to be an expert cook to make your own batch. Plus, it's the perfect project if you, like me, are getting itchy to start canning...

Author: Renee Pottle

Spiced Apricot and Orange Chutney

This is a superlative chutney: it makes an elegant accompaniment to the Terrine with Three Cheeses, is excellent with Pheasant Terrine and is the main ingredient for a wonderful sauce for Roast Loin of...

Garlic Mushrooms Preserved In Oil

Garlic mushrooms in oil are handy for salads, as an anti pasti oradding to cooking, use the oil for salads or dipping.

Author: Karon Grieve

Dark Chunky Marmalade

The problem with 20th-century marmalade-making is that today's hobs don't always oblige when it comes to getting large amounts of marmalade up to what old-fashioned cooks called a rolling boil, without...

Traditional Scottish Rosehip Jelly

Super easy recipe for traditional Scottish rosehip jelly, perfect with a cheese board, on toast, in baking and as a glaze for roasts too.

Author: Karon Grieve

Nanking Cherry Jelly

Nanking Cherry Jelly

Author: Julie

Jalapeño Jelly

This lovely sweet and spicy jalapeño jelly recipe is a great way to use up all of those jalapeño peppers from the garden! It pairs perfectly with cheese and crackers or drizzled over a fresh pizza!

Author: Chloe

Spicy Cucumber Pickles

These Spicy Cucumber Pickles are simple to prepare and elevate the flavour of many dishes through hints of chilli and ginger!

Author: Alexandra

Retro Cucumber Relish

Here is a traditional cucumber relish, it's great on sandwiches and a cheese board.

Author: Julie

Christmas Chutney

This is so-named because it is made with dried fruits, which I always associate with Christmas: prunes, dates and apricots It's dark, spicy and delicious with cold cuts, pork pies or hot sausages - and...

Strawberry and Vanilla Jam

Strawberry and vanilla jam is ridiculousy easy to make. Make up a batch or two when strawberries are cheap and plentiful, and you'll never buy store bought jam again.

Author: Recipe Winners

Easy Blackberry Jam (No Pectin)


Author: Jo Allison

Mango Chutney

It gets more and more difficult to find mango chutney which has really visible chunks of mango all through it. So, since it is very easy to make, here is a recipe which includes large luscious chunks of...

Dill Pickled Cucumbers

These easily prepared pickles have the perfect flavour balance of sweet and tangy, accented by fresh dill. They are very versatile, adding a little zing to many dishes.

Author: Alexandra

Small Batch Grapefruit Jam

Cook until the jam passes the "wrinkle test" (see instructions below).

Author: Jennifer

3 ingredient dried apricot jam

A super easy and super tasty jam to serve on toast and croissants, as a glaze on meats for roasting, stirred into yoghurt and as a cake filling too and with a cheeseboard

Author: Karon Grieve

Apricot and Apple Chutney

Apricot and Apple Chutney is a sweet chunky chutney packed full of fresh and dried fruit. It's easy to make with everyday ingredients and delicious with cheese and cold meats. Apricot and Apple Chutney...

Author: Janice Pattie

Pear Cranberry Compote


Author: Marisa

How to Dehydrate Strawberries

How to dehydrated fresh or frozen strawberries.

Author: Getty Stewart

Zesty Lemon Lime Curd

The very best curd is the perfect balance between sweet, sour, creamy and buttery. Whether you eat it spread on toast, fold it through softly whipped cream for filling a sponge cake, or as the base to...

Author: Jay Wadams

Green Tomato Marmalade

This marmalade is the perfect way to use up green tomatoes. Lemon, orange and ginger turn green tomatoes into a wonderful marmalade you can enjoy year round.

Author: Charmian Chrisite

How to Make Quince Paste

Quince paste, also known as Membrillo in Spain, is delightful when thinly sliced and served with Manchego cheese.

Author: Renee Pottle

Peach and Tomato Chutney

Summer is in full swing and the produce stalls at the markets are groaning with fresh fruit. That means it's the perfect time to make up a batch of Peach and Tomato Chutney, sweet and just a little bit...

Author: Jay Wadams


Author: Sneh

Spicy Pickled Asparagus

This recipe makes a kicky pickled spear. If you prefer something with a little less spice, you can leave out the cayenne.

Author: Aimee

Small Batch Strawberry Champagne Jam

This strawberry champagne jam is the perfect upgrade to toast and cake alike. Combining sweet strawberries with champagne undertones, this jam is sure to delight, no matter how you choose to use it.

Author: The Simple, Sweet Life

Strawberry Jam without Pectin (less sugar too)

A simple recipe for Strawberry Jam without Pectin that uses just 3 ingredients. It is also lower in sugar than traditional recipes. It is not a thick-set jam, but sets to a softer consistency.

Author: Gluten Free Alchemist - Kate Dowse