Cinnamon Roll Cream Pie Recipe

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Time: 80 minutes



  1. pie crusts
  2. butter
  3. brown sugar
  4. cinnamon
  5. vanilla extract
  6. sugar
  7. flour
  8. salt
  9. egg
  10. milk
  11. heavy cream


  1. to make pie crust , combine the 2 pie crust dough and roll it out into a slab shape
  2. in a bowl , add melted butter , brown sugar , cinnamon , and vanilla extract
  3. mix well
  4. spread the mixture evenly over the slab-shaped dough
  5. make sure to save 1 / 3 of the mixture
  6. roll the dough , and cut into small cinnamon roll-looking circles
  7. gently flatten the cinnamon roll discs with a rolling pin
  8. place the cinnamon rolls over the bottom and sides of a 9" diameter pie baking pan and cinch the outer edges with your fingers and press the edge of a fork down around the perimeter
  9. repeat making the mini cinnamon roll discs to be used for the top layer of the pie
  10. make pie filling
  11. after the filling is made and poured into the pie pan , bake at 400f for 30-40mins
  12. on another baking sheet lined with wax paper , lay out the other set of cinnamon rolls and bake at 350f for 15-20mins
  13. cover the pie with the baked cinnamon roll discs
  14. to make pie filling , combine sugar , flour , cinnamon , salt
  15. mix well
  16. add egg and melted butter
  17. mix well
  18. add vanilla extract , milk and heavy cream
  19. mix well
  20. pour the filling into the pie pan that has been lined with the cinnamon roll crust

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