Crock Pot Party Mix 3 Recipe

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Time: 375 minutes



  1. crispy rice cereal
  2. toasted oat cereal
  3. bite size shredded whole wheat cereal
  4. pecans
  5. pretzel stick
  6. butter
  7. worcestershire sauce
  8. seasoning salt
  9. garlic salt
  10. onion salt
  11. hot pepper sauce


  1. combine the cereals , nuts and pretzels in crock-pot
  2. mix the melted butter with the remaining ingredients and pour over cereal mixture
  3. tossing lightly to coat
  4. do not cover the crock-pot
  5. cook on high for 2 hours , stirring well every 30 minutes
  6. turn to low for 2 to 4 hours
  7. cool completely and store in airtight container
  8. 5 qt smart pot and the 5 quart regular slow cooker , the 5 quart slow cooker cooked hot and the mix burnt
  9. watch this carefully while on high and adjust the time accordingly

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