Crustless Stir Fry Quiche Or Scrambled Omelette Recipe

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Time: 50 minutes



  1. yellow onion
  2. ham
  3. spinach
  4. fresh parsley
  5. eggs
  6. milk
  7. oil
  8. salt & pepper
  9. cheddar cheese


  1. chop the onion and ham into 1 cm squares
  2. separate the stem and leaves of the parsley , then chop each
  3. heat a stir-fry pan to medium-high , add oil
  4. cook the onion till it softens a bit', "don't caramelize it ! then add ham and the stem portion of the parsley", 'stir for a minute or two
  5. add spinach , stir and cover
  6. if the frying pan becomes too dry , add a little bit of milk
  7. meanwhile , use a fork to beat eggs in a medium bowl , then add the milk to the eggs
  8. as you whisk the mixture , add salt and pepper
  9. put in the parsley leaves as well
  10. when the spinach shrinks , reduce the heat to medium
  11. add the egg mixture , and mix evenly
  12. stir the bottom of the pan as the "quiche" cooks
  13. when about half of the liquid is cooked , mix in cheese , reserving some for top
  14. cover and let the eggs steam in the pan', "don't be tempted to open the lid - or the top won't cook !", 'remove the quiche wholly , or scramble it and transfer to a pie dish
  15. top with cheese & enjoy =)

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