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Top recipes for "Deep-fry"

Crispy chicken fingers with spicy honey mustard

these are quick and delicious. kids love them and they go well with fries and a salad for an easy to prepare meal. serve with honey mustard and/or your favorite bbq sauce.

Clam box fried clams ipswich mass

i love fried clams any time of year, and these are really good! from the clam box in ipswich mass. courtesy of

Top secret reicpes version of kfc wings by todd wilbur

from the colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. the honey barbecue wings are tasty . after...

Do ahead fries

these fries are precooked early in the day and finished when you're ready to serve. you'll be surprised how crisp and golden they cook up!! you can also put them on a cookie sheet after the first frying...

Crispy fish in chili sauce

one of my family's favourite dishes. a bit hot but, you can alter how hot it is. very tasty and very morish.

Double dipped fried chicken

this fried chicken is courtesy of tyler florence host of "food 911" on the food network. the skin is very crunchy and flavorful, and the meat itself is very tender due to the buttermilk marinade.

Crisp fried wild turkey breast

an easy way to cook that wild turkey your mighty hunter brings home. from texas highways magazine posted in response to a recipe request. cooking time is approximate.

Crispy spinach

something yummy and different. the trick is to have the oil really hot before putting the spinach in and the spinach will not absorb a lot of oil. it is a good starter as it is light. the oil should be...

Coconut prawns

from australian house and garden. a wine suggestion: a white wine with tropical fruit flavours eg a sauvignon blanc semillon. i've also posted the dipping sauces.prep and cooking times are guestimates...


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Cornbread loaf

i made a few minor changes to the original recipe printed in bon appetit (december 1992). original recipe was printed as a request for corn bread served in le bus resturant.

Deep fried garlic

i haven't tried this yet but it sounds interesting. recipe from garlic lovers cookbook. i'm going to try them soon.

Deep fried bananas

this makes enough for 12 people. you can serve these with your favorite.....honey, maple syrup, powder sugar, melted chocolate or hot fudge!

Dahi bada

this is actually a traditional indian (hyderabad) recipe eaten as a snack or at high tea. we make these dahi badas especially during iftaar in ramadan. this is my mom's recipe, it has a hyderabadi touch!...

Danish aebleskiver

found on the net in response to a request. this information came with the recipe: "aebleskiver - a danish dessert, like doughnut holes, but sweeter & much better traditionally served with glogg during...

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Deep fried calamari simple

this is so easy! just like the restaurants in spain! the coating is crispy though not overbearing, and the calamari will be tender. the trick here is that the calamari needs to be cooked either super quick,...

Clam croquettes

i can never have just one...

Dominican pastelitos savory pasties

this recipe found at aunt clara's kitchen. i've used this recipe changing the filling. i've also increased ingredients and more for parties. these can be made ahead of time and frozen till needed. ...

Crunchy strips

these are an addictive crunchy snack that are great with spicy mexican style soups. add more or less seasoning according to your tastes and preferences. you won't be able to stop eating them!

Corn dogs on a stick

hot dogs on a stick wrapped in a delicious corn meal bun.

Delicious corn dogs

i use "schneider's juicy jumbo" hot dogs for these, as they are quite large and hold well under the corn meal coating, i am not certain if they sell this brand in the states, if not just make certain that...

Coconut shrimp wontons

creamy coconut shrimp wrapped up in a wonton bundle and served with a sweet cocktail sauce.

Donuts sweet milk pre 1940 s

this pre-1940's recipe is included in my “grandma’s wartime edition cookbook”

Corn dog batter

a kid favorite.

Crumbed calamari

i love calamari. this is how to crumb them at home. look for more calamari recipes coming soon. serve with tartar sauce and enjoy the experience

Chocolate doughnuts

just as easy as plain ones to make. superb doughnuts.

Beer batter chicken fingers

a delicious finger food. eat your's first 'cuz the mob will devour the rest without saving any for the cook.

Fried jack

a mexican version of the traditional favorite, mozzerella sticks. these are very good as an appetizer or a snack or to serve along with a mexican meal.

Deep fried catfish

bring on the coleslaw!!! you'll love this one!

Fried mozzarella

not a dieter's dish, but definately a nice/easy appetizer for a small party. serve with a little tomato sauce for dipping. kids love these!!

Cinnamon crispas

crunchy cinnamon-sugar snacks like my girls love to get at taco bell...yummy for snacks, dessert, slumber parties, football parties, or 'just cause.' great with mexican hot chocolate! :o)

Falafel with tahini and cilantro sauces

this is a great vegetarian dish for lunch or dinner!! crisp on the outside, tender in the middle. add more pepper flakes to the cilantro sauce is you like more bite.


this recipe is posted by request.

Chocolate potato doughnuts

love chocolate doughnuts. these freeze well if you'd like to keep extra on hand.

Jerk wings

hey mon, these are good! a nice change from traditional hot wings.

Amazon catfish

recipe submitted per a request for amazon fish. source of recipe is the turtle bay cookbook. cook time is frying time.

Sweet sour chicken

this is a good recipe to have on hand if you're stuck in a cabin in the northwoods, craving sweet sour chicken, and there's not one chinese take-out place within 50 miles. that's about the only time i...


russian meat pastries can be boiled or fried.

Ranch wings

simple and tasty...came up with this as i was cleaning the fridge out one night.

Easy crispy falafel

my favourite road side snack. it has a crispy exterior while the inside is soft and succulent.

Smashed fingerling potatoes

a great side dish to any meal, these unusually prepared potatoes are an attention-getter and taste divine! spark them up even further with another herb of your choice. prep/cook times are approximate....

Fried dough

great toped with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or honey. serve warm and enjoy. recipe courtey:

Soofganiyot hanukkah doughnuts

from faye levy's international jewish cookbook. - "fluffy doughnuts without holes similar to these are known by many names; i've seen them as bismarck jelly doughnuts, krapfen, and in france as boules...

Scotch eggs

although scotch eggs have been around for eons, i first tasted them when i was a college student at edinburgh university. they were heavily seasoned and accompanied by a pint of newcastle brown ale (and...

Vegetable pakora

simple and fast, yet delicious, these indian battered and deep fried vegetable bits are great served by themselves as a snack or as an appetizer or side dish. might i shamelessly suggest my butter chicken...

Dutch bitterballen bite size veal croquettes

bitterballen, bite-size veal croquettes. these are usually eaten when dutch people go to a bar and served with a drink. i quess you could call it dutch 'tapas' !

Crispy tilapia

crispy! serve with tartar sauce. you can cut into small pieces before breading so the kids can eat like nuggets. you can also deep fry! stays crispy for packing in a lunch or picnic! a major importance...

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