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Top recipes for "Greek"

Dolma meat filled

i was recently asked for a recipe for dolma with a meat filling, and here's my recipe.


traditional dip/sauce either served with bread or with fried/grilled fish or souvlaki. it is very garlicy so you could reduce the amount of garlic to suit. from

Jersey diner tzatziki sauce

my mouth remembers after-school trips to the greek diner down the street for gyros. it's one of the fondest memories i have of my old hometown in northern nj. i've been looking for a good tzatziki recipe...


my interpreter's mother (who was a commercial baker in skopje, macedonia) used a dowel which looked to be about 3/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter and about 3 feet long to roll out her pastry. she used this...

Coconut syrup cake

my friend's greek neighbor gave this recipe to her. i tried this cake and had to ask her for the recipe, so here it is.

Curry roast chicken

this is a spiced up version of roast chicken. do make sure the chicken is totally dry otherwise you won't be able to rub in the butter properly.

Hummus extraordinaire

the delicious middle eastern/mediterranean dip of goodness! my favorite way to eat this is to tear off a chunk of greek pita, scoop up a heaping helping of hummus & savour, however, many use it as a versatile...


this has been passed down from my grandfather to my mother. it is a greek recipe for stuffed grape leaves.

Greek stuffed meatloaf

this is one of my favorite greek recipes.

Carol's hummous

a recipe i learned from two lebanese friends. this is my family's most requested dish at get-togethers.


greek easter soup.

Classic creamy greek rice pudding

this is comfort food at its best, especially during these uneasy times. you can serve the pudding with a dollop of homemade whipped cream (and even a maraschino cherry on top.) to make it look really special...

Cretan green beans

green beans and tomatoes. sprinkle with some crumbled feta cheese, if desired.

Okara hummus

since buying a soy toy soymilk maker about a year and a half ago, i have been an avid user of recipes that include okara, which is the by-product that is leftover from the soymilk making process. this...

Greek roll up

perfect for a picnic or brown bag lunch. la tortilla makes a rosemary tortilla that is to die for with this recipe. you can use any flavor that you find or just plain.

Greek pita salad

a very refreshing salad with unusual 'croutons'.

Corn moussaka

this is an easy moussaka recipe that tastes great and suits the international taste. i found this in a magazine more years ago than i wish to say. it's even better warmed up.

Dees greek omelet

has spinach black olives feta

Spanakopita spinach pie

delicious, traditional greek dish. serves 8 as a first course and 4as a light meal

Super simple gyros with cucumber mint yogurt

looking for something that you can pull together for lunch or dinner in a jiffy? this easy, greek-inspired gyros recipe may be the way to go. to serve: heat and split the pitas; serve the lamb, seasoned...

Salata horiatiki greek salad

greek salad with tomato, cucumber, olives, dill and feta cheese. serve with crusty bread.

Whole wheat pita bread

my friend liz introduced me to fresh pita bread with this recipe. it's fun to make and produces such a wonderful pita. you never had it this good. fresh is better! can also be made ahead, stored in the...

Kalamaria pilafi squid pilaf

this is from the frugal gourmet. i'm posting it for zwt 6. greece

Gyro meatloaf in crockpot

gyros are on of my favorite sandwiches. i realized that like pretty much everything else i love to eat, i should be able to find it on the internet. imagine my surprise when i found out you could cook...

Moussaka stack 21 day wonder diet day 16

this is day 16: dinner on the 21 day wonder diet. this is my absolute favourite dish on this diet! moussaka is one of my favourite dishes of all time, and i was thinking the "diet" version would be a...

Fiery chickpea and yogurt salad

fiery chillies and cooling yogurt contrast beautifully with each other in this simple salad.

Greek style lemon potatoes

from sunset magazine. the lemon flavor is pronounced so if you don't love lemon, you might want to cut back on the amount of juice used or omit the zest.

Greek rice salad

this is a quick and simple rice salad. the creamy feta blends beautifully with the black olives. if you leave out the cucumber, this is also lovely served warm. i like the flavour as it is but if you don't...

Tourlou tava

you might think of this as a greek-style ratatouille. it does not contain eggplant, but may be used in the same ways as that other ratatouille. this dish is best made the day before serving so that flavors...

Greek low fat red pepper feta dip

no mezi, or hors-d'oeuvre, platter is complete without a dip, and this simple one is intensely flavourful. serve with pitas, flatbreads or crisp vegetables.

Grilled greek chicken breasts

wonderful blend of flavors and super simple! makes for a nice twist on boring chicken. can also cook in skillet or paninin press.

Wanna be greek grilled chicken breasts

super easy, flavourful and tender, with a souvlaki-ish taste. this is best done on the grill, but i've also baked this in the oven on a rack in the winter. or use a foreman grill if you have one. serve...

Roasted potatoes with whole garlic lemon and oregano

taken from "the foods of the greek islands" written by aglaia kremezi. this is most always served with lamb or roasted chicken. use small potatoes for this if you can, quarter or half them and leave the...

Naxos island salad

bursting with flavors, this greek island salad would be a wonderful summer lunch or lite supper that is nourishing as well as delicious. leaving the feta off the salad will make it vegan and still delicious!...

Jalapeno and lime hummus

with store bought hummus, the quantity is small and prices are high... plus i like to be able to control the ingredients, so i adapted this recipe from ingredient labels. please note that i use bertolli...

Dolmades with avgolemeno sauce

from closet cooking site with some variations. these can either be a main dish or an appetizer, depending on your appetite and amount you put inside each. serve with good crusty bread and a greek salad....

Green white feta ring spinach feta

this is a great brunch dish. you can

Eggplant casserole melitzanes me kreas sti katsarola

this dish is being posted for zwt. i'm fond of eggplant & lamb, so i was esp pleased to find this on the net & not find this particular version here on rz. i was also more than just a little surprised...

Greek eggplant and chicken casserole

from the ww website, here for safekeeping.

Mint tahini dressing

goes great with lamb or falafel. edit, i really like this the way it is. if you find the flavours too strong add more yoghurt to thin and honey to sweeten. i guess you have to like the sesame taste to...

Crock pot beef stifado

a tasty and easy dish to cook. it has lots of flavor.

Aegean pasta salad

"party pasta", good food magazine, august 1986. a nice summer pasta salad that is really a meal.

Asparagus with saffron mint sauce

makes a fresh and flavorful sauce for spring asparagus.


this dressing is perfect on veggies such as steamed green beans, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower or any greens. it can also be used to baste meats or seafood when grilling. once you try this simple,...

Sexy greek cocktail

the greek lady that made this recipe said that there are lots of sexy greeks in her country! this cocktail will help you get friendly with them! :) enjoy!

Shrimp scorpio

from weight watcher's international 1977 greece. serve with rice or couscous.

Danforth salad

yummy summer salad, that's a bona fide toronto classic. perfect meal for a lazy summer sunday with bbq in the backyard.

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