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Cod with spiced red lentils

this dish has quickly become a family favourite. easy, healthy and delicious, with just the right amount of spiciness. the recipe as-is can come out more like a stew, so if you want it to be a plate (not...


serve this with rice, as part of your authentic indian meal.

Djemma el fna harira soup

i just came back from marrakesh and had to recreate the harira i had in the djemma el fna market. i read about 20 recipes and used what i thought was the best of all of them, then used my tastebud memories...

Easy dahl recipe

my family recipes from india and sri lanka are all quite good, but this is one of the easiest and best!

Dal nirvana naan

taken from these two pages, & this was totally delicious...

Chunky vegetable lentil soup gluten free vegan

fore more healthy, gluten-free, pesco-vegetarian recipes, please visit my blog,


an easy and tasty lentil recipe. cheap and quick! it's quite hot so i like it served with rice and a green vegetable.

Coconut channa dal

posted in response to a request. channa dal, also called bengal gram dal, is related to chickpeas, but is smaller and split. it has a sweet, nutty flavour, and a low glycemic index. looking just like...

Herb lentils and rice

this was the featured recipe in an email this morning from the best of spark people. listed at website. submitted by lillake. "a tasty non-meat way to get some extra protein in...

Barbecue baked lentils

i love lentils for their versatility. found this recipe in an old cooking light magazine and was taken by this unconventional treatment. though i have not tried this one, i'm making it public now for...

Chorizo lentil and black bean hash

i had some chorizo to use and this all fell into place with leftover beans and lentils from the fridge. serve warm on corn tortillas with cilantro and fried eggs.

Dhall lentil tomato curry

australian woman's weekly dinner party cookbook.

Egyptian red lentil soup

this soup is considered to be a tradition for breaking the ramadan fast in egypt and is a traditional "middle eastern peace recipe". i got this from a middle eastern living blog and decided to share it...

Rice with lentils and dates

from the new book of middle eastern food, posted for zwt iii, north africa and the middle east.

Creamy indian lentils and rice

this is a recipe from cooking light. it doesn't say what kind of lentils to use, but from the picture, i'd say brown, or puy.

Spicy lentil and vegetable dish

------so easy, so healthy, so cheap! this is not a curry. it's a spicy, nutritious one-pot dish. can -- actually should -- be made the day before, as flavours definitely improve on standing: this was clear...

Dal maharani the queen of indian lentils

its a wonderful mixture of various lentils and very tasty with hot white rice. i add a dollop of low fat yogurt instead of the fresh cream to my plate for a lower cal option!

Dosas indian rice and lentil pancakes

in response to a request, i haven't tried these, but they sound intriguing. this is an indian lentil and rice pancake. the mixture needs to soften and set for sometime, you'll need at least 1 1/2 days...

Costco quinoa salad

we love costco's quinoa salad so i was thrilled when i stumbled across the recipe in it's best to make this salad the day before you plan to serve it to give the grains time to absorb...

Five lentil stew panch dal

from north india. if you're like me & enjoy experimenting, go to the nearest indian store (or online) & order up as many kinds of dal as you can & then find ways to use them! this was posted on a vegetarian...

Lentil and kale soup

plan to make this at least a day ahead, because it gets so much better after sitting overnight. then just heat up the soup, make a salad and bread, and you have a fantastic meal! and healthy! from soups...

Curried lentils

this recipe might sound a little strange but if you fix it once you will fix it often. it also freezes fine.

Coconut dal

this is an easy, healthy, and delicious recipe. i got it from the book ultrametabolism (which i highly recommend). i have made it with green split peas before and it still tastes great, it just looks...

Pressure cooker double dhal

i call this double dhal because it has two different types of pulses and both sweet and regular potatoes. the method and seasoning are based on moong-chole ki dal, by usha rana which can be seen in its...

Curried chicken with lentils

i came up with this to use up some ingredients i had on hand. it's sort of like a dahl, but with chicken and a few other untraditional ingredients. serve over rice, or just eat with naan or a piece...

Lentil soup with chard

cooking light. october 2003.

Ethiopian lentils

this looked pretty interesting, so i thought i'd post it.

Curry lentil dip

very easy, nutritious, delicious vegetarian dip. great for picnics or on the road.serve with tortilla chips, pita bread, or veggies.

Black magic black lentils soybean dal

tasty and nutritious dal that stirs up magic on your table and in your mouth

Crock pot lentil ham soup

frank saulle's "crock pot lentil & ham soup" is slow cooked to perfection. this is the perfect recipe for a cold lazy night!

Dahl soup

i love anything with coconut milk in it! this looks yummy, when i try it, i will use light coconut milk though. serve with naan bread for dipping.

Dal makhani spicy black lentils

i have had this recipe for some time now. i love this dal - it tastes soooo good. if you want to cut down on the calories, you can omit the cream - it will still taste very good.

Red bean chili

from taste of the caribbean. a flavorful meatless chili. i've added some more tomatoes to the original recipe - it was quite thick as written - but of course if that's the way you like it, just use 14...

Lamb shank lentil soup

a hearty, winter warming comfort food: tender lamb shanks with lentils and sweet pumpkin! adapted from a simply great meals recipe club recipe.

Red split lentils with cabbage masoor dal aur band gobi

credit to madhur jaffrey, by way of deb at

Curried lentils and vegetables

i found this on, did some modifications to it. it is one of our favorites as a healthy side dish or a fast lunch.

Coconut red lentils with spinach cashews lime vegan

this recipe was adapted from extraveganza, which is a book i am thoroughly loving! for starters i halved the recipe - so you could easily double up again to get about enough for 6-7. there are a few...

Country style smoked sausage ham and split pea soup

this is the soup i make after i have baked my recipe #262247. this soup uses split peas, but you can just as easily use yellow or red split lentils instead (same weight and cooking instructions). many...

Matthan erisheri south indian pumpkin and lentil stew

another of my mom's pumpkin recipes for charishma. according to my mom yellow pumpkin (the halloween kind) is best for this recipe, but i don't see why you can't try other varieties. then again, i'm always...

Simple dal

nothing fancy- just basic dal.



German lentil salad linsensalat

adapted from a recipe found on the website, and posted for the 2006 zaar world tour. the recipe did not specify what sort of vinegar or mustard, so use your favourites.

Famous pumpkin pie

this was published on the label of libby's whole pumpkin in a can. it's good and really easy.

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