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Top recipes for "Short-grain-rice"

Sushi salad

great side dish for sushi lovers! low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Crock pot rice pudding

this company's coming recipe for rice pudding is by far the easiest one i have ever made. i might add an extra tablespoon or so of sugar next time, and maybe top the vanilla up to a full 2 teaspoons. however,...

Simply splendid rice pudding

this recipe is posted for a recipezaar member who is looking for an eggless, baked rice pudding. it's untried by me, but it sounds good so i'll likely try it soon! i found it in rose murray's cookbook,...

Clam risotto

creamy, clammy, delicious. giovanni avella

Danish christmas rice porridge

this is a real danish tradition for christmas eve and is served as a first course. when the porridge is almost cooked you make a ceremony, with everyone watching, of dropping one blanched almond in the...

Creamy leek risotto

some think that risotto is just too much trouble, but when you have guests that are in the kitchen drinking wine, and keeping you company it really isn't that bad. this is my stand-by risotto, we usually...

Sweet pineapple yellow rice

this recipe is sweet and tangy. you just can't get enough off it, both kids and adults go wild. it was given to me by a south african friend. add enough turmeric to give a soft yellow colour.

Butternut squash rice and sausage casserole

a cold-weather hit from our csa newsletter.

Corn risotto casserole

i found this little gem in one of those free booklets they give out in the grocery store. it's great as a side dish but could also be a vegetarian main course, served with salad and bread.

Egyptian rice for fish

this is a must have dish cooked in egypt with any kind of fish very easy and tasty and you have a choice of adding tiny pieces of shrimp to it or cumin or even raisins

Thai red curry risotto

sunset, october 2002

Chicken and vegetables congee chok

this is totally and utterly comfort food for asians. posted this recipe for skipper/sy. it is a total self-creation that has become a staple in my family. we actually have craving for this. a total balanced...

Country corn brown rice

been making this for years and thought i'd share. originally from my great recipes (i think). very versatile; use long or short grain and works equally well with brown or white rice.

Spanish chicken and rice

this chicken is great because you throw it all together in a pot & let it cook until the chicken is so tender, it's almost falling off the bone. remove skin from chicken before cooking for a healthier...

Cousa mashi arabic stuffed zucchini

cousa mashi is what you serve the guests you like the most. a bit time consuming to make, but the results are worthwhile. while it is called cousa mashi, you should include some small eggplants and a couple...

Creamy rice pudding bonnie stern

"there's too much liquid", you're going to say. trust me....this will work out to be the creamiest rice pudding you've ever made. stir once in a while to prevent any rice from sticking to the bottom,...

Beet risotto

i love beets and am always looking for other ways to cook them - this is from rachel ray - she suggests garnishing this with crumbled ricotta-salata cheese (or feta)and roasted asparagus. i am a purist...

Sunshine curry chicken

my mom came across this delicious recipe years ago and was a family favorite. it can be doubled or tripled for extra servings to freeze. you may use any type of rice. brown rice may need more liquid.

Rarebit risotto

i've adapted this recipe from the moosewood simple suppers cookbook, and it always gets rave reviews! beer and cheddar may not sound like ideal risotto ingredients, but i guarantee it'll be love at first...

Risotto a la criolla

this peruvian dish blends the creamy texture of risotto with a traditional spanish flavor combination. from

Risotto baked with sage and saffron

this is a mild, smooth and creamy rice dish that works nicely as a foil for spicy entrees. terrific comfort food. because the risotto is baked, you don't have to stand and stir it for twenty-five minutes....

Creamy raisin rice pudding

from uncle ben's flyer.

Orzo and rice pilaf thitono pilafi

this is a great side dish for any greek dinner. originally from an april 1980 issue of bon apetit. it was featured in an "easter feast from the greek islands" article featuring a menu and recipes from...

California tuna roll

i love sushi, and can only make it on special occasions since i am restricted from eating too much rice. but this is good and i would eat it every day if i could get away with it!!! making the sushi rice...

Italian vegetable rice pizza

from uncle ben's flyer. you can use any kind of veggies you like!

Sesame rice with scallions

taken from food network magazine with adjustments.

Cranberry apple dessert risotto diabetic friendly

the cranberries may be swapped for cherries, raisins or your fav small dried fruit for a dreamy, creamy rice pudding.

Pea basil mint risotto

i tried this recipe on a recent holiday-it was really good! lots of nice fresh herb flavours.

Perfect japanese rice

basic onigiri (riceball) recipe. add any filling you want i particularly like egg scrambled with some soy sauce (dark) and toasted (brush with a little miso mixed with sake and grill) onigiri can be very...

Leek risotto

creamy italian rice dish that is served as a main course. this is a reduced fat version. i have reduced the amount of oil and cheese used, but you can also sprinkle parmesan over the top once it's served....

Creamy spinach risotto

make as an appetizer with skewered, grilled blackened or cajun shrimp or as side dish.

Spanish garden rice

thanks to tammy & annie's recipes #9417 & #12893 for inspiring me to invent this one :) great way to use up the not fully grown peppers from your garden at the end of the season.

Parmesan brown rice

nice to serve with lemon roast chicken and maybe a mixed-vegetable medley. perfect meal for the diabetic!

Perfect risotto for wolfgang puck pressure cooker

if anyone has the wolfgang puck pressure cooker from hsn, you know the recipes that came with it are pretty sparse. here's one i devised for risotto that turned out beyond perfect. give it a try! technique...

Comfort food rice pudding

it's perfect if you are craving rice pudding and have no milk or eggs. i love this, rich and flavorful but it's best if you eat it on the first day.

Sushi rice

i like this recipe because it is pretty easy and i have gotten good results everytime i use it. it is adapted from a couple of different recipes. (this makes almost 2 cups of seasoning, i put what i have...

Spicy chicken and zucchini risotto

thick, creamy and every so slighty spicy. delicious and simple to make.

Cabernet risotto

congressman mike thompson of california posted this recipe in one of the local papers from his grandmother. he strongly recommends that the red wine be cabernet sauvignon, but he says you can substitute...

Rice pudding made with coconut milk

this a simple, creamy rice pudding. if you want to make this diary free just substitute the milk with coconut milk.

Flavorful mushroom risotto

not for the dietetic! the chantarelle's are delicious in this risotto but a combination of any or all make it wonderful. delish! this was adapted from an adapted recipe in saveur magazine.

Mushroom risotto with peas

we made this with all white mushrooms instead of what the recipe called for. i've posted it the way giada d meant it to be. i can only say how good it was the way it was made here.

Chicken cacciatore risotto

recipe of the day from taste

Simple microwave cooked rice

just rice, water and a little butter or oil. cover and nuke as directed. no watching, yeah!

Stuffed yellow peppers with spicy swiss chard and scallion pilaf

food & wine. august 2006. stuffed peppers originate from turkey. i did not know that! i think these could be done oamc.

Egyptian fried rice

from colette rossant's charming memoir of growing up in egypt and france, "apricots on the nile." she writes that the soft portion of this rice is served in one dish and the crispy bottom pieces in another....

Spicy minced pork rice porridge

rice porridge is a comfort food to many asians, especially the chinese. mix the porridge with different cooked meats and you get an excellent, savoury mixture. in this recipe, the spicy sauce from the...

Creamy dreamy rice pudding non dairy

this is an adaptation of my grandmother's rice pudding which i fondly remember. it is non-dairy and naturally sweetened, for my darling husband. it is a creamy dreamy warm after school treat on a cold...

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