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national antiguan dish (caribbean)

Cranberry mashed sweet potatoes

yummy side dish for any season. i tend to eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes all year around. good side for the holidays too!

Curried kumera

another alison holst recipe which i'm posting for zwt. i haven't made this yet, but i intend to make it very soon.

Cholent d or

this cholent is a very special veggie cholent that i have spent the past 9 months or so trying to perfect. cholent was always something that i looked forward to having, but when i went vegetarian, i found...

Creamy sweet potato casserole

a better creamier sweet potato casserole not dulled down with spices that really lets you have a great sweet potato flavor.

Cuban pork stew

simple crock pot dinner.

Easy crock pot pumpkin soup

this is a very thick pumpkin soup that is so easy, yet always gets me rave reviews.


my husband and i tried this at the animal kingdom lodge at disney world, which is an absolutely marvelous buffet of african food. we loved it. i tried to get the waiter to sneak me the recipe to no avail....

Duo tater bake

from joan mcculloch of british columbia, this was in this month toh. it looks interesting, and thought i would store it here for later use. if you make this, let me know how it comes out.

Core spicy sweet potatoes with tangy lime and cilantro

i borrowed this recipe from epicurious. it has all core ingredients and is delicious!

Crispy sweet potato casserole

this is a phenomenal side dish for holiday parties. it is a family recipe. if you dont like mushy marshmallo sweet potatoes, try these and you will never go back to another recipe!

Dominican sweet potatoes

this tasty recipe from the dominican republic is usually made with a type of island pumpkin called calabaza. i've adapted it to use with regular sweet potatoes.

Curried sweet potato wedges

these are a delicious side dish. i usually bake them alongside chicken in the oven and they come out so, so good. i've used this recipe on regular potatoes and that, too, is yummy. enjoy!

Pain patate

though the name literally means "sweet potato bread," this haitian treat is more like a baked pudding. the secret is to use white sweet potatoes (also called boniatas) and not orange ones or yams. otherwise,...

Curried red lentil sweet potato soup

this is a tasty, healthy, and kid-friendly soup that is easy to make. it was inspired by "vegetarian pleasures" by jeanne lemlin. see bottom of the directions for ways to improve on the kid-friendliness...

Scalloped sweet potatoes

a twist on an old favorite!

Savory sausage and sweet potato stew

this stew really warms the soul. i cannot wait until winter comes so that i can have a pot of this simmering on the stove. delicious served with corn bread or corn muffins

Candied yams with apples

this sounds so good. i got the recipe out of a magazine. haven't made it yet, plan to soon.

Sweet potato cake with orange glaze

a nice dessert for an autumn dinner. cooking time does not include cooling time

Smoky potato soup

this soup is a variation of my irish mother's potato soup. i won third prize in the san diego union's potato recipe contest. i love the combination of rosemary and garlic in this soup. i use an immersion...

Cinnamon sweet potato fries

this recipe is based on one by maya's mama which i have adapted to our taste. i use krazy mixed-up salt & cinnamon to give these fries extra flavor. enjoy!

Sweet potato trta

delicious tårta from aquavit: and the new scandinavian cuisine by marcus samuelsson, probably the most famous scandinavian chef in the united states.

Cranberry sweet potato bake

i found this in our grocery ad this week. sounds really good! i might even try this for thanksgiving day dinner next week. from ocean spray

Split pea and sweet potato soup

cardamom and garam masala add subtle spice to split peas and sweet potatoes. directions for making on the stove and for the slow cooker. i like to add a little curry powder to spice it up even more! adapted...

Creamy thai sweet potato soup

a quick and simple soup that is perfect topped with roasted cashews

Pressure cooker double dhal

i call this double dhal because it has two different types of pulses and both sweet and regular potatoes. the method and seasoning are based on moong-chole ki dal, by usha rana which can be seen in its...

Coconut and carrot soup

this recipe was given to me by my neighbor who is one of my closest friends. the combination of the coconut milk, coconut oil, sweet potato and carrots is absolutely wonderful! placing her recipe here...

Curried lentils with sweet potatoes and swiss chard

adapted from a smitten kitchen recipe

Butternut squash sweet potato curry

good, clean, wholesome vegetable dish for anyone who likes the taste of curry to enjoy

Black eyed peas and sweet potato stew

just a recipe i made up one cold day when i wanted a hearty, homemade stew (comfort food!) it was really good, so i shared it with a few friends. one friend called it:

Quick can candied yams

here is a quick candied yams recipe. enjoy!

Chocolate chip sweet potato squares

from home cooking magazine (november-december 2004)

Curried cream of root vegetable soup

this is a recipe i recieved from a friend some time ago. it has been a hit at a number of dinner functions. it is the ideal soup for a cool fall day or a cold winter day!

Easy candied sweet potatoes

these taters are quick and easy and very yummy. the hardest part of the recipe is getting dh to peel the potatoes!

Holiday sweet potato coconut casserole

excellent for thanksgiving or christmas.

Crock pot maple glazed sweet potatoes

tender slices of sweet potato in a fragrant sauce. the apple cider gives the sauce a little tang which pairs nicely with the sweet maple flavor. a great addition to any fall meal. an easy thanksgiving...

Apricot glazed yams

great sweet potato recipe! especially delicious with ham.

Brown butter sea scallops with ginger sweet potatoes ww

entered for safe-keeping. scallops and sweet potatoes fit my ww and cholesterol-reduction diet very nicely. each serving is 4 pts. from ww's "simply the best all american".

Yam and marshmallow casserole

a sweet side dish which goes excellent with turkey dinner. a fairly quick dish to prepare and bake, and really tasty. you can substitute the yam for a sweet potato.

Speckled sweet potato mash

i must admit, i find it really hard to make anything without chilies and garlic, which is probably why i don't make many desserts really. this is a great spicy, savoury mash, and it isn't too bad fat-wise...

Vegetarian west african soup

this appeared in cooking light two or three years ago.

Scalloped yams and apples

i used to waitress at a stouffer's in columbus, ohio where they served this. it was so good, i decided to create my own version and it's been a part of our thanksgiving and christmas meals for over 25...

Sweet potato asian dumplings

from broke ass gourmet. she says "if you have never made dumplings before, this is a good recipe to start with. the sweet potato mixture is incredibly easy to work with, the ingredients are straightforward...

Sweet potato boats

this makes a great fat-free side-dish. you can substitute chopped apples for either the raisins or the cranberries.

Curried lentils with sweet potatoes and spinach

my mother-in-law shared this with me (by way of, and it sure is a keeper. one of the tastiest ways i know to get your daily vitamins! the recipe calls for fresh spinach, but i used...

Butter chickpea curry

i tried this recipe from a friend last night - divine in pita bread. play around with the vegetables and spices to suit your taste. i guess a low fat version could be made with coconut cream or low fat...

Curried sweet potato fritters pancakes

these have just the perfect combination of flavors. if you like curry then you will love these! if you make the pancakes about 3 inches in size you should get anywhere from 30-35 pancakes. the complete...

Crock pot chicken noodle soup with sweet potatoes

a very easy recipe to prepare and most ingredients can be ready the night before.

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