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Crispy Fried Chicken

I experimented for many years before developing this recipe. It's bits and pieces of hints I had heard over the years. I have had many compliments on this chicken. Most of this recipe is dependant on your...

Author: Elaine O

Chef John's Buttermilk Fried Chicken

I love the tangy tenderization that the buttermilk provides. After the buttermilk soak, dredge the chicken pieces in seasoned flour, and fry them in hot oil until crisp and cooked.

Author: Chef John

Southern Style Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This is a down home recipe that I have used for years, and thought I would share it! The buttermilk marinade is terrific and is such a comfort food. However this is not a recipe that can be done quickly,...

Author: pinkchef

Chef John's Nashville Hot Chicken

If you've never had Nashville Hot Chicken, we're talking about an ultra-crispy fried chicken doused with a cayenne-infused glaze, and by 'glaze' I mean melted butter and lard. For the record, I've never...

Author: Chef John

Southern Fried Chicken

This recipe is originally from Alabama, and has been passed down for generations.

Author: Cindy Garrick

The Best Ever Chicken Nuggets

This recipe has been in our family for years. The only problem with it is that there's never enough. It's great for parties, too.

Author: Nichole

Triple Dipped Fried Chicken

This is the crispiest, spiciest, homemade fried chicken I have ever tasted! It is equally good served hot or cold and has been a picnic favorite in my family for years.


Fried Chicken with Creamy Gravy

Seasoned fried chicken is served with a rich gravy made from the pan drippings. It's down home goodness that's definitely not for dieters! Takes some preparation, but is definitely worth it. Enjoy!

Author: Gina

Southern Spicy Fried Chicken

This one is finger-licking good! It's a keeper and a must try!

Author: Maureen Hogan

Fried Chicken Gizzards

These country-fried gizzards are yummy!

Author: ambersch1983

Deep South Fried Chicken

This was my grandmother's and mother's recipe. It is 125 plus years old. If you are going to fry anything, let it be a frying size chicken. Cut your calories some other way! Start a new tradition, as I...

Author: Marilyn

Fried Chicken Tenders

These are tasty, tender chicken pieces with our own spicy horseradish dipping sauce. We serve it with our favorite potato salad and corn on the cob. Enjoy!

Author: Charlotte

Popeye Fried Chicken

This recipe is similar to that served at a famous restaurant chain.

Author: BRAT2AT

Amazingly Tasty and Crispy Chicken Schnitzel

Tasty and easy to make. Kids love it and you all will want more!

Author: PaZchut

Crispy Air Fried Chicken

This is super and makes a juicy and delicious chicken. The basting mixture is a win and adds an excellent flavor to the crispy skin. You can modify this for a whole bird, you will need to add more cooking...

Author: FrackFamily5 CA->CT

Easy Oven Fried Chicken

This is a very easy way to have great fried chicken, without standing over a frying pan. My family loves this and it's simply a matter of changing the seasonings to get an entirely new flavour.


Country Fried Chicken

Classic Southern fried chicken fritter. Top with country or chicken gravy and serve with mashed potatoes, or dress it up how you please. I've been cooking this for years and never get tired of it.

Author: visions

Mom's Old Fashioned Fried Chicken

Wonderful fried chicken that has been in my family for years and years!

Author: Denise

Tender Pan Fried Chicken Breasts

First pan-fried, then baked, this will be the most tender, moist chicken you will ever try.

Author: Alesia

Popcorn Chicken

Bite-sized pieces of chicken that are sure to be a family favorite. I love to serve it with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans.

Author: Megan

Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings

Push the deep fryer aside and pull out the air fryer instead next game day. There is no need to add all of that oil when you can achieve crispy wings straight out of the air fryer. Serve with celery sticks...

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

Hawaiian Mochiko Chicken

This mochiko chicken is my daughter's favorite thing in the whole wide world. If you have never eaten mochiko chicken then you don't know what you been missing. This is a staple in many potlucks, tailgating...

Author: Asia S.

Tanya's Louisiana Southern Fried Chicken

This recipe is from my grandmother and great grandmother's family.

Author: Tanya Lewis

Easy Skinless Fried Chicken Thighs

A tasty variation on Southern fried battered chicken with fewer calories. Serve with corn bread and cucumber salad.

Author: Silvia

Air Fryer Fried Chicken

Plan ahead for this crispy air fried chicken. The seasonings are a starting point; add less salt if desired.

Author: thedailygourmet

Crispy Fried Coconut Chicken Tenders

Juiciest and slightly sweet tenderloins. Voted best chicken dish in our house! This chicken will be perfectly tender, not greasy, and the best chicken you'll ever eat.

Author: WMPROS

Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken

This lemon-pepper chicken was popular with my friends in grad school. We used to do the prep work at our desk and coffee table in the living room since we had only about 1 1/2 square feet of counter space...

Author: Katieanne

Pickle Fried Chicken

Use brine left over from your favorite pickles to add flavor and keep your fried chicken moist.

Author: Cally

Perfect Crispy Fried Chicken

After searching high and low for a recipe that is tasty but very crispy, this was created from taking various recipe finds and merging them. The secret is in the cornmeal/flour mixture, as well as the...

Author: arthurfl99

Honey Fried Chicken

This has been a favorite in my family for many years -- we first had it at a small restaurant in New England and wanted to try to make it ourselves. I think we came very close! Hope you enjoy it!

Author: SmKat

Burton's Southern Fried Chicken with White Gravy

Breaded buttermilk fried chicken and a pan-drippings gravy with milk or cream. The gravy is great on the chicken, but mash up some potatoes with some butter and cream and bake up some cornbread or biscuits...

Author: Jinbellroc

Better Than Best Fried Chicken

Simply delicious fried chicken using, of all things, cream of chicken soup! The other key ingredient is cornstarch. The end result will surprise you. It will be perfect--crispy on the outside, juicy on...


Garlic Chicken Fried Chicken

This actually uses my breading for Chicken Fried Steak---my husband suggested we try it with chicken breasts, and it was delicious!


Firebird Chicken

Usually when I steal a dish from someone, I steal both the recipe and the name - but not this time. The original firebird chicken is actually a stir-fry dish, and quite a bit different from what you're...

Author: Chef John

Easy Chicken Francese

A good, easy recipe for chicken Francese. Can serve over pasta and pour the remaining sauce over it.

Author: cmarc

Firecracker Fried Chicken Drumsticks

I found this recipe a while back and had to try it. My husband and I fell in love with it. He has to have it at least twice a week. Sometimes I use boneless, skinless chicken breast in place of the drumsticks--the...


Baked BBQ Fried Chicken

This is a wonderful Southern treat in which everyone will enjoy! Remember, you can also eat the chicken without the BBQ sauce as well.

Author: Jenny Sook

Air Fryer Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is not a last-minute thing but one that takes planning and is well worth the effort. It's crispy on the outside while the butter mixture flavors the chicken throughout but still leaves that...

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

Air Fried Popcorn Chicken Gizzards

A healthier take on fried chicken gizzards. Boiling them first helps break down the muscle and tenderize them.

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

Chicken Fried Chicken

A fun chicken recipe the kids can help prepare. They love crushing the crackers. It does not matter if the measurements aren't perfect, just wing it!

Author: CASSJW

Mustard Fried Chicken

Chicken wings are seasoned with a delicate mixture of spices, then coated in mustard and floured before being fried until crisp. If you don't have a deep-fryer, you may use a heavy skillet, but for crispier...

Author: Othasha Thomas

Juicy Honey Fried Chicken

This tasty, juicy honey fried chicken gets ridiculously golden crispy from the honey buttermilk batter and lip-smacking seasoned breading! Drizzle a little honey over the top of the cooked chicken, if...

Author: Culinary Envy

Fried Chicken Thighs with Raspberry Sauce

Fusion of flavors, cuisines, and techniques bring an incredibly tasty treat to your table. Crispy chicken in a sweet and savory berry sauce. A favorite in my family...

Author: Denie Bernier

Parmesan Panko Chicken Poppers

I was playing around in the kitchen and this is what I came up with, so I decided to share it with you. These nuggets go well with a sweet chili sauce. Enjoy!

Author: alisha

Millie Pasquinelli's Fried Chicken

Mouthwatering, and especially delicious when served with homemade ravioli and sauce on the side. This chicken comes out juicy every time. Excellent as a leftover.


Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

My 2-year-old was diagnosed with Celiac. After experimenting with several failed chicken nugget recipes, I finally came up with one the whole family loves. This is a mild-tasting chicken nugget designed...

Author: Lacy Thon

Potato Crunchy Tenders

I was trying to come up with something different than pizza on football practice nights, so i came up with this quick meal.

Author: beccalynn

Crispy Sesame Fried Chicken

My family loves this, and so do all my guests. They regard it as a special treat, especially for parties.

Author: Zaleha Haji Abdul Razak

Air Fryer Cornflake Chicken

Plan in advance. These chicken nuggets get the overnight treatment before being air fried.

Author: thedailygourmet

Crisp Fried Chicken Wings

Use evaporated milk to help the seasoned-flour coating stick to the chicken wings before cooking in hot oil for delicious fried chicken wings.